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Top Pensioners Quotes

Pensioners Quotes By Iain Duncan Smith

Work is transformative. It gives you a greater chance of a greater income. You can affect your life while you're of working age, so you have scope and opportunity. Pensioners do not. — Iain Duncan Smith

Pensioners Quotes By Bruno Schulz

For us old-age pensioners, autumn is on the whole a dangerous season. He who knows how difficult it is for us to achieve any stability at all, how difficult it is to avoid distraction or destruction by one's own hand, will understant tha autumn, its winds, disturbances, and atmospheric confusions, does not favour our existence, which is precarious anyway. — Bruno Schulz

Pensioners Quotes By Adolf Hitler

When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioners homes, but instruments of terror. — Adolf Hitler

Pensioners Quotes By Martin Farquhar Tupper

Take the good with the evil, for ye all are pensioners of God, and none may choose or refuse the cup His wisdom mixeth. — Martin Farquhar Tupper

Pensioners Quotes By Henry Hazlitt

Government welfarism, with its ever-increasing army of pensioners and other beneficiaries, is fatally easy to launch and fatally easy to extend, but almost impossible to bring to a halt - and quite impossible politically to reverse, no matter how obvious and catastrophic its consequences become. — Henry Hazlitt

Pensioners Quotes By Bill Shorten

Labor must work harder to attract and retain members. The party should be cheaper to join with discounted rates available for union members as well as for students, pensioners, and people out of work. — Bill Shorten

Pensioners Quotes By Tony Benn

At the end of my life, I was told to vote for it for pensioners; I' m not in favour of means tests for pensioners or anybody. — Tony Benn

Pensioners Quotes By Iain Duncan Smith

My view is pensioners don't have the one option that people of working age have. They can't really increase their income, because they are no longer able to work. — Iain Duncan Smith

Pensioners Quotes By William Shakespeare

How now, spirit! whither wander you?
Over hill, over dale,
Through bush, through brier,
Over park, over pale,
Through flood, through fire,
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon's sphere;
And I serve the fairy queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green.
The cowslips tall her pensioners be:
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours,
In those freckles live their savours:
I must go seek some dewdrops here
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.
Farewell, thou lob of spirits; I'll be gone:
Our queen and all our elves come here anon. — William Shakespeare

Pensioners Quotes By Clive Palmer

I love pensioners. My closest relations are pensioners, — Clive Palmer

Pensioners Quotes By Peter Bodo

The public never appears to tire of endless courses of strawberries and cream, and the theory that you run the risk of boring people with endless photo montages of the Chelsea Pensioners in their dress reds, or close-ups of a Pimm's Cup sprouting all kinda of flora, has yet to be proven. People like Wimbledon in the same way they like blue jeans or even their own spouses: for the pleasure yielded by their reliable sameness. — Peter Bodo

Pensioners Quotes By Hyeonseo Lee

It was an aspiring neighbourhood that retained a faint edge of slum, typical of Shanghai. Pensioners in Mao-era padded jackets would sit on doorsteps playing mah-jong, oblivious to the Prada-clad girls sweeping past on their way to work. — Hyeonseo Lee

Pensioners Quotes By Jojo Moyes

I watched relationships begin and end across those tables, children transferred between divorcees, the guilty relief of those parents who couldn't face cooking, and the secret pleasure of pensioners at a fried breakfast. All human life came through, and most of them shared a few words with me, trading jokes or comments over the mugs of steaming tea — Jojo Moyes

Pensioners Quotes By Denise Mina

Bout a month ago. She came in Boxing Day but I put her out. She was begging people, not even tapping, but begging for drink."
"She can't have been disrupting ye, surely?" asked Maureen.
"See those old swines over there?" He gestured to his only customers. The old men heard him and their chat fell silent.
The barman raised his voice. "They were asking what they would get for their money. Auld swines, playing on the lassie's weakness for the drink." He lowered his voice. "That's pensioners for ye - they can smell a bargain a mile off," he muttered, as if the bargain-hunting skill of the elderly was an unspoken universal truth. — Denise Mina

Pensioners Quotes By Gary McKinnon

I knew that governments suppressed antigravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy. This should not be kept hidden from the public when pensioners cant pay their fuel bills, — Gary McKinnon

