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Ororo Munroe Quotes & Sayings

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Top Ororo Munroe Quotes

Ororo Munroe Quotes By George Carlin

Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity. — George Carlin

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Robert Burns

I waive the quantum o' the sin, The hazard of concealing; But, och! it hardens a' within, And petrifies the feeling! — Robert Burns

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Gemma Arterton

I think my favorite is Honor Blackman because she is classy and she is British. With Bond, I love how British it is actually. She is classy and clever and smart and sharp. — Gemma Arterton

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

While inside the vaulting of the ribs between his knees the darkly meated heart pumped of who's will and the blood pulsed and the bowels shifted in their massive blue convolutions of who's will and the stout thighbones and knee and cannon and the tendons like flaxen hawsers that drew and flexed and drew and flexed at their articulations of who's will all sheathed and muffled in the flesh and the hooves that stove wells in the morning groundmist and the head turning side to side and the great slavering keyboard of his teeth and the hot globes of his eyes where the world burned. — Cormac McCarthy

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Noah Levine

Pain and suffering are two completely difference experiences. Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is self-created. — Noah Levine

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Donatella Versace

I think sex is part of life, like eating and breathing. — Donatella Versace

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Unless you intend to kill him immediately thereafter, never kick a man in the balls. Not even symbolically. Or perhaps especially not symbolically. — Robert A. Heinlein

Ororo Munroe Quotes By David Levithan

All couples get nostalgic about the start of their story. — David Levithan

Ororo Munroe Quotes By The Bhagavad Gita

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One ... I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds. — The Bhagavad Gita

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Nikos Kazantzakis

What is truth? What is falsehood? Whatever gives wings to men, whatever produces great works and great souls and lifts up a man's height above the earth - that's true. Whatever clips off man's wings - that's false. — Nikos Kazantzakis

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The ability of the theist to misunderstand a thing is directly proportional to the obviousness of the thing. — Oscar Wilde

Ororo Munroe Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Dwarves are not heroes, but a calculating folk with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; some are not but are decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect too much. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Yukio Mishima

On reflection, falling in love for him was not only extraordinary, but rather comical. By having closely observed Kiyoaki Matsugae, he knew full well what sort of man should fall in love.
Falling in love was a special privilege given to someone whose external, sensuous charm and internal ignorance, disorganization, and lack of cognizance permitted him to form a kind of fantasy about others. It was a rude privilege. Honda was quite aware that since his childhood, he had been the opposite of such a man. — Yukio Mishima

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The opportunities of living are diminished in proportion as what are called the "means" are increased. — Henry David Thoreau

Ororo Munroe Quotes By Fyodor Dostoevsky

Who doesn't desire his fathers death? — Fyodor Dostoevsky