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Patience Limitation Quotes By Kevin M. Kruse

Fifield's connection to his congregation extended to their views on religion and politics too. In the apt words of one observer, Fifield was "one of the most theologically liberal and at the same time politically conservative ministers" of his era. He had no patience for fundamentalists who insisted upon a literal reading of Scripture. "The men who chronicled and canonized the Bible were subject to human error and limitation," he believed, and therefore the text needed to be sifted and interpreted. Reading the holy book should be "like eating fish - we take the bones out to enjoy the meat. All parts are not of equal value." Accordingly, Fifield dismissed the many passages in the New Testament about wealth and poverty and instead worked tirelessly to reconcile Christianity and capitalism. In his view, both systems rested on a basic belief that individuals would succeed or fail on their own merit. — Kevin M. Kruse

Patience Limitation Quotes By Walter Van Tilburg Clark

Helen, who was wild to be doing, and who had no patience for the limitation of words, or of thoughts, or even of the body, though she trusted the body most. — Walter Van Tilburg Clark

Patience Limitation Quotes By John Welwood

Great love
the kind that illumines and transforms us
always includes a keen awareness of limitation as well. Though love may inspire us to expand and develop in new ways, we can never be all things to the one we love, or someone other than who we are. Yet once accepted, limitation also helps us develop essential qualities, such as patience, determination, compassion, and humor. When love comes down to earth
bringing to light those dark corners we would prefer to ignore, encompassing all the different parts of who we are
it gains depth and power. — John Welwood