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Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Hunter Murphy

There was a warm breeze blowing in the car as they passed the mansions in the Garden District and they could smell the sweet aroma of the night-blooming jasmine. Soft light fell on the neutral ground along the streetcar tracks. — Hunter Murphy

Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Before Rohan could reply, a new voice entered the conversation. "What's this?"
It was Leo, who had just arisen from bed and pulled on his clothes. He came barefoot from the direction of his bedroom. His bleary gaze moved over the pair of them.
"Why are you on the floor with your buttons undone?"
Amelia considered the question. "I decided to have a spontaneous tryst in the middle of the hallway with a man I hardly know."
"Well, try to be quiet about it next time. A fellow needs his sleep."
Amelia stared at him quizzically. "For heaven's sake, Leo, aren't you worried that I may have been compromised?"
"Were you?"
"I ... " Her face turned hot as she glanced into Rohan's vivid topaz eyes. "I don't think so."
"If you're not sure about it," Leo said, "you probably weren't. — Lisa Kleypas

Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Taurean Green

Last night I was struggling with a stomach ache, but [the trainer] gave me some medicine, an IV and I felt good out there today. — Taurean Green

Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Augustine Of Hippo

Hence a 'bishop' who has set his heart on a position of eminence rather than an opportunity for service should realize that he is no bishop. So — Augustine Of Hippo

Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Stephen King

What I'm saying is that I'm trying to find rational reasons to explain irrational feelings, and that's neveer a good sign. — Stephen King

Orin Parks And Rec Quotes By Stephen King

I remember an immense feeling of possibility at the idea, as if I had been ushered into a vast building filled with closed doors and had been given leave to open any I liked. There were more doors than one person could ever open in a lifetime, I thought (and still think). — Stephen King