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Top Paper Airplanes Quotes

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Niall Horan

I'd rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl's heart. — Niall Horan

Paper Airplanes Quotes By One Direction

I'd rather be a boy and play with paper airplanes, then be a man and play with a woman's heart. -Niall Horan — One Direction

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Rachel Fershleiser

My mind soars on paper airplanes.
-Bridget H — Rachel Fershleiser

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

Pardon me, but I wonder if you wouldn't mind switching seats. You see, that's my girlfriend there, and she's pregnant. And since she gets a bit ill on airplanes, I thought she might need someone to hold her hair when ... well ...
St. Clair holds up the courtesy barf bag and shakes it around. The paper crinkles dramatically. The man sprints off the seat as my face flames. His pregnant girlfriend? — Stephanie Perkins

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Steve Toltz

I was so happy I wanted to fold all the people into paper airplanes and fly them into the lidless eye of that big yellow moon. — Steve Toltz

Paper Airplanes Quotes By John McPhee

I used to sit in class and listen to the terms come floating down the room like paper airplanes. — John McPhee

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Darynda Jones

Did you look at the memo?"
"What memo? We're getting memos now?"
"I sent a memo a week ago. I've been sending you a memo every week with a list of all the updates and my notes on all our cases for weeks now."
Holy cow. Missed the boat on that one. "Oh, those memos. I totally knew that."
"You're not even reading them, are you?"
"I thought they were optional."
Note to self: Stop making paper airplanes out of Cookie's memos. — Darynda Jones

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Henri Coanda

These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a child's toy made of paper. — Henri Coanda

Paper Airplanes Quotes By Tom Waits

Children make up the best songs, anyway. Better than grown-ups. Kids are always working on songs and throwing them away, like little origami things or paper airplanes. They don't care if they lose it; they'll just make another one. — Tom Waits