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Only God Knows Truth Quotes By George MacDonald

Naturally the first emotion of man toward the being he calls God, but of whom he knows so little, is fear. Where it is possible that fear should exist, it is well it should exist, cause continual uneasiness, and be cast out by nothing less than love ... . Until love, which is the truth toward God, is able to cast out fear, it is well that fear should hold; it is a bond, however poor, between that which is and That which creates - a bond that must be broken, but a bond that can be broken only by the tightening of an infinitely closer bond. Verily God must be terrible to those that are far from Him: for they fear He will do, yea, He is doing with them what they do not, cannot desire, and can ill endure. — George MacDonald

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Elvis Presley

All I want is to know the truth, to know and experience God. I'm a searcher, that's what I'm all about. — Elvis Presley

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Dawn O'Porter

I just sit there where she tells me to and don't make a fuss. If I answer back she gets loud and shouty. I don't want everyone seeing how badly she pushes me around.
It's best just to take it.
God knows what people mus think of me - some nervous, quiet drip with no opinion probably. It wouldn't be far off the truth I should have stood up to Sally years ago, but she'd make my life I did ... — Dawn O'Porter

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Ibn Arabi

Do not praise your own faith exclusively so that you disbelieve all the rest. If you do this you will miss much good. Nay, you will miss the whole truth of the matter. God, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent, cannot be confined to any one creed, for He says in the Quran, wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of Allah. Everybody praises what he knows. His God is his own creature, and in praising it, he praises himself. Which he would not do if he were just, for his dislike is based on ignorance. — Ibn Arabi

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Steven Erikson

Recall the gesture of abasement, warlock. You make it in recognition of your own humility. A god's powers are immeasurable and before them you are nothing. Therefore you would worship your god and surrender your life into its hands. But it doesn't want your life, and knows not what to do with your longing, helpless soul. In ritual and symbol you have lost yourselves. Could the god make you understand, it would make you understand this simple truth: the only thing worthy of worship is humility itself. — Steven Erikson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Autumn Christian

The human brain has the unique ability to doubt the reality presented to itself. To comprehend the dissonance between ideas and the truth of the surrounding world. God knows this, and it infuriates him. It terrifies him. — Autumn Christian

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Ibn Hazm

Do not use your energy except for a cause more noble than yourself. Such a cause cannot be found except in Almighty God Himself: to preach the truth, to defend womanhood, to repel humiliation which your Creator has not imposed upon you, to help the oppressed. Anyone who uses his energy for the sake of the vanities of the world is like someone who exchanges gemstones for gravel. There is no nobility in anyone who lacks faith. The wise man knows that the only fitting price for his soul is a place in Paradise ... — Ibn Hazm

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Wallace D. Wattles

WISDOM IS dependent upon knowledge. Where there is complete ignorance there can be no wisdom, no knowledge of the right thing to do. Man's knowledge is comparatively limited and so his wisdom must be small, unless he can connect his mind with a knowledge greater than his own and draw from it, by inspiration, the wisdom that his own limitations deny him. Only God knows all truth; therefore only God can have Real wisdom or know the right thing to do at all times, and man can receive wisdom from God. Wisdom is obtained by reading the mind of God. — Wallace D. Wattles

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Stormie O'martian

I Don't Even Like Him - How Can I Pray for Him? Have you ever been so mad at your husband that the last thing you wanted to do was pray for him? So have I. It's hard to pray for someone when you're angry or he's hurt you. But that's exactly what God wants us to do. If He asks us to pray for our enemies, how much more should we be praying for the person with whom we have become one and are supposed to love? But how do we get past the unforgiveness and critical attitude? The first thing to do is be completely honest with God. In order to break down the walls in our hearts and smash the barriers that stop communication, we have to be totally up-front with the Lord about our feelings. We don't have to "pretty it up" for Him. He already knows the truth. He just wants to see if we're willing to admit it and confess it as disobedience to His ways. If so, He — Stormie O'martian

