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Only God Forgives Quotes By Nicolas Winding Refn

In "Drive," there's a heightened male edge. In "Only God Forgives," it was almost crawling back into the womb of the mother. And now with "The Neon Demon," being reborn as a 16-year-old girl. — Nicolas Winding Refn

Only God Forgives Quotes By Bernard Of Clairvaux

When God forgives a sinner who humbly confesses his sin, the devil loses his dominion over the heart he had taken. — Bernard Of Clairvaux

Only God Forgives Quotes By Helmut Thielicke

When God forgives us for hitting Him with a club we should manage to put up with the pin pricks we get from our fellows. — Helmut Thielicke

Only God Forgives Quotes By Herbert McCabe

When God forgives our sin, he is not changing his mind about us; he is changing our mind about him. — Herbert McCabe

Only God Forgives Quotes By Richard Salter Storrs

God forgives not capriciously, but with wise, definite, Divine pre arrangement; forgives universally, on the grounds of atonement and on the condition of repentance and faith. — Richard Salter Storrs

Only God Forgives Quotes By Lillian Hellman

God forgives those who invent what they need. — Lillian Hellman

Only God Forgives Quotes By Vesa Nenye

God forgives, the Finns do not.' This — Vesa Nenye

Only God Forgives Quotes By Nabeel Qureshi

Jesus did not pay the penalty for our misdeeds so we can continue disobeying God with abandon; rather, in dying on the cross, Jesus not only canceled our spiritual debt but also cured our spiritual disease. When we put our trust in Christ, He forgives our sins and also begins the work of changing us from the inside to become holy and loving like Him, and like God our Father. Jesus does this through the Holy Spirit, whom He sent. Salvation by grace does not mean we stay impure sinners forever. Rather, it means that God forgives all our sins and does for us what we cannot do for ourselves by paying the penalty for our sins and working to eliminate sin from our lives. He does this in two stages: while we are mortal, the Holy Spirit changes our hearts so that we begin to live in a way that is more pleasing to God, even though we still commit sin; and then in the resurrection at the end of history, we will be made morally and spiritually perfect beings. — Nabeel Qureshi

Only God Forgives Quotes By James Mikolajczyk

There is spiritual edification in recognizing that God stays faithful in his covenants, that he forgives all sin despite whatever historical or sociopolitical circumstance. — James Mikolajczyk

Only God Forgives Quotes By Jared C. Wilson

The gospel of Jesus Christ solves the innate problem we have of "glory greed." We are, every one of us from birth, incompetent thieves of the glory that belongs only to God. We know in our insidest insides that we fall short of his glory, and so we are constantly clawing and scratching to make up that difference in some way. This is how all sin is fundamentally idolatry and how all accumulations of worldly treasures - be they material goods or religious merit - are fundamentally acts of self-worship. Then in the gospel of Christ, God forgives our petty theft, sets us free from the bondage of our idols, and unites us Spiritually, irrevocably, and satisfyingly to himself. Now the glory we tried to steal is shared with us freely, and it is real glory this time, not these pathetic knockoffs we think will do the trick. — Jared C. Wilson

Only God Forgives Quotes By Mitch Albom

I needed help. Why didn't you help me? ... God ... forgives me. Why didn't you? — Mitch Albom

Only God Forgives Quotes By Louis Zamperini

The one who forgives never brings up the past to that person's face. When you forgive, it's like it never happened. True forgiveness is complete and total. — Louis Zamperini

Only God Forgives Quotes By Joyce Meyer

It is tormenting to live life with a burden of guilt. Jesus bore our sins and the guilt associated with them, and in reality, once we have received forgiveness for any sin we have committed, there is no longer any guilt. When sin goes, guilt goes with it. Jesus not only forgives sin, He removes it completely. He remembers it no more, and to Him, it is as if it never happened. When we feel guilt after we have confessed and repented of a sin, we should tell the feeling that it is a lie. Don't let your feelings be the ruling factor in your life. The Bible says that we are justified in Christ, and I heard one theologian say that means that we stand before God just as if we had never sinned. Even if our feelings can't believe it, we can choose to live beyond our feelings and we can honor God's Word above how we feel. If we make right choices according to the Word of God, our feelings will eventually come in line with our good choices. — Joyce Meyer

