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Top Parent Involvement Quotes

Parent Involvement Quotes By Pamela Druckerman

Awakening is about introducing a child to sensory experiences, including tastes. It doesn't always require the parent's active involvement. It can come from staring at the sky, smelling dinner as it's being prepared, or playing alone on a blanket. It's a way of sharpening the child's senses and preparing him to distinguish between different experiences. It's the first step toward teaching him to be a cultivated adult who knows how to enjoy himself. Awakening is a kind of training for children in how to profiter - to soak up the pleasure and richness of the moment. — Pamela Druckerman

Parent Involvement Quotes By Carolyn Hax

There has been, for some reason (or more likely an unfortunate accumulation of reasons) a trend over the past several decades for parents to do the work of parenting in the isolation of their own homes - and not only that, this trend has overlapped with the other trend of much deeper parent involvement in raising kids. That you also represent trend No. 3, more people raising kids solo, has only exacerbated a close-to-no-win situation. — Carolyn Hax

Parent Involvement Quotes By Faye J Crosby

Juggling produces both practical and psychological benefits ... A woman's involvement in one role can enhance her functioning in another. Being a wife can make it easier to work outside the home. Being a mother can facilitate the activities and foster the skills of the efficient wife or of the effective worker. And employment outside the home can contribute in substantial, practical ways to how one works within the home, as a spouse and as a parent. — Faye J Crosby

Parent Involvement Quotes By Stanley Greenspan

Even if you find yourself in a heated exchange with your toddler, it is better for your child to feel the heat rather than for himto feel you withdraw emotionally ... Active and emotional involvement between parent and child helps the child make the limits a part of himself. — Stanley Greenspan

Parent Involvement Quotes By Frank Pittman

In colonial America, the father was the primary parent ... Over the past two hundred years, each generation of fathers has hadless authority than the last ... Masculinity ceased to be defined in terms of domestic involvement, skills at fathering and husbanding, but began to be defined in terms of making money. Men had to leave home to work. They stopped doing all the things they used to do. — Frank Pittman