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Top Pep Talks Quotes

Pep Talks Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

That's what I want you to tell me. See, I deal with ... well, most days, bizarre paranormal crap. You are Queen Weird. I need the queen on this before I have to start hiring a new staff of medical examiners who don't freak out when the dead move off their tables. You know where I can find some of these unusual people? I know you hang out with them. (Tate)
Thanks, Tate. I always look forward to these ego-bolstering pep talks of ours. (Simone) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Pep Talks Quotes By David Gessner

It is not my place to offer pep talks, aphorisms, or dictums. But if I had to give one piece of practical advice it would be this: Find something that you love that they're fucking with and then fight for it. If everyone did that--imagine the difference. (50) — David Gessner

Pep Talks Quotes By Gail Godwin

One of the notebooks was for musings and pep talks. ... The other notebooks were for writing out the novel the way authors had done for centuries. — Gail Godwin

Pep Talks Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The battle for freedom and liberty really never is over, and there are really low points in it, but I'm not giving up, and I'm not gonna engage in phony pep talks, either. — Rush Limbaugh

Pep Talks Quotes By Robert A. Burton

Though not necessarily aware of when we feel purpose and meaning, we are nearly always aware of the sickening feeling when we don't possess them. This isn't an intellectual misapprehension; it is a gut sense of disorientation and a loss of personal direction. Rarely are brute mental effort and self-help pep talks able to rekindle the missing feeling. For most of us, we simply wait patiently, knowing from past experience that the feeling will return in its own sweet time ... Of particular interest is [Tolstoy's] conclusion as to the inability of science and reason to provide a personal sense of meaning. — Robert A. Burton

Pep Talks Quotes By Julie James

I think we need a little more rallying around the dumpee. If you were a woman and I'd told you that the third guy in eighteen months had broken up with me, right now we'd be drinking lemon drop martinis and giving each other female empowerment pep talks about how we don't need a man in our lives to feel complete. And then we'd watch The Notebook and drool over Ryan Gosling."
"Sorry, babe. But when they handed out best friends you drew the straw with a penis attached. That means no Ryan Gosling. — Julie James

Pep Talks Quotes By Gena Showalter

Any tips for winning?" she'd asked. "Yeah. Do what you gotta do to survive." "That's it? Wow. You suck at pep talks. — Gena Showalter

Pep Talks Quotes By Criss Jami

Drunken men give some of the best pep talks. — Criss Jami

Pep Talks Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Fortunately, however, birds don't understand pep talks. Not even St. Francis'. Just imagine," he went on, "preaching sermons to perfectly good thrushes and goldfinches and chiff-chaffs! What presumption! Why couldn't he have kept his mouth shut and let the birds preach to him? — Aldous Huxley

Pep Talks Quotes By Jay Kristoff

Hanna D: Your pep talks ----ing suck, AIDAN.
AIDAN: . . . Suck what?
Hanna D: Never mind. — Jay Kristoff

Pep Talks Quotes By Scott Farris

In preaching conservative doctrine, Goldwater's jeremiads seemed to be preaching the end of the old world, while Reagan's pep talks seemed to trumpet the beginning of a new one. — Scott Farris

Pep Talks Quotes By Dalya Moon

What are friends, anyways? You pick some people you have similar interests with, and you hang out and talk. You give each other pep talks and listen to each other's problems. I could replace most of Courtney's job duties as best friend with a book of inspirational slogans and a journal. — Dalya Moon

Pep Talks Quotes By Jennifer Crusie

No more pep talks about believing in toads," Liza said.
"Don't they turn into princeses when you kiss them?" Bonnie said.
"Thats frogs," Liza Said. "Entirely different species. — Jennifer Crusie

Pep Talks Quotes By Dan Lyons

Training takes place in a tiny room, where for two weeks I sit shoulder to shoulder with twenty other new recruits, listening to pep talks that start to sound like the brainwashing you get when you join a cult. It's amazing, and hilarious. It's everything I ever imagined might take place inside a tech company, only even better. — Dan Lyons