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By David Bentley Hart

The soul's unquenchable eros for the divine, of which Plotinus and Gregory of Nyssa and countless Christian contemplatives speak, Sufism's 'ishq or passionately adherent love for God, Jewish mysticism's devekut, Hinduism's bhakti, Sikhism's pyaar - these are all names for the acute manifestation of a love that, in a more chronic and subtle form, underlies all knowledge, all openness of the mind to the truth of things. This is because, in God, the fullness of being is also a perfect act of infinite consciousness that, wholly possessing the truth of being in itself, forever finds its consummation in boundless delight. The Father knows his own essence perfectly in the mirror of the Logos and rejoices in the Spirit who is the "bond of love" or "bond of glory" in which divine being and divine consciousness are perfectly joined. God's wujud is also his wijdan - his infinite being is infinite consciousness - in the unity of his wajd, the bliss of perfect enjoyment. The — David Bentley Hart

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Ron Brackin

Is there anything God cannot do?
God cannot learn, because he already knows everything and never learned what he knows.
He cannot lie, because he is truth.
God cannot reject anyone who has accepted his Son.
Whether you accept or reject God, he cannot love you more, he cannot love you less, and he cannot stop loving you with all his heart.
What a wonderful, limited God! — Ron Brackin

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Courtney Milan

The truth is simply this: you can find a better man than I. God knows you wouldn't have to look very hard. But I don't believe you can find one who loves you more. — Courtney Milan

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Ted Dekker

Only knowing the Father matters," she said, as if this truth was plain. "But to Yeshua this knowledge is not like common knowledge. It is to know intimately, as a woman knows a man. I think this truth is more easily seen by women than men." "How so?" She shrugged. "Men rule over women with judgment." She frowned and continued in a stern voice. "Walk this way. Don't be seen! Be silent! Shame on you! And they make God in the same stern image. They respect written codes and abounding knowledge. Women live more from the heart, don't you think?" "I would say yes. If allowed." "So it's the same in Arabia?" "In many ways, yes." She nodded. "Yeshua offers no judgment and speaks of the Father in the same way. The very code that men lord over women, Yeshua upends. If Yeshua speaks out against any, it's only against the brood of vipers who judge others. — Ted Dekker

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Stephen King

So here he sits one drunk nigger in a puclic libary after closing, with the book open in front of me and the bottle of Old Kentucky on my left. 'Tell the truth and shame the devil,' my mom used to say , but she forgot to tell me that sometimes you can't shame Mr Splitfoot sober. The Irish know, but of course they're God's white niggers and who knows maybe they're a step ahead. — Stephen King

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Michael Jackson

I am going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame and I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I wanted to be loved. That's all. That's the real truth. — Michael Jackson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Samone Sherrell

No one knows the Truth, but those who have the Truth — Samone Sherrell

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Michael Jackson

I am scared of my father to this day. My father walked in the room - and God knows I am telling the truth - I have fainted in his presence many times. I have fainted once to be honest. I have thrown up in his presence because when he comes in the room and this aura comes and my stomach starts hurting and I know I am in trouble. — Michael Jackson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Sri Chinmoy

A sincere seeker knows what his goal is: the highest Truth. He will not delay his journey. In spiritual life, we aspire for the highest Truth, for God, nothing else. — Sri Chinmoy

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Clayton M Christensen

I don't view it as mystic. I believe that God is our father. He created us. He is powerful because he knows everything. Therefore everything I learn that is true makes me more like my father in heaven. When science seems to contradict religion, then one, the other, or both are wrong, or incomplete. Truth is not incompatible with itself. When I benefit from science it's actually not correct for me to say it resulted from science and not from God. They work in concert. — Clayton M Christensen

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Winston S. Churchill

The machinery of propaganda may pack their minds with falsehood and deny them truth for many generations of time. But the soul of man thus held in trance, or frozen in a long night, can be awakened by a spark coming from God knows where, and in a moment the whole structure of lies and oppression is on trial for its life. — Winston S. Churchill

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Saul Bellow

The terms which, in his inmost heart, each man knows. As I know mine. As all know. For that is the truth of it - that we all know, God, that we know, that we know, we know, we know. — Saul Bellow

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Swami Dhyan Giten

The Path of Love, the path of Bhakti Yoga, is the path of Jesus Christ.
Love is not a technique.
Love knows no technique, so the path of love has no method or technique.
If you bring technique to the path of love, you will destroy love.
The whole existence is love, and the birds need no technique to love, trees need no technique to love the mountains need no technique to love.
Love only needs that you drop the ego, and drop into your heart. It is just like a rose flower opening. You need not open it, it has the capacity to open already. The capacity is intrinsic, and of it's own accord the rose flower will open - and in the same way the heart opens.
The heart needs no technique, the heart needs no training.
Jesus says: "God is love". If you can love, it will happen by itself.
Jesus path is the way of love, of prayer. It is a deep love for the whole existence. — Swami Dhyan Giten

