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Top Pernar Ivan Quotes

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Jonathan Carroll

Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don't care, but because they don't. — Jonathan Carroll

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Daniel Aaron

Historical fiction isn't history in the conventional sense and shouldn't be judged as such. The best historical novels are loyal to history, but it is a history absorbed and set to music — Daniel Aaron

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Bob Dylan

There is nothing so stable as change. — Bob Dylan

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Dick Gregory

In most places in the country, voting is looked upon as a right and a duty, but in Chicago it's a sport. — Dick Gregory

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Alice Hoffman

That was the way illness appeared in a house, in the corners, in between floorboards, on the hooks in the closet, along with the sweaters and coats. — Alice Hoffman

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Gloria Steinem

Romance is a means to the end of self-completion, but love is an end in itself. — Gloria Steinem

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Bob Costas

There are some times when sports rises to the level of news and when sports broadcasters acquit themselves as well as the best news broadcasters do, they aren't there to dramatize. They're there as journalists. — Bob Costas

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Erin Hunter

Oh, no! Hollypaw thought. You might be fed up with him, but we don't want him either, thanks. — Erin Hunter

Pernar Ivan Quotes By Nikola Vaptsarov

perhaps like me she's vainly hoping
and some news awaits,
but the moist earth already holds him
in her strong embrace... — Nikola Vaptsarov

Pernar Ivan Quotes By M.D. Lachlan

What is your name?" she asked.
"Names are like clothes, lady. I have many."
"And which one do you wear tonight?"
The god smiled. She could see he liked her words. He pulled her to him, pressed his wolf lips to hers and said, "My name is Misery, and would you know yet more?"
"Yes," said the girl, breathing in his scent, the scent of something beautiful, strange and burned. "I would know more."
He flicked at her lips with his tongue and whispered, "So is yours. — M.D. Lachlan