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Top Passive Income Quotes

Passive Income Quotes By T. Harv Eker

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses. — T. Harv Eker

Passive Income Quotes By Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

Book authors are in high demand for speaking engagements and appearances; they are the new 'celebrity' and celebrities gain access. Authors not only make money from royalties or book advances but from their keynotes, presentations and strategically branded product lines. This includes entrepreneurial ideas for you to extend yourself beyond just writing and prepares you to add speaking and consulting to your revenue stream. You have to begin to look outside book sales and towards the speaking market. There are radio, interviews, news, television, small channel television keynotes, lectures, seminars and workshops. These types of events have the possibility to be much more lucrative than just selling books. In essence, the book builds and brands you in the public eye. It gives you credibility and the opportunity to be more than you are. It enables you to now be a voice, a teacher, a leader, an expert - after all, you wrote the book on it! — Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

Passive Income Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

To obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner, an investor, or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Passive Income Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

My rich dad taught me to focus on passive income and spend my time acquiring the assets that provide passive or long term residual income ... passive income from capital gains, dividends, residual income from business, rental income from real estate, and royalties. — Robert Kiyosaki

Passive Income Quotes By Steve Fisher

Residual income is passive income that comes in every month whether you show up or not. It's when you no longer get paid on your personal efforts alone, but you get paid on the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of others and on the efforts of your money! It's one of the keys to financial freedom and time freedom. — Steve Fisher

Passive Income Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person's ability to convert earned income into passive and/or portfolio income. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Passive Income Quotes By Passive Income Secrets

walk away with a more thorough knowledge of the subject, hopefully have found the answer to a question, or be given some good ideas to help in a situation relevant to them. — Passive Income Secrets

Passive Income Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

The moment you make passive income and portfolio income a part of your life, your life will change. Those words will become flesh. — Robert Kiyosaki