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Corrie Ten Boom

If you want converts, surely one normal person is worth all the half-wits in the world!" "May I tell you the truth Lieutenant Rahms? The truth, Sir, is that God's viewpoint is sometimes different from ours. So different that we could not even guess at it unless He had given us a Book which tells us such things. In the scripture I learn that God values us not for our strength or our brains, but simply because He has made us. Who knows, in His eyes, a half-wit may be worth more than a watchmaker. Or a Lieutenant. — Corrie Ten Boom

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Ronnie Lee

The Environment will give many signals, God will give specific signals, The Source will give organized signals, And souls will give social signals. Sanity knows the truth of signals. — Ronnie Lee

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Victor Hugo

Happy, even in anguish, is he to whom God has given a soul worthy of love and grief! He who has not seen the things of this world, and the heart of men in this double light, has seen nothing, and knows noting of the truth. — Victor Hugo

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By David C. Riggins

The Flight of Providence

To do what is right, we try
Against the odds, we try
You are not like us, they say
Stand down
We fight, and only God knows

For our right to exist
For the truth
We are manifest for this hour
We will not be silent
You are not like us, they say
Stand down
We fight, and only God knows

For our right to try
For our right to know
We are the human race
We will not be silent
You are not like us, they say
Stand down
We fight, and only God knows

For the truth
For our future
We are brilliant shades of light
We cannot be contained — David C. Riggins

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Alberto Caeiro

And since today's all there is for now, that's everything.
Who knows if I'll be dead the day after tomorrow?
If I'm dead the day after tomorrow, the thunderstorm day after tomorrow
Will be another thunderstorm than if I hadn't died.
Of course I know thunderstorms don't fall because I see them,
But if I weren't in the world,
The world would be different -
There would be me the less -
And the thunderstorm would fall on a different world and would be another thunderstorm.
No matter what happens, what's falling is what'll be falling when it falls.

(7/10/1930) — Alberto Caeiro

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Plato

But the truth is, O men of Athens, that God only is wise; and by his answer he intends to show that the wisdom of men is worth little or nothing; he is not speaking of Socrates, he is only using my name by way of illustration, as if he said, He, O men, is the wisest, who, like Socrates, knows that his wisdom is in truth worth nothing. — Plato

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Christos Tsiolkas

As a young man he had not dared risk God's wrath by questioning His purpose. Now he did not give a damn. Fuck it. There was no Paradise and there was no Hell and if there was a God, He was worse than inscrutable. What did exist was the cold, cruel truth of a young man, dead - from cancer or a car accident or suicide or God knows what - at the obscene age of thirty-two. — Christos Tsiolkas

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

There must be Someone in heaven who knows the truth about me, in highest heaven, some Attorney who can clear my name - My Champion, my Friend, while I'm weeping my eyes out before God. I appeal to the One who represents mortals before God as a neighbor stands up for a neighbor. — Eugene H. Peterson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Arthur W. Pink

The apprehension of this blessed truth (God's faithfulness) will check our murmurings. The Lord knows what is best for each of us, and one effect or resting on this truth will be the silencing of our petulant complainings. God is greatly honored when, under trial and chastening, we have good thoughts of Him, vindicate His wisdom and justice, and recognize His love in His very rebukes. — Arthur W. Pink

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Bobby Darin

Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover-up for insecurity. That's the truth. And on that note, I'll say goodnight. God love you. — Bobby Darin

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Lord Acton

The true guide of our conduct is no outward authority, but the voice of God, who comes down to dwell in our souls, who knows all our thoughts, to whom are owing all the truth we know, and all the good we do; for vice is voluntary, and virtue comes from the grace of the heavenly spirit within. — Lord Acton

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By David Jeremiah

Satan may win some present battles, but the outcome of the war has already been determined - and Satan knows it. When we know that truth as well, it gives us courage to persevere through the downturns. Like castaways who keep on rowing because the map shows an island ahead, we'll have the courage to press on. Perhaps this is the reason the devil tries to discourage people from reading this amazing book. The devil has turned thousands of people away from this portion of God's Word. He does not want anyone to — David Jeremiah