Only God Forgives Quotes By Robert Green Ingersoll

If I owe Smith ten dollars and God forgives me, that doesn't pay Smith. — Robert Green Ingersoll

Only God Forgives Quotes By Rabia Basri

If I repent now will God forgive me?
No, but if God forgives you, you will repent. — Rabia Basri

Only God Forgives Quotes By Alice Miller

The strange idea of having to love God so that He does not punish me for my rebelliousness and disappointment, but instead rewards me with the love that forgives all, becomes just as much the expression of our childish dependency and insecurity as the assumption that, like our parents, God is in desperate need of our love. But is this not a completely grotesque idea? A higher being dependent on inauthentic feelings dictated by morality is strongly reminiscent of the insecurity displayed by our frustrated and disoriented parents. Such a being can be called God only by people who have never questioned their own parents or thought about their dependency on them. — Alice Miller

Only God Forgives Quotes By Nicolas Winding Refn

Only God Forgives was very much a generation gap in a way. It was all the youth of the world that embraced it. I make films for young people. That's what I will continue to do. — Nicolas Winding Refn

Only God Forgives Quotes By Ted Dekker

So where does Stan fit in this equation? ...
We are told to meditate on scripture, even the hald that details the consequences of evil, the consequent of Jericho and all. Not to pretend out God has somehow changed since the time of Christ. Obviously, Paul's idea of admirable and noble is quite different from ours. God forgives us, Bill. We have mocked His victory by whitewashing the enemy for the sake of our neighbirs approval.
No Greater Love has any man ... — Ted Dekker

Only God Forgives Quotes By Mark Hart

I'm a sinner. I don't always love God as strongly as I could or as directly as I should. Ash Wednesday reminds me that it is only through God that I have life; He gave it to me. God forgives. He loves. And He gives this sinner a second chance. Put simply: my God kicks ash. — Mark Hart

Only God Forgives Quotes By Gilbert Morris

No, I don't believe it," Joseph said. "From listening to my father and grandfather talk about El Shaddai, I think he's different from the gods of Egypt. I think that none of us could ever be good enough for God. I think of Him as being so good that a human can't even enter His presence. A man would die if he did. I think God's merciful, Rashidi. I think he forgives us because he loves us, just as we forgive our children because we love them.
"Rashidi's eyes brightened. "A God that loves people! Now there's a new thought! — Gilbert Morris

Only God Forgives Quotes By Tariq Ramadan

This is the profound meaning of at-tawbah, offered to everyone: sincerely returning to God after a slip, a mistake, a sin. God loves that sincere return to Him and He forgives and purifies. The — Tariq Ramadan

Only God Forgives Quotes By Pope Francis

What has the Cross left in each of us? You see, it gives us a treasure that no one else can give: the certainty of the faithful love which God has for us. A love so great that it enters into our sin and forgives it, enters into our suffering and gives us the strength to bear it. It is a love which enters into death to conquer it and save us. — Pope Francis

Only God Forgives Quotes By Peter Hedges

God forgives you your sins."
I say right back, "And I forgive him his. — Peter Hedges

Only God Forgives Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

It says Jesus puts His hearer in the role of the father, of the one who forgives. Because if we are, so to speak, the debtor and of course we are that too, that suggests no graciousness in us. And grace is the great gift. The other half is that we also can forgive, restore, and liberate, and therefore we can feel the will of God enacted through us, which is the great restoration of ourselves to ourselves. — Marilynne Robinson

Only God Forgives Quotes By Vladimir Lorchenkov

Do whatever you want, as long as you say you want to be a part of Europe. And then you'll get away with anything. Look, the Albanians do God knows what. They sell weapons and women, they take hostages. And the world forgives then, as long as they're pro-Europe and pro-NATO. They'll forgive us, too. That's the trend in today's world. — Vladimir Lorchenkov

Only God Forgives Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christ became our Brother in order to help us. Through him our brother has become Christ for us in the power and authority of the commission Christ has given him. Our brother stands before us the sign of the truth and the grace of God. He has been given to us to help us. He hears the confession of our sins in Christ's stead and he forgives our sins in Christ's name. He keeps the secret of our confession as God keeps it. When I go to my brother to confess, I am going to God. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Only God Forgives Quotes By Greg Gordon

