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Top Perugia Quotes

Perugia Quotes By Pietro Aretino

Perugia is my true fatherland because there I grew to manhood. — Pietro Aretino

Perugia Quotes By Monica Bellucci

I grew up in Perugia, Umbria, in a world outside of fashion, so I didn't learn about it until I was older and moved away. In Milan, the women are really into fashion, and all the big fashion brands are based there, but I don't think they feel pressure to look good all the time. — Monica Bellucci

Perugia Quotes By Francis Russell

Like so many ancient cities, Perugia has long outgrown her early walls, and much of the new town is remorselessly ugly. — Francis Russell

Perugia Quotes By David McCullough

From ancient times and into the Middle Ages, man had dreamed of taking to the sky, of soaring into the blue like the birds. One savant in Spain in the year 875 is known to have covered himself with feathers in the attempt. Others devised wings of their own design and jumped from rooftops and towers - some to their deaths - in Constantinople, Nuremberg, Perugia. — David McCullough

Perugia Quotes By Raymond Carver


Woke up early this morning and from my bed
looked far across the Strait to see
a small boat moving through the choppy water,
a single running light on. Remembered
my friend who used to shout
his dead wife's name from hilltops
around Perugia. Who set a plate
for her at his simple table long after
she was gone. And opened the windows
so she could have fresh air. Such display
I found embarrassing. So did his other
friends. I couldn't see it.
Not until this morning. — Raymond Carver

Perugia Quotes By Brunello Cucinelli

I had a very simple life growing up in the farm country outside of Perugia, and biscotti and warm milk with a tiny bit of coffee were a big part of my morning ritual before walking to school. — Brunello Cucinelli