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Warren W. Wiersbe

People still ask questions and hope the answers will be what they think they already know. They need to pray this prayer by an anonymous believer: From the cowardice that shrinks from new truths, From the laziness that is content with half-truths, From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, O God of truth, deliver us! — Warren W. Wiersbe

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The cross is God's truth about us, and therefore it is the only power thatcanmakeustruthful.Whenwe know the cross we are no longer afraid of the truth. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By J.I. Packer

The Evangelical is not afraid of facts, for he knows that all facts are God's facts; nor is he afraid of thinking, for he knows that all truth is God's truth, and right reason cannot endanger sound faith. — J.I. Packer

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Toni Sorenson

Be honest with the Lord. If you're afraid, say so. If you're feeling abandoned, tell Him. He already knows every sin you've committed and He loves you anyway. Confess honestly. Beg for help. Converse with the Lord in reverence and respect, but not as if you were approaching a distant, uncaring being. Nothing could be further from the truth. All you have to do is reach out to feel the grasp of Christ's hand. — Toni Sorenson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Gene Stratton-Porter

All the time God ever spent on you was wasted, an' your mother's had the same luck. I s'pose God's used to having creatures 'at He's made go wrong, but I pity your mother. Goodness knows a woman suffers an' works enough over her children, an' then to fetch a boy to man's estate an' have him, of his own free will an' accord, be a liar! Young man, truth is the cornerstone o' the temple o' character. Nobody can put up a good buildin' without a solid foundation; an' you can't do solid character buildin' with a lie at the base. Man 'at's a liar ain't fit for anything! Can't trust him in no sphere or relation o' life; or in any way, shape, or manner. You passed out your word like a man, an' like a man I took it an' went off trustin' you, an' you failed me. — Gene Stratton-Porter

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Anonymous

Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone one who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. — Anonymous

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Suzy Kassem

A man of God would never burn or harm a temple of any kind
regardless of religion. A true man of God would see every temple or divine mansion built to glorify THE CREATOR
as an extension of the temple closest to his home, regardless of its shape, size, or color. A man who truly recognizes and knows God can see God in all things. Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. — Suzy Kassem

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By L.M. Fields

They are strong wives, devoted moms, and beautiful women, trying to find a way to earn and keep their wings because God knows, it's not easy being married to the military. — L.M. Fields

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

As a child of God, your destiny, if you work hard enough and are faithful, is to become like Him. That means that there is nothing that is true that you cannot learn, because He knows all truth. — Henry B. Eyring

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By George MacDonald

Under Janet, Gibbie was saved the thousand agonies that befall the conscientious disciple, from the forcing upon him, as the thoughts and will of the eternal Father of our spirits, of the ill expressed and worse understood experiences, the crude conjectures, the vulgar imaginations of would-be teachers of the multitude. Containing truth enough to save those of sufficiently low development to receive such teaching without disgust, it contains falsehood enough, but for the Spirit of God, to ruin all nobler - I mean all childlike natures, utterly; and many such it has gone far to ruin, driving them even to a madness in which they have died. Jesus alone knows the Father, and can reveal him. Janet studied only Jesus, and as a man knows his friend, so she, only infinitely better, knew her more than friend - her Lord and her God. Do — George MacDonald

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

who can look at those millions of worlds and not feel that there may well be wonderful universes above us where reason is utterly unreasonable?" "No," said the other priest; "reason is always reasonable, even in the last limbo, in the lost borderland of things. I know that people charge the Church with lowering reason, but it is just the other way. Alone on earth, the Church makes reason really supreme. Alone on earth, the Church affirms that God himself is bound by reason." The other priest raised his austere face to the spangled sky and said: "Yet who knows if in that infinite universe - ?" "Only infinite physically," said the little priest, turning sharply in his seat, "not infinite in the sense of escaping from the laws of truth." Valentin — G.K. Chesterton

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

It is not given to man to know the whole Truth. His duty lies in living up to the truth as he sees it, and in doing so, to resort to the purest means, i.e., to non-violence. God alone knows absolute truth. Therefore, I have often said, Truth is God. It follows that man, a finite being, cannot know absolute truth. Nobody in this world possesses absolute truth. This is God's attribute alone. Relative truth is all we know. Therefore, we can only follow the truth as we see it. Such pursuit of truth cannot lead anyone astray. — Mahatma Gandhi

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

Only God knows hearts, and so only He can say, in truth, "I know how you feel." — Henry B. Eyring

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Martyn Stanley

The truth is I don't know what happens to the spirits of the dead when they leave this world. Priests may claim to, even Truthseeker may claim to. However nobody truly knows. All Truthseeker truly knows is that Ishar, Kirfell, Orion and Avanti are lies. He has no proof of an alternative. I don't know. There may be nothing beyond this dark reality we live in, but that doesn't feel right to me. We love, we hate, we fight, we strive... People's lives seem too complex and important to be simply extinguished like a candle.'

