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Patronage Quotes By John Ruskin

It is not so much in buying pictures as in being pictures, that you can encourage a noble school. The best patronage of art is not that which seeks for the pleasures of sentiment in a vague ideality, nor for beauty of form in a marble image, but that which educates your children into living heroes, and binds down the flights and the fondnesses of the heart into practical duty and faithful devotion. — John Ruskin

Patronage Quotes By Gordon S. Wood

These critics thought that the general commercialization of English life, including the rise of trading companies, banks, stock markets, speculators, and new moneyed men, had undermined traditional values and threatened England with ruin. The monarchy and its minions had used patronage, the national debt, and the Bank of England to corrupt the society, including the House of Commons, and to build up the executive bureaucracy at the expense of the people's liberties, usually for the purpose of waging war. — Gordon S. Wood

Patronage Quotes By Nelson Mandela

It is not a question of patronizing philanthropy towards disabled people. They do not need the patronage of the non-disabled. It is not for them to adapt to the dominant and dominating world of the so-called non-disabled. It is for us to adapt our understanding of a common humanity; to learn of the richness of how human life is diverse; to recognize the presence of disability in our human midst as an enrichment of our diversity. — Nelson Mandela

Patronage Quotes By Armstrong Sperry

Children have imagination enough to grasp any idea which you present to them with honesty and without patronage. — Armstrong Sperry

Patronage Quotes By Rutherford B. Hayes

There can be no complete and permanent reform of the civil service until public opinion emancipates congressmen from all control and influence over government patronage. Legislation is required to establish the reform. No proper legislation is to be expected as long as members of Congress are engaged in procuring offices for their constituents. — Rutherford B. Hayes

Patronage Quotes By Hans F. Sennholz

Every businessman enjoying customer patronage, whether he be a baker, banker, or barber is conferring a public benefit, raising production, and reducing unemployment; businessmen earn their livelihood by producing products and rendering services where ever they are needed. — Hans F. Sennholz

Patronage Quotes By John Walford

The cumulative effect of the Romantic theory of creativity, as played out in the context of belief in the virtue of the avant-garde, is that while the art world has effectively freed itself from the tyranny of artistic tradition and its historic patronage system, it has ended up inhabiting an autonomous but perceived irrelevance. — John Walford

Patronage Quotes By Gordon S. Wood

In monarchies, each man's desire to do what was right in his own eyes could be restrained by beer, or force, by patronage, or by honor, and by professional standing armies. By contrast, republics had to hold themselves together from the bottom up, ultimately. — Gordon S. Wood

Patronage Quotes By Wayne Worcester

nepotism, patronage, political corruption, and ethnic divisions. — Wayne Worcester

Patronage Quotes By John C. Calhoun

To maintain the ascendancy of the Constitution over the lawmaking majority is the great and essential point on which the success of the [American] system must depend; unless that ascendancy can be preserved, the necessary consequence must be that the laws will supersede the Constitution; and, finally, the will of the Executive, by influence of its patronage, will supersede the laws ... — John C. Calhoun

Patronage Quotes By Barack Obama

If you're going to do this work, Barack, you've got to stop worrying about whether people like you. They won't." Patronage, — Barack Obama

Patronage Quotes By Michael Moorcock

The mask of kindly patronage had dropped away to show the hatred and the fear beneath. — Michael Moorcock

Patronage Quotes By Kate Cooper

Even if three centuries of outsider status and intermittent persecution had tested the endurance of individuals and communities, coping with the patronage of a newly Christian emperor posed a challenge. The challenge was all the more threatening for its moral complexity. Was it right for the churches to accept the Emperor's favour, knowing full well that if they did so, they also tacitly accepted his right, so evident in all other aspects of life in the Roman Empire, to call the shots? — Kate Cooper

Patronage Quotes By Tennessee Williams

I know so well what becomes of unmarried women who aren't prepared to occupy a position. I've seen such pitiful cases in the South barely tolerated spinsters living upon the grudging patronage of sister's husband or brother's wife! stuck away in some little mouse-trap of a room encouraged by one in-law to visit another little birdlike women without any nest eating the crust of humility all their life! Is that the future that we've mapped out for ourselves? — Tennessee Williams

Patronage Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

Having considered Handel's tumultuous opera career and his first term at Covent Garden in the 1730s, perhaps we may dare to suggest he was one of the foremost pioneers in establishing autonomy within the traditional system of music patronage, notwithstanding his efforts to become an independent impressario often proved disappointing. — E.A. Bucchianeri