Pensioners Quotes By Bill Moyers

I report the assault on nature evidenced in coal mining that tears the tops off mountains and dumps them into rivers, sacrificing the health and lives of those in the river valleys to short-term profit, and I see a link between that process and the stock-market frenzy which scorns long-term investments-genuine savings-in favor of quick turnovers and speculative bubbles whose inevitable bursting leaves insiders with stuffed pockets and millions of small stockholders, pensioners, and employees out of work, out of luck, and out of hope. — Bill Moyers

Pensioners Quotes By Eduard Shevardnadze

It is absolutely impossible to settle the debts to pensioners, teachers, and others. The country hasn't got enough money to do so. — Eduard Shevardnadze

Pensioners Quotes By George Osborne

If we leave the European Union it's a risk to our economy - it's a risk to pensioners, it's a risk to homeowners, it's a risk to people in work. — George Osborne

Pensioners Quotes By George Orwell

It is quite possible that in only seventy years our population will amount to about eleven millions, over half of whom will be old age pensioners. — George Orwell

Pensioners Quotes By Abraham Lincoln

Upon this subject, the habits of our whole species fall into three great classes
useful labour, useless labour and idleness. Of these the first only is meritorious; and to it all the products of labour rightfully belong; but the two latter, while they exist, are heavy pensioners upon the first, robbing it of a large portion of it's just rights. The only remedy for this is to, as far as possible, drive useless labour and idleness out of existence. — Abraham Lincoln

Pensioners Quotes By Arlo Guthrie

Everywhere I go, I see all kinds of people at my shows - conservatives, liberals, new-agers, teen-agers, old pensioners. And for those people to have something in common is real interesting to me. — Arlo Guthrie

Pensioners Quotes By Iain Duncan Smith

We do need to have a little bit more protection and sensibility around pensioners. They are remarkable. They gave so much. We need to make sure we do our best by them. — Iain Duncan Smith

Pensioners Quotes By William Cobbett

Having still in my recollection so many excellent men, to whose grandfathers, upon the same spots, my grandfather had yielded cheerful obedience and reverence, it is not without sincere sorrow that I have beheld many of the sons of these men driven from their fathers' mansions, or holding them as little better than tenants or stewards, while the swarms of Placemen, Pensioners, Contractors, and Nabobs ... have usurped a large part of the soil. — William Cobbett

Pensioners Quotes By Judy LaMarsh

One of the most helpful things I introduced (and of very considerable consequence to Canadians) was my ultimate success in persuading my colleagues (after continuing battle)to reduce the qualifying age for aged pensioners from seventy to sixty-five over a five year period. — Judy LaMarsh

Pensioners Quotes By Kenneth Rexroth

The dumping of the mentally ill, full of these new psychiatric drugs, into the streets is a scandal. It's been carried furthest in New York, where whole sections of the decayed Upper West Side are being filled with pensioners and psychotic patients on stelazine, lithium carbonate, and everything else under the sun. They can't diagnose the patient, so they give him the whole psychiatric pharmacopoeia at once, and he walks around in a psychotic trance beautifully painted all over with petrochemicals. — Kenneth Rexroth

Pensioners Quotes By Jimmy Carr

They say the people most affected by the credit crunch are pensioners - well, let go of the handbag then, Nanna. — Jimmy Carr

Pensioners Quotes By Edward Heath

We are the trade union for pensioners and children, the trade union for the disabled and the sick ... the trade union for the nation as a whole. — Edward Heath

Pensioners Quotes By Noreena Hertz

We are beginning to see a fundamental outrage at the whole interconnected mess of a system: at energy companies who record massive profits, yet allow pensioners to struggle to stay warm in winter; at CEOs who can earn up to a 1,000 times the salary of their average worker; and soon, any day now, at those politicians who allowed this to happen. — Noreena Hertz

Pensioners Quotes By Alexandra Adornetto

Gen Y is depicted as self-centred and apathetic when it comes to politics, but it doesn't help that we are largely overlooked. There have been policies to woo parents, pensioners and the sick, but the young do not appear to rank high on any political agenda. — Alexandra Adornetto

Pensioners Quotes By Thomas Paine

It is easy to conceive that a band of interested men, such as placemen, pensioners, lords of the bedchamber, lords of the kitchen, lords of the necessary-house, and the lord knows what besides, can find as many reasons for monarchy as their salaries, paid at the expense of the country, amount to; but if I ask the farmer, the manufacturer, the merchant, the tradesman, and down through all the occupations of life to the common labourer, what service monarchy is to him? he can give me no answer. If I ask him what monarchy is, he believes it is something like a sinecure. — Thomas Paine