~Vexis Zaelwarsh
Deathsworn Arc 5: The Temple of the Mad God — Martyn Stanley

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Lisa Samson

Jesus was always at the wheel, but he's not particularly cautious. In fact, he takes hairpin turns at seventy miles per hour if you want to know the truth of it. But as he is God, I've always figured he knows how to drive better than I do. — Lisa Samson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By John D. Zizioulas

Since God knows created beings as the realizations of His will, it is not being itself but the ultimate will of God's love which unifies beings and points to the meaning of being. And precisely here is the role of the incarnation. The incarnate Christ is so identical to the ultimate will of God's love, that the meaning of created being and the purpose of history are simply the incarnate Christ. All things were made with Christ in mind, or rather at heart, and for this reason irrespective of the fall of man, the incarnation would have occurred. Christ, the incarnate Christ, is the truth, for he represents the ultimate unceasing will of the ecstatic love of God, who intends to lead created being into communion with His own life, to know Him and itself within this communion-event. — John D. Zizioulas

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By John Avery

No matter what our backgrounds are, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior by faith makes it a fact - we are God's children. When we bask in that truth, it thaws our hearts. What a relief to be able to drop our guard in the presence of a Father who knows everything about us and still desires our company. — John Avery

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Martin Buber

One cannot divide one's life between an actual relationship to God and an inactual I-It relationship to the world - praying to God in truth and utilizing the world. Whoever knows the world as something to be utilized knows God the same way. His prayers are a way of unburdening himself - and fall into the ears of the void. — Martin Buber

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Among other reasons which will readily suggest themselves, one alone will suffice. Every Christian knows, experimentally, that the Bible is the Word of God. When a sinner becomes seriously concerned about his character, state, and prospects, if he reads the Bible, he finds at first that it is all against him. By the holy law of God he is convicted and condemned; and he is conscious of a power and dignity in the Word of condemnation that makes him feel that it is the Word of God. There is a power in the Word that proves it Divine; and he who has once experienced its influence will never doubt its truth. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Heidi Montag

God knows the truth in all of this, and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. Jesus was persecuted, and I'm going to get persecuted, ya know? — Heidi Montag

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Kabir

What is seen is not the Truth
What is cannot be said
Trust comes not without seeing
Nor understanding without words
The wise comprehends with knowledge
To the ignorant it is but a wonder
Some worship the formless God
Some worship his various forms
In what way He is beyond these attributes
Only the Knower knows
That music cannot be written
How can then be the notes
Say Kabir, awareness alone will overcome illusion. — Kabir

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By John Henry Newman

God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.
He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work.
I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place,
while not intending it if I do but keep His commandments.
Therefore, I will trust Him, whatever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him, in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me. Still, He knows what He is about. — John Henry Newman

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God knows what should be your priority and what should be beneficial for you — Sunday Adelaja

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

This cry for mercy is possible only when we are willing to confess that somehow, somewhere, we ourselves have something to do with our losses. Crying for mercy is a recognition that blaming God, the world, or others for our losses does not do full justice to the truth of who we are. At the moment we are willing to take responsibility, even for the pain we didn't cause directly, blaming is connected into an acknowledgement of our own role in human brokenness. The prayer for God's mercy comes from a heart that knows that this human brokenness is not a fatal condition of which we have become the sad victims, but the bitter fruit of the human choice to say "No" to love. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Katherine Boo

No one knows, but don't worry," Zehrunisa said. "Just leave everything to God and keep praying. Now we have a lawyer who will say the right words, and then it will end, because the judge will pick up the truth."
"Pick up the truth," he repeated skeptically. As if truth were a coin on a footpath. He changed the subject. — Katherine Boo

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

And when I look at a history book and think of the imaginative effort it has taken to squeeze this oozing world between two boards and typeset, I am astonished. Perhaps the event has an unassailable truth. God saw it. God knows. But I am not God. And so when someone tells me what they heard or saw, I believe them, and I believe their friend who also saw, but not in the same way, and I can put these accounts together and I will not have a seamless wonder but a sandwich laced with mustard of my own. — Jeanette Winterson

