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Top Peter Pans Quotes

Peter Pans Quotes By Mark Helprin

All these things were shaken about within Peter Lake like pots and pans banging against the side of a peddler's swaybacked horse. It was hard to bear the weight of partial revelations which refused to venture past the tip of his tongue. — Mark Helprin

Peter Pans Quotes By Peter Esterhazy

History is an alternating series of frying pans and fires. — Peter Esterhazy

Peter Pans Quotes By Tori Amos

Operation Peter Pan spanned from 1960-62 whereby over 14,000 children were sent away from their families in Cuba, some never to reunite again. Pan Am flights took the children to Miami FL, 'Never-Never Land', and the children became known as the 'Peter Pans.' I wrote this song for my daughter, and it is sung for all the daughters and mothers, fathers and brothers who felt this pain of separation all because of governments and their politics. — Tori Amos

Peter Pans Quotes By David M. Knight

Great scientists are Peter Pans, still anxious to classify and explain at an age when most people are concerned with money, power and sex. — David M. Knight

Peter Pans Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Children are meant to grow up, and not to become Peter Pans. Not to lose innocence and wonder, but to proceed on the appointed journey: that journey upon which it is certainly not better to travel hopefully than to arrive, though we must travel hopefully if we are to arrive. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Peter Pans Quotes By Isidor Isaac Rabi

Physics is an otherworld thing, it requires a taste for things unseen, even unheard of- a high degree of abstraction ... These faculties die off somehow when you grow up ... profound curiosity happens when children are young. I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race ... Once you are sophisticated, you know too much- far too much. Pauli once said to me, "I know a great deal. I know too much. I am a quantum ancient.". — Isidor Isaac Rabi

Peter Pans Quotes By Isidor Isaac Rabi

I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race. They never grow up and they keep their curiosity. — Isidor Isaac Rabi

Peter Pans Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

You boys are really turning into a bunch of Peter Pans," he said. "Willem, what are you? Thirty-six? I'm not sure what's going on with you lot. You're making money. You've achieved something. Don't you think you guys should stop clinging to one another and get serious about adulthood?" But how was one to be an adult? Was couplehood truly the only appropriate option? — Hanya Yanagihara