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Opening The Fridge Quotes By Kiersten White

Why you are here in the first place," Lend finished saying. His voice had a distinctly menacing tone.
"Why, to make you the best omelet you've ever had, of course." There was a pause that I could only fill with my imagination. It involved Lend making I'm going to kill you motions with his hands. "Hey-oh," Jack continued, "I rescued our girl Evie from the Center and helped her get to the Faerie Realms to save you."
"Our girl is my girl. And that makes everything okay now?"
"It doesn't," I yelled. Would we never be able to have a quiet conversation again? "But it's a start."
"A start I intend to finish with this omelet," Jack said, "because after you've eaten it, all will be forgiven."
"I'm not eating anything you make," Lend answered. I closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of the fridge opening and drawers shutting slightly harder than they needed to. — Kiersten White

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Douglas Adams

He turned slowly like a fridge door opening. — Douglas Adams

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Sloane Crosley

The first thing to understand is that being a vegetarian is actually a private matter. I'm still taken aback by the question " then what do you eat?" and am embarrassed as I struggle to produce the weeks food diary. Its not that I'm ashamed of what I eat, but its none of anyone's business. I imagine I would have a similar feeling counting up how many pairs of underwear I went thru in a week. The only reason opening someone's fridge is more socially acceptable than opening someone's medicine cabinet is that people keep beer in their fridge. — Sloane Crosley

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Vidur Moudgil

Somehow our civilization believes opening the fridge door is the solution to everything — Vidur Moudgil

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Tibor Fischer

Opening the fridge door, I found a rat eating the cheese. My dealings with rodents, particularly those tagged verminous, have been few, but generally the pattern has been one of man, the boss, the caretaker of creation, the namer, appearing and the lower orders hitting the road. — Tibor Fischer

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Ben Aaronovitch

The principal advantages of living in your station's section house is that it is cheap, close to work and it's not your parents' flat. The disadvantages are that you're sharing your accommodation with people too weakly socialised to live with normal human beings, and who habitually wear heavy boots. The weak socialisation makes opening the fridge an exciting adventure in microbiology, and the boots mean that every shift change sounds like an avalanche. — Ben Aaronovitch

Opening The Fridge Quotes By Joanne Horniman

I want, I want, I want... At this point I'm just a mass of seething wants, but what I want I'm not really sure of. (Like going to the fridge, and opening it, letting all the cold air out...and not knowing what it is you want to eat. You stand with the door open hoping that something will you inspire you.) I'm standing with the door open at the fridge of life, and I want. — Joanne Horniman

Opening The Fridge Quotes By J.K. Rowling

I loathe people who say, 'I always read the ending of the book first.' That really irritates me, It's like someone coming to dinner, just opening the fridge and eating pudding, while you're standing there still working on the starter. It's not on. — J.K. Rowling