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Top Pharmacology Quotes

Pharmacology Quotes By Ben Goldacre

Dr Stewart Wolf took the placebo effect to the limit. He took two women who were suffering with nausea and vomiting, one of them pregnant, and told them he had a treatment which would improve their symptoms. In fact he passed a tube down into their stomachs (so that they wouldn't taste the revolting bitterness) and administered ipecac, a drug that which should actually induce nausea and vomiting. Not only did the patients' symptoms improve, but their gastric contractions - which ipecac should worsen - were reduced. His results suggest - albeit it in a very small sample - that a drug could be made to have the opposite effect to what you would predict from the pharmacology, simply by manipulating people's expectations. In this case, the placebo effect outgunned even the pharmacological influences. More — Ben Goldacre

Pharmacology Quotes By Martin Seligman

Positive psychology is not remotely intended to replace therapy or pharmacology. So when depressed, anxious or in panic or post-traumatic stress disorder, I am all for therapies that will work. Positive psychology is another arrow in the quiver of public policy and psychology through which we can raise wellbeing above zero. — Martin Seligman

Pharmacology Quotes By Frederick Weisel

Over the years, Skye sampled every drug she could find, and like many addicts, had a working knowledge of pharmacology. She snorted coke and swallowed pills. She took downers - orange and red Seconal, red and ivory Dalmane, Miltown, Librium, Luminal, Nembutal, and Quaaludes. Blue devils, red birds, purple hearts. Enough of them sank her in a kind of coma, where she watched her own limbs suspended in front of her in syrup. For a party, there was Benzedrine, rushing in her veins and making her talk for an hour in one long sentence. Day to day, she carried yellow tablets loose in her pockets, Dilaudid and Percodan, and chewed them in the back of classrooms. But her favorite was the greatest pain reliever of them all, named for the German word for hero. — Frederick Weisel

Pharmacology Quotes By Keanu Reeves

One of the aspects I like about the film is that there is a kind of emotional, psychological discussion during the storytelling, ... Before taking a drug, go through yourself, experience yourself, all your hopes and fears in your own time. Before the pharmacology, do the psychology. — Keanu Reeves

Pharmacology Quotes By John Vane

After qualifying for a B.Sc. in pharmacology, I spent a few months in Sheffield University as a research worker in the pharmacology department but then went back to Oxford to the Nuffield Institute for Medical Research in order to study for a D. Phil. with Dr. Geoffrey Dawes. — John Vane

Pharmacology Quotes By Donna Coffman

pharmacology of its class. A good grasp of the use of specific agents to target specific bacteria leads to — Donna Coffman

Pharmacology Quotes By Thomas Szasz

If, nevertheless, textbooks of pharmacology legitimately contain a chapter on drug abuse and drug addiction, then, by the same token, textbooks of gynecology and urology should contain a chapter on prostitution; textbooks of physiology, a chapter on perversion; textbooks of genetics, a chapter on the racial inferiority of Jews and Negroes. — Thomas Szasz

Pharmacology Quotes By T.C. Fry

What are called viruses are always dead and incapable of any acts whatsoever. Dead matter may be acted upon but never acts of itself. — T.C. Fry

Pharmacology Quotes By James Black

Analytical pharmacology has got an important and exciting future. — James Black

Pharmacology Quotes By Alastair Wood

Even then, Vanderbilt was the premiere place for clinical pharmacology. — Alastair Wood

Pharmacology Quotes By Todd Rose

I made my decision as an informed adult - so deliberately informed that I ended up taking a whole course in pharmacology at Harvard, where I wrote my term paper on the neural mechanisms of stimulants and their impact on cognition and behavior (and, incidentally, it's so boring you would need stimulants to read it). — Todd Rose

Pharmacology Quotes By Stephen J. O'Brien

Within a few months Mitch Bush, head veterinarian at the National Zoo, and David Wildt, a young reproductive physiologist working as a postdoctoral fellow in my laboratory at the National Cancer Institute, were on a plane bound for South Africa. Bush is a towering, bearded, giant of a man with a strong interest and acumen in exotic animal veterinary medicine, particularly the rapidly improving field of anesthetic pharmacology. Wildt is a slight and modest Midwestern farm boy, schooled in the reproductive physiology of barnyard animals. His boyish charm and polite shy demeanor mask a piercing curiosity and deep knowledge of all things reproductive. Bush and Wildt's expedition to the DeWildt cheetah breeding center outside Pretoria would ultimately change the way the conservation community viewed cheetahs forever. — Stephen J. O'Brien

Pharmacology Quotes By Michel Foucault

A utopia of judicial reticence: take away life, but prevent the patient from feeling it; deprive the prisoner of all rights, but do not inflict pain; impose penalties free of all pain. Recourse to psycho-pharmacology and to various physiological 'disconnectors', even if it is temporary, is a logical consequence of this 'non-corporal' penality. The — Michel Foucault

Pharmacology Quotes By Arvid Carlsson

In modern pharmacology it's so clear that even if you have a fixed dose of a drug, the individuals respond very differently to one and the same dose. — Arvid Carlsson

Pharmacology Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Pharmacology is benefited by the prepared mind. You need to know what you are looking for. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

Pharmacology Quotes By Arvid Carlsson

Well, in pharmacology, if the effect is local, it's of course absolutely awkward to use it in any other way than as a local treatment. — Arvid Carlsson

Pharmacology Quotes By Robert Charles Wilson

Sandra had studied psychiatry in order to understand the nature of despair, but all she had really learned was the pharmacology of it. The human mind was easier to medicate than to comprehend. — Robert Charles Wilson

Pharmacology Quotes By Joy-Ann Reid

Whether or not, you know, people think that Martin Shkreli is the worst person in the world, the reality is that he is the symptom or a larger problem in an pharmacology industry. — Joy-Ann Reid

Pharmacology Quotes By James W. Black

In teaching, I wanted to offer a general pharmacology course based on chemical principles, biochemical classification and mathematical modelling. In the event I achieved neither of my ambitions. — James W. Black

Pharmacology Quotes By Terence McKenna

Ayahuasca is driven by sound, by song, by whistling. And its ability to transform sound, including vocal sound, into the visual spectrum indicates that some kind of information processing membrane or boundary is being overcome by the pharmacology of this stuff. And things normally experienced as acoustically experienced becomes visibly beheld, and it's quite spectacular. — Terence McKenna

Pharmacology Quotes By Terence McKenna

It is now very clear that techniques of machine-human interfacing, pharmacology of the synthetic variety, all kinds of manipulative techniques, all kinds of data storage, imaging and retrieval techniques- all of this is coalescing toward the potential of a truly demonic or angelic kind of self-imaging of our culture ... And the people who are on the demonic side are fully aware of this and hurrying full-tilt forward with their plans to capture everyone as a 100% believing consumer inside some kind of a beige furnished fascism that won't even raise a ripple. — Terence McKenna

Pharmacology Quotes By James Whyte Black

[There is no shortage of scientific talent.] But [I am] much less optimistic about the managerial vision [of the pharmaceutical industry] to catalyse these talents to deliver the results we all want. — James Whyte Black

Pharmacology Quotes By John Vane

Physiology has spawned many biological sciences, amongst them my own field of pharmacology. — John Vane

Pharmacology Quotes By Nayef Al-Rodhan

The moment of the print button for biology is nearing. Effectively, this could also mean that in a not-too-distant future, smart pharmacology will permit us to receive a continuous supply of antidepressants or neuroenhancers every time our dopamine level drops. — Nayef Al-Rodhan