Patronage Quotes By Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish

It is strange to hear people talk of Humanitarianism, who are members of societies for the prevention of cruelty to children and animals, and who claim to be God-loving men and women, but who, nevertheless, encourage by their patronage the killing of animals merely to gratify the cravings of appetite. — Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish

Patronage Quotes By Miguel Syjuco

The Philippines, it has a politics of patronage. Family and favors, in addition to the old cliche of guns, goons and gold, really do still hold a lot of sway. — Miguel Syjuco

Patronage Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

WITCHES LIVED AND WERE BURNED LONG BEFORE the development of modern medical technology. The great majority of them were lay healers serving the peasant population, and their suppression marks one of the opening struggles in the history of man's suppression of women as healers. The other side of the suppression of witches as healers was the creation of a new male medical profession, under the protection and patronage of the ruling classes. This new European medical profession played an important role in the witch hunts, supporting the witches' persecutors with "medical" reasoning: — Barbara Ehrenreich

Patronage Quotes By Edward Gibbon

The slightest force, when it is applied to assist and guide the natural descent of its object, operates with irresistible weight; and Jovian had the good fortune to embrace the religious opinions which were supported by the spirit of the times and the zeal and numbers of the most powerful sect. Under his reign, Christianity obtained an easy and lasting victory; and, as soon as the smile of royal patronage was withdrawn, the genius of Paganism, which had been fondly raised and cherished by the arts of Julian, sunk irrecoverably in the dust. — Edward Gibbon

Patronage Quotes By Paul Ryan

The stimulus was a case of political patronage, corporate welfare, and cronyism at their worst. — Paul Ryan

Patronage Quotes By Robert A. Caro

Anyone who held that belief, as Richard Rovere was to explain in The New Yorker, "forgot the wisdom of history, which is that members of the United States Senate almost invariably come to grief when they try to win Presidential nominations for themselves or to manipulate national conventions for any purpose whatsoever. For many reasons - patronage is one, and control of delegations is another - the big men at conventions are governors and municipal leaders. — Robert A. Caro

Patronage Quotes By John Hickenlooper

I would argue that one of the issues which the public should be much more emphatic about with all politicians ... is patronage, appointing people to high positions because they supported your campaign or helped you raise money. — John Hickenlooper

Patronage Quotes By Jess Walter

I cling to the idea that Herman Melville had to work at the end of his career watching ships in a dock, as a shipping agent in New York. Any writer who thinks they should be given patronage because of their gift ... you don't have to look too far in history to see that's just not the case. — Jess Walter

Patronage Quotes By John Howe

Character is power; it makes friends, draws patronage and support and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness. — John Howe

Patronage Quotes By John C. Calhoun

Without thinking or reflecting, we plunge into war, contract heavy debts, increase vastly the patronage of the Executive, and indulge in every species of extravagance, without thinking that we expose our liberty to hazard. It is a great and fatal mistake. — John C. Calhoun

Patronage Quotes By P.T. Barnum

Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business. Large stores, gilt signs, flaming advertisements, will all prove unavailing if you or your employees treat your patrons abruptly. The truth is, the more kind and liberal a man is, the more generous will be the patronage bestowed upon him. — P.T. Barnum

Patronage Quotes By Ken Loach

I turned down the OBE because its not a club you want to join when you look at the villains whove got it. Its all the things I think are despicable: patronage, deferring to the monarchy and the name of the British Empire, which is a monument of exploitation and conquest. — Ken Loach

Patronage Quotes By Carmen Posadas

All that work: his generous patronage of the arts, the vast sums of money he had donated to worthy causes, setting up charitable organizations . . . for what? In the end, none of those good works had redeemed him in the eyes of others. People think that men like me give money away to buy forgiveness for a sin or out of vanity, when it's the winner's pathetic tribute to the loser. Look at me, we seem to be begging, I need you too. I need you to accept me, to admire me, to love me. — Carmen Posadas

Patronage Quotes By Richard Rohr

Ancients knew that you need guidance, patronage and protection as you move from one place or state to another, whenever you cross a bridge. You had better know what you are doing when you leave one group or place to join another. — Richard Rohr

Patronage Quotes By Gilbert K. Chesterton

Literary men are being employed to praise a big business man personally, as men used to praise a king. They not only find political reasons for the commercial schemes that they have done for some time past they also find moral defences for the commercial schemers ... I do resent the whole age of patronage being revived under such absurd patrons; and all poets becoming court poets, under kings that have taken no oath. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Patronage Quotes By Noam Chomsky

