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Top Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Carlos Wallace

We are all capable of regulating how we think and feel. It just boils down to owning that power. — Carlos Wallace

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Bristol Palin

If a mistake is made the honorable thing to do is to own up to it.' Of course I was talking about Levi owning up to his mistakes. But as I finish this book, I realize it applies equally to myself, and to all of us as we try but fail to live up to the standards we know are right. Our inability and unwillingness to keep the standards don't make the standards any less valuable and good. — Bristol Palin

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Anne Perry

What's always right?" "Kindness," Pitt answered with certainty. "Keeping your promises. Not giving up just because it gets hard. Owning up to your mistakes, and not blaming other people even if you would get away with it. — Anne Perry

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Chris Hadfield

Management has to create a climate where owning up to mistakes is permissible and colleagues have to agree, collectively, to cut each other some slack. I — Chris Hadfield

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Lee Ellis

Fearful leaders side-step issues instead of dealing with them, cover up mistakes instead of owning up to mistakes; they skulk back into the shadows and hope that the crisis - whatever it is - will somehow blow over instead of facing their fears. Worse, they resort to lies and deception to cover up the truth. — Lee Ellis

Owning Up To Your Mistakes Quotes By Toni Morrison

These and other inanimate things she saw and experienced. They were real to her. She knew them. They were the codes and touchstones of the world, capable of translation and possession. She owned the crack that made her stumble; she owned the clumps of dandelions whose white heads, last fall, she had blown away; whose yellow heads, this fall, she peered into. And owning them made her part of the world, and the world a part of her. — Toni Morrison