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Top Party Monster Quotes

Party Monster Quotes By James St. James

There are people who have too much space between their ears, and given the time, do nothing but free fall forever inside their head. It's a spooky thing to be left alone inside an angry innerverse. — James St. James

Party Monster Quotes By Paul Krugman

Wealthy individuals bought themselves a radical right party, believing - correctly - that it would cut their taxes and remove regulations, but failed to realize that eventually the craziness would take on a life of its own, and that the monster they created would turn on its creators as well as the little people. — Paul Krugman

Party Monster Quotes By James St. James

I'll always be a party monster. I'll always love getting dressed up. — James St. James

Party Monster Quotes By Brian Regan

I'm actually kinda quiet off stage, a lotta people don't realize that, I was at a dinner party recently, a bunch of people that I don't know, one guy talking plenty for everybody, Me myself right and then I and then myself and mee me I couldn't tell this one about I cause I was talking about myself and Me- Meee- Mee- Me- Me! Beware the me monster. — Brian Regan

Party Monster Quotes By Yuji Horii

Where 'Dragon Quest Monsters' originated from was 'Dragon Quest V,' where you had a monster befriending system as a main part: you could actually befriend monsters and have them fight on behalf of your party, as part of your party. — Yuji Horii

Party Monster Quotes By Alfred Nestor

As he journeyed alone toward the monster that is death, we could do nothing to help him, nor the others still alive; all the words of strength on our lips melted away, our love not great enough to bind them to life, and our hope not enough to will them to live. — Alfred Nestor

Party Monster Quotes By James St. James

If letters had eyebrows, these would be arched. — James St. James

Party Monster Quotes By Bram Stoker

She had been to a tea-party with an antediluvian monster, and that they had been waited on by up-to-date men-servants. — Bram Stoker

Party Monster Quotes By Holly Black

And elsewhere in the woods, there is another party, one taking place inside a hollow hill, full of night-blooming flowers. There, a pale boy plays a fiddle with newly mended fingers while his sister dances with his best friend. There, a monster whirls about, branches waving in time with the music, There, a prince of the Folk takes up the mantle of king, embracing a changeling like a bother, and, with a human boy at his side, names a girl his champion. — Holly Black

Party Monster Quotes By Macaulay Culkin

It's about finding unique, one-of-a-kind films that I would want to see myself. I think 'Party Monster' is one of those. — Macaulay Culkin

Party Monster Quotes By Lisi Harrison

Bekka treated her role has Frankenstein's bride more like an audition to be Brett's bride. Every part of her body had been colored bright kelly green - even parts that her mother had stressed were 'not to be seen by anyone except God and the inside of a toilet bowl.' Instead of wearing a wig, Bekka had teased and then shellacked her own hair into a windblown cone and she'd used female-mustache bleach to create white streaks. Her seams, made of real suture thread, had been attached to her neck and wrists with clear double-sided costume tape because drawing them on with kohl would not have been 'honoring the character.' Her Costume Castle dress had been exchanged for something 'more authentic' from the Bridal Barn. If Brett didn't see his future in her heavily black-shadowed eyes tonight, he never would. Or so she believed. — Lisi Harrison

Party Monster Quotes By John Hogue

Do you not comprehend this in America, how your unions have been all but destroyed in the last 30 years? Do you not understand why your local US Postal Service offices are cracked, neglected, and almost derelict buildings, with their staffs downsizing and limiting their days of service? The corporately owned US Congress is destroying the postal service as part of its act, playing you for a fool while wearing a two-party (two-headed) monster mask. One sadistic party acts as a wrecking ball hurled at a wall of political inertia that is the second and masochistic party. — John Hogue

Party Monster Quotes By James St. James

Drug addicts are so funny that way. Just spinning around, lost in their own little world. Doing so much, accomplishing so little. How sad. — James St. James

Party Monster Quotes By Tom Spanbauer

So put your costume on, honey! Ruby said. Set Harlequin free! That party monster of yours is screaming to come out. Let the monster out! — Tom Spanbauer

Party Monster Quotes By Tim Burton

I had seen other stop-motion animated features, and they were either not engaging or they're just too bizarre. There was one I liked when I was a kid called Mad Monster Party. People thought Nightmare was the first stop-motion animated monster musical, but that was. — Tim Burton

Party Monster Quotes By Charles Madigan

It is Patrick the Legend, of course, who is most engaging and comes to us as something of a happy Celtic party monster. — Charles Madigan

Party Monster Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

Never miss a party ... good for the nerves
like celery. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Party Monster Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

I wanted to meet the monster.
Why go down if you can go up? — Ellen Hopkins