What the Obama [ban on torture] ostensibly knocks off is that small percentage of torture now done by Americans while retaining the overwhelming bulk of the system's torture, which is done by foreigners under US patronage. Obama could stop backing foreign forces that torture, but he has chosen not to do so. — Noam Chomsky

Patronage Quotes By Joseph Story

The real object of the First Amendment was not to countenance, much less advance Mohammedanism, or Judaism or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity; but ... to prevent any national ecclesiastical establishment which should give to a hierarchy the exclusive patronage of the national government. — Joseph Story

Patronage Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

Big business depends entirely on the patronage of those who buy its products: the biggest enterprises loses its power and its influence when it loses its customers. — Ludwig Von Mises

Patronage Quotes By Mary McCarthy

Congress-these, for the most part, illiterate hacks whose fancy vests are spotted with gravy, and whose speeches, hypocritical, unctuous, and slovenly, are spotted also with the gravy of political patronage. — Mary McCarthy

Patronage Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

Strangers are welcome because there is room enough for them all, and therefore the old Inhabitants are not jealous of them; the Laws protect them sufficiently so that they have no need of the Patronage of great Men; and every one will enjoy securely the Profits of his Industry. But if he does not bring a Fortune with him, he must work and be industrious to live. — Benjamin Franklin

Patronage Quotes By F. Sionil Jose

To fund major cultural efforts, we must not rely alone on government and foundation patronage; if the farmer can spend for beer, he can pay for good entertainment which he can understand, which he can identify with and which will fortify his spirit. — F. Sionil Jose

Patronage Quotes By Daniel Webster

Labor in this country is independent and proud. It has not to ask the patronage of capital, but capital solicits the aid of labor. — Daniel Webster

Patronage Quotes By Susanna Clarke

How is a magician to exist without books? Let someone explain that to me. It is like asking a politician to achieve high office without the benefit of bribes or patronage. — Susanna Clarke

Patronage Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

If a book really wants the patronage of a great name, it is a bad book; and if it be a good book, it wants it not. — Charles Caleb Colton

Patronage Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

People don't rise from nothing. We do owe something to parentage and patronage. The people who stand before kings may look like they did it all by themselves. But in fact they are invariably the beneficiaries of hidden advantages and extraordinary opportunities and cultural legacies that allow them to learn and work hard and make sense of the world in ways others cannot. — Malcolm Gladwell

Patronage Quotes By Eliza Farnham

Each of the Arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a Muse, no god being found worthy to preside over them. — Eliza Farnham

Patronage Quotes By Robert Louis Stevenson

This is a handy cove, and a pleasant sittyated grog-shop. Much company, mate? — Robert Louis Stevenson

Patronage Quotes By Anne Perry

Everyone depended upon the goodwill of others, on their skills or their patronage, their friendship or their protection. It was only that some forms of dependence were more obvious than others, not any more real. — Anne Perry

Patronage Quotes By Daniel Webster

I am committed against every thing which in my judgment, may weaken, endanger, or destroy (the Constitution) ... and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the Government itself ... — Daniel Webster

Patronage Quotes By Mary Church Terrell

And so, lifting as we climb, onward and upward we go, struggling and striving, and hoping that the buds and blossoms of our desires will burst into glorious fruition ere long. With courage, born of success achieved in the past, with a keen sense of the responsibility which we shall continue to assume, we look forward to a future large with promise and hope. Seeking no favors because of our color, nor patronage because of our needs, we knock at the bar of justice, asking an equal chance. — Mary Church Terrell

Patronage Quotes By Wayne Pacelle

Human care (of animals) is simply sentimental, sympathetic patronage. — Wayne Pacelle

Patronage Quotes By Rutherford B. Hayes

All appointments hurt. Five friends are made cold or hostile for every appointment; no new friends are made. All patronage is perilous to men of real ability or merit. It aids only those who lack other claims to public support. — Rutherford B. Hayes

Patronage Quotes By Woodrow Wilson

Today, supremely, it behooves us to remember that a nation shall be saved by the power that sleeps in its own bosom; or by none; shall be renewed in hope, in confidence, in strength by waters welling up from its own sweet, perennial springs. Not from above; not by patronage of its aristocrats. The flower does not bear the root, but the root the flower. — Woodrow Wilson