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

The Truth is simple but the Way of Man is hard. First you must learn to control your self. The rest follows. Blessed is he who knows himself and commands himself, for the world is his and love and happiness and peace walk with him wherever he goes. Thou art God. Know that and the Way is opened. I love you. Thou art God.
-Valentine Michael Smith — Robert A. Heinlein

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By David Sedaris

My confessions did nothing to alter this situation, but for the first time in my life I felt that somebody actually knew me. Three somebodies, to be exact. Two were roaming the highway in a Cadillac, doing God knows what with a CB radio, but the other was as close to me as my own skin, and I could now feel the undiluted pleasure of her company. — David Sedaris

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Amy Layne Litzelman

Your heart of devotion and obedience is not in vain. Who knows but God how many people have come near to you and were forever changed simply by the fragrance of his love in you? Who knows but God if he will put you before kings and leaders to speak the truth, redirecting the future of nations? Who knows when that small crack in the dam of our enemy's plans will give way and God's glory will truly cover the earth as the sea? Do not become distracted or discouraged by the death around you. Death must always give way when the life of Christ enters the picture. — Amy Layne Litzelman

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

There is no God besides the Self. One who knows the Self, knows God. — Abhijit Naskar

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Bill Vaughan

Every man seeks the truth, but God only knows who has found it. — Bill Vaughan

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By John Calvin

Without Christ, sciences in every department are vain ... The man who knows not God is vain, though he should be conversant with every branch of learning. Nay more, we may affirm this too with truth, that these choice gifts of God
expertness of mind, acuteness of judgment, liberal sciences, and acquaintance with languages, are in a manner profaned in every instance in which they fall to the lot of wicked men. — John Calvin

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Philip Yancey

God already knows the naked truth about us, of course. Why not acknowledge it? — Philip Yancey

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Bernard Of Clairvaux

Let no one believe that he has received the divine kiss, if he knows the truth without loving it or loves it without understanding it. But blessed is that kiss whereby not only is God recognized but also the Father is loved; for there is never full knowledge without perfect love. — Bernard Of Clairvaux

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Plato

I have expressed - whether rightly or wrongly God knows. But, whether true or false, my opinion is that in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort; and, when seen, is also inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right, parent of light and of the lord of light in this visible world, and the immediate source of reason and truth in the intellectual; and that this is the power upon which he who would act rationally either in public or private life must have his eye fixed. I agree, he said, as far as I am able to understand you. Moreover, — Plato

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God always knows the most excellent path — Sunday Adelaja

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Unknown

Don't go for the ones that know your worth even when you don't.
Even when you call them to pick you up because some fuck boy left you with only a few hickeys and no ride home.
Please don't pay attention to the boys who take your self hate and say 'you really don't see yourself the way others see you, do you?'
Oh god.
just don't fall in love with them.
Please, just don't.
Because it's the ones that kiss your eyelids and stretch marks that fuck you over.
It;s the ones that tell you the truth that bring you to your knees.
It's the good ones that leave you curled up in a ball for months begging for the bleeding in your gut to stop.
And it's all because they're the unforgettable ones.
The boys who leave so many marks of love on you that no one can compare.
God knows they're it.

You were it. — Unknown

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Anonymous

Test the Spirits 1 JOHN 4 Beloved, t do not believe every spirit, but u test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for v many w false prophets x have gone out into the world. 2By this you know the Spirit of God: y every spirit that confesses that z Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3and every spirit a that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and b now is in the world already. 4Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for c he who is in you is greater than d he who is in the world. 5 e They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and f the world listens to them. 6We are from God. g Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know h the Spirit of truth and i the spirit of error. — Anonymous

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By Frederick Buechner

And now brothers, I will ask you a terrible question, and God knows I ask it also of myself. Is the truth beyond all truths, beyond the stars, just this: that to live without him is the real death, that to die with him the only life? — Frederick Buechner

Only God Knows Truth Quotes By B.B. King

My wife Martha used to call me Ol' Lemon Face because of my facial contortions when I play Lucille. I squeeze my eyes and open my mouth, raise my eyebrows, cock my head and God knows what else. I look like I'm in torture, when in truth, I'm in ecstasy. I don't do it for show. Every fiber of my being is tingling. — B.B. King