Patronage Quotes By Khushwant Singh

Why Menon got where he did under the patronage of Pandit Nehru remains, and probably will remain, unexplained. Panditji had him elected to Parliament and sent to the United Nations to lead the Indian delegation. His marathon thirteen-hour speech on Kashmir won India a unanimous vote against it. He was then made Defence Minister against the wishes of almost all the members of the Cabinet. He wrecked army discipline by promoting favourites over the heads of senior officers. He was vindictive against those who stood up to him. More than anyone else he was responsible for the humiliating defeat of our army at the hands of the Chinese in 1962. Pandit Nehru stuck by him to the last. — Khushwant Singh

Patronage Quotes By John Tottenham

Patronage of Negation
I am constantly confronted by other people's works
That I could have created myself.
And I am constantly disappointed by them.
Sadly, I have to recognize them
For what they are: inferior versions
Of what I could have done
If I'd been insecure enough in my abilities
To do anything. — John Tottenham

Patronage Quotes By Osama Bin Laden

Only one conclusion could be derived from the indifference of the United States and the West to these acts of terror and the patronage of the tyrants by these powers that America is an anti-Islamic power and it is patronizing the anti-Islamic forces. Its friendship with the Muslim countries is just a show, rather deceit. By enticing or intimidating these countries, the United States is forcing them to play a role of its choice. Put a glance all around and you will see that the slaves of the United States are either rulers or enemies of Muslims . — Osama Bin Laden

Patronage Quotes By William Graham Sumner

Can anyone imagine that the masterfulness, the overbearing disposition, the greed of gain, and the ruthlessness in methods, which are the faults of the master of industry at his worst, would cease when he was a functionary of the State, which had relieved him of risk and endowed him with authority? Can anyone imagine that politicians would no longer be corruptly fond of money, intriguing, and crafty when they were charged, not only with patronage and government contracts, but also with factories, stores, ships, and railroads? Could we expect anything except that, when the politician and the master of industry were joined in one, we should have the vices of both unchecked by the restraints of either? — William Graham Sumner

Patronage Quotes By Joe Klein

That was the miracle of Abraham Lincoln, politician. He pursued the high purpose of moving justice forward via the low arts of patronage and patronization. Indeed, in a democracy, it is usually the only way great deeds are done. — Joe Klein

Patronage Quotes By Brooks Atkinson

The cult of nature is a form of patronage by people who have declared their materialistic independence from nature and do not have to struggle with nature every day of their lives. — Brooks Atkinson

Patronage Quotes By Richard Cobden

This great oracle of the East India Company himself admits that, if there is no power vested in the Court of Directors but that of the patronage, there is really no government vested in them at all. — Richard Cobden

Patronage Quotes By Martin Prochazka

Exploring microhistories, cultural history can "track the changing interplay among schools of thought and language patronage and power of financing and control, teaching traditions and elites," that is, make us aware of the discursive workings of power. — Martin Prochazka

Patronage Quotes By George Washington

There is nothing which can better deserve our patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness. — George Washington

Patronage Quotes By Muhammad Dawud Currie

Ebu Su'ud also held notably tough opinions against the Shi'ah Safavids in Iran, considering them to be rebels and infidels to be fought in war [6]. This is relevant, because after the death of Ebu Su'ud, the Janissaries would come under the official patronage of the Alevi-Bektashi Sufis in the 1590s [7] — Muhammad Dawud Currie

Patronage Quotes By Ian Frazier

Human connection is the way things work. It's like a patronage system. You know somebody, and he knows somebody, and he knows somebody, and he knows the district governor, and it's okay. — Ian Frazier

Patronage Quotes By Tariq Ali

Indian classical music was born when time barely existed. It developed further within the structures of royal courts and a system of patronage where the ruler or the feudal master determined all. — Tariq Ali

Patronage Quotes By David Galula

It may be useful to remember that a peacetime political machine is built essentially on patronage. — David Galula

Patronage Quotes By Maria Edgeworth

So quickly in youth do different and opposite trains of ideas and emotions succeed to each other; and so easy it is, by a timely exercise of reason and self-command, to prevent a fancy from becoming a passion. — Maria Edgeworth

Patronage Quotes By Charles Koch

There are now businesses and entire industries that exist solely as a result of federal patronage. Profiting from government instead of earning profits in the economy, such businesses can continue to succeed even if they are squandering resources and making products that people wouldn't ordinarily buy. — Charles Koch

Patronage Quotes By Thomas Merton

Indeed, it is a kind of quintessence of pride to hate and fear even the kind and legitimate approval of those who love us! I mean, to resent it as a humiliating patronage. — Thomas Merton

Patronage Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

Handel's yearning for independence from the traditional chains of patronage and his persistence in monitoring his productions resulted with unique developments concerning Baroque 'opera seria'; however, paradoxically his personal obsession to obtain complete artistic freedom generated disastrous side-effects that eventually impeded the progress of opera in London. — E.A. Bucchianeri

Patronage Quotes By Adoniram Judson

Ah-rah-han, the first Buddhist apostle of Burma, under the patronage of King Anan-ra-tha-men-zan, disseminated the doctrines of atheism and taught his disciples to pant after annihilation as the supreme good. — Adoniram Judson

Patronage Quotes By Mary Wollstonecraft

A war, or any wild-goose chase, is, as the vulgar use the phrase, a lucky turn-up of patronage for the minister, whose chief merit is the art of keeping himself in place. — Mary Wollstonecraft

Patronage Quotes By Amy Plum

I've always felt that any establishment that doesn't welcome me with open arms doesn't deserve my patronage. — Amy Plum

Patronage Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Social service that savours of patronage is not service. — Mahatma Gandhi

Patronage Quotes By Joseph Lancaster

Female schools might be comprised in the list of those worthy the public patronage, with great propriety. — Joseph Lancaster

Patronage Quotes By Barbara W. Tuchman

They resented the patronage they depended upon. — Barbara W. Tuchman

Patronage Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I do not want any patronage, as I do not give any. I am a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours. I simply want to please my own conscience which is God. — Mahatma Gandhi

Patronage Quotes By Eleanor Catton

Cowell Devlin sighed. Yes, he understood Anna Wetherell at long last, but it was not a happy understanding. Devlin had known many women of poor prospects and limited means, whose only transport out of the miserable cage of their unhappy circumstance was the flight of the fantastic. Such fantasies were invariably magical - angelic patronage, invitations into paradise - and Anna's story, touching though it was, showed the same strain of the impossible. Why, it was painfully clear! The most eligible bachelor of Anna's acquaintance possessed a love so deep and pure that all respective differences between them were rendered immaterial? He was not dead - he was only missing? He was sending her 'messages' that proved the depth of his love - and these were messages that only she could hear? It was a fantasy, Devlin thought. It was a fantasy of the girl's own devising. The boy could only be dead. — Eleanor Catton

Patronage Quotes By Charles Babbage

In England, the profession of the law is that which seems to hold out the strongest attraction to talent, from the circumstance, that in it ability, coupled with exertion, even though unaided by patronage, cannot fail of obtaining reward. — Charles Babbage

Patronage Quotes By Charles Dickens

accepting his patronage as he accepted every incident of the labyrinthian world in which he had got lost. — Charles Dickens

Patronage Quotes By P.T. Barnum

But however mysterious is nature , however ignorant the doctor, however imperfect the present state of physical science , the patronage and the success of quacks and quackeries are infinitely more wonderful than those of honest and laborious men of science and their careful experiments. — P.T. Barnum

Patronage Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If you can guarantee the most increase, you will have the most patronageSunday Adelaja

Patronage Quotes By Thomas B. Macaulay

Every age and every nation has certain characteristic vices, which prevail almost universally, which scarcely any person scruples to avow, and which even rigid moralists but faintly censure. Succeeding generations change the fashion of their morals with the fashion of their hats and their coaches; take some other kind of wickedness under their patronage, and wonder at the depravity of their ancestors. — Thomas B. Macaulay

Patronage Quotes By Melika Dannese Lux

I used to ask myself, 'Sergei, would you rather spend your money on drink or women?' and thanks to the club, I spend it on both and am called a patron of the arts. — Melika Dannese Lux

Patronage Quotes By Jonathan Culler

With its shrewd analysis and its knowledgeable reflections on the state of the arts, as well as a rich array of anecdotes and quotations about patronage, Patronizing the Arts will appeal to a broad audience. — Jonathan Culler

Patronage Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

I'm sure I'll find some use for the dress before summer."Kavill nodded, and closed his thick ledger. "Do let me know if it causes anyone to faint-or start a riot."She laughed under her breath, and turned to go, stuffing her hands into her pockets and praying her fingers didn't fall off on the way home."Here," Kavill said, and she turned to find a pair of exquisite dove-gray suede gloves in his hands. "On the house. For many years of loyal patronage." His face bore its usual mask of polite calm and courtesy, but his brown eyes were bright. "And a gift-for a year spent without any gloves at all. — Sarah J. Maas

Patronage Quotes By Samuel Chadwick

We give ourselves to prayer. We preach a Gospel that saves to the uttermost, and witness to its power. We do not argue about worldliness; we witness. We do not discuss philosophy; we preach the Gospel. We do not speculate about the destiny of sinners; we pluck them as brands from the burning. We ask no man's patronage. We beg no man's money. We fear no man's frownLet no man join us who is afraid, and we want none but those who are saved, sanctified and aflame with the fire of the Holy Ghost. — Samuel Chadwick

Patronage Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

The patronage state is an arrogant state. It assumes it can spend your money better than you do. Yet it expects you to work for it in the first place. — Margaret Thatcher

Patronage Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

Patronage is almost a wicked word. By itself it could well-nigh defeat democracy. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Patronage Quotes By Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Our political system needs changing. It needs to move away from personalities and patronage to a system of party programs and consultation with the people. — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Patronage Quotes By Barbara W. Tuchman

Connection was the cement of the governing class. — Barbara W. Tuchman

Patronage Quotes By Gordon Dahlquist

Chang believed that learning was dangerous and best suited for private contemplation, not something to put in the service of the highest bidder- as the Institute did, in thrall to the patronage of men with blind dreams of empire. Society was not bettered by such men of "vision" - though, if Chang was honest, was it bettered by anyone? — Gordon Dahlquist

Patronage Quotes By Neil Kinnock

The House of Lords must go - not be reformed, not be replaced, not be reborn in some nominated life-after-death patronage paradise, just closed down, abolished, finished. — Neil Kinnock

Patronage Quotes By John Constable

The first impression and a natural one is, that the fine arts have risen or declined in proportion as patronage has been given to them or withdrawn, but it will be found that there has often been more money lavished on them in their worst periods than in their best, and that the highest honours have frequently been bestowed on artists whose names are scarcely now known. — John Constable

Patronage Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I'm a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours. — Mahatma Gandhi

Patronage Quotes By Roland V. Libonati

Maybe the raising of millions of dollars of funds for charitable projects has become 'a racket', and the longer they remain in the test-tube stage of development, the longer patronage and job payrollers remain in their soft berths. — Roland V. Libonati

Patronage Quotes By Samir Chopra

Computer science increasingly relies on its private corporate patrons who apply their own closed systems of peer review and criticism, with occasional results thrown over the wall. The closed walls of Redmond or Mountain View enable old-fashioned patronage of nature's secrets. The objectivity and scientific status of computer science is a chimera: we cannot stand on the shoulders of giants in computer science, for they simply refuse to let us. — Samir Chopra

Patronage Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

As a mark of gratitude for his previous patronage, and a slight super-added morsel after breakfast, put likewise into his hand a whale! The great fish, reversing his experience with the prophet of Nineveh, immediately began his progress down the same red pathway of fate whiter so varied a caravan had preceded him. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Patronage Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Patron: One who countenances, supports or protects. Commonly a wretch who supports with insolence, and is repaid in flattery. — Samuel Johnson

Patronage Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

We must learn to be self-reliant and independent of schools, courts, protection and patronage of a Government we seek to end, if it will not mend. — Mahatma Gandhi

Patronage Quotes By Perry Chen

The kind of system Kickstarter uses has been used for hundreds of years. Unlike Medici-style patronage, where the richest people in town give large amounts of money, Kickstarter's system relies on the general public for funding projects, and rewards those backers. — Perry Chen

Patronage Quotes By Harry Gordon Selfridge

Get the confidence of the public and you will have no difficulty in getting their patronage. — Harry Gordon Selfridge

Patronage Quotes By Anonymous

Currying favor with special interests at the expense of the public good is a way for politicians to fund their campaigns and secure their future for when they leave government. It has been firmly enshrined as the primary source of money for politics since the Sherman Act did away with patronage. So long as politicians are able to tap special interests for these purposes, they will find ways to reward them with public policy - and they will do whatever it takes to protect the programs they have already put in place. What reformers really need to do first is attack the way the business of politics is conducted, rather than focusing on the products of that business. Then, and only then , will the cancer of cronyism be removed from the body politic. — Anonymous

Patronage Quotes By James Buchanan

The distribution of patronage of the Government is by far the most disagreeable duty of the President. — James Buchanan

Patronage Quotes By Anna Julia Cooper

Only the BLACK WOMAN can say 'when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole Negro race enters with me.' — Anna Julia Cooper