God allows us to have a personal relationship with himself and he forgives and loves us as children. If God forgives our such great sins against his Son should we not forgive such little sins against ourselves? — Greg Gordon

Only God Forgives Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

You have killed?" Robert Jordan asked. "Yes. Several times. But not with pleasure. To me it is a sin to kill a man. Even fascists whom we must kill." "Yet you have killed." "Yes. And will again. But if I live later, I will try to live in such a way, doing no harm to any one, that it will be forgiven." "By whom?" "Who knows? Since we do not have God here anymore, who forgives, I do not know. — Ernest Hemingway,

Only God Forgives Quotes By Paulo Coelho

There are two gods. The god our teachers teach us about, and the God who teaches us. The god about whom people usually talk, and the God who talks to us. The god we learn to fear, and the God who speaks to us of mercy. The god who is somewhere up on high, and the God who is here in our daily lives. The god who demands punishment, and the God who forgives us our trespasses. The god who threatens us with the torments of Hell, and the God who shows us the true path.
There are two gods. A god who casts us off because of our sins, and a God who calls to us with His love. — Paulo Coelho

Only God Forgives Quotes By Anonymous

God's Love EXPLANATION: Just as Hosea went after his unfaithful wife to bring her back, so the Lord pursues us with his love. His love is tender, loyal, unchanging, and undying. No matter what, God still loves us. IMPORTANCE: Have you forgotten God and become disloyal to him? Don't let prosperity diminish your love for him or let success blind you to your need for his love. Restoration EXPLANATION: Although God will discipline his people for sin, he encourages and restores those who have repented. True repentance opens the way to a new beginning. God forgives and restores. IMPORTANCE: There is still hope for those who turn back to God. No loyalty, achievement, or honor can be compared to loving him. Turn to the Lord while the offer is still good. No matter how far you have strayed, God is willing to forgive you. — Anonymous

Only God Forgives Quotes By C.S. Lewis

I think that if God forgives us we must forgive ourselves. Otherwise, it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him. — C.S. Lewis

Only God Forgives Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Religion and science have nothing to do with each other, they're about different things, science is about the way the world works and religion is about miracles, I mean, if you ask most ordinary people in church or in a mosque why they believe, it's almost certainly got something to do with the belief that God does wonderful things, that God intervenes, that God heals the sick, that God answers prayers, God forgives sins. — Richard Dawkins

Only God Forgives Quotes By Glen Duncan

You think God will never forgive you, but the only God is beauty and beauty always forgives. It forgives with its infinite indifference. — Glen Duncan

Only God Forgives Quotes By Matt Eachus

We're all sinners separated from a holy God. Because of our sin, we're under a death sentence, and we can't fix the problem by simply trying to be good. But out of his great love for us, God sent his Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus died on the cross to reconcile us to God, and he was raised from the dead to give us new life in him. If we accept Jesus by faith, God forgives our sins and promises us eternal life. That's good news! And that's the message of the gospel. — Matt Eachus

Only God Forgives Quotes By Jim Elliot

Most laws condemn the soul and pronounce sentence. The result of the law of my God is perfect. It condemns but forgives. It restores - more than abundantly - what it takes away. — Jim Elliot

Only God Forgives Quotes By Pope Francis

God always forgives, always. But he asks that I forgive. If I don't forgive, in a certain sense I am closing the door to God's forgiveness. — Pope Francis

Only God Forgives Quotes By Theophan The Recluse

"Love covers a multitude of sins," (I Pet. 4:8). That is, for love towards one's neighbor, God forgives the sins of the one who loves. — Theophan The Recluse

Only God Forgives Quotes By Pope Francis

First of all, you ask me if the God of Christians forgives one who doesn't believe and doesn't seek the faith. Premise that - and it's the fundamental thing - the mercy of God has no limits if one turns to him with a sincere and contrite heart; the question for one who doesn't believe in God lies in obeying one's conscience. — Pope Francis

Only God Forgives Quotes By Laila Ibrahim

As far as I concerned, God loves ever'body so God forgives ever'body so ever'body gonna get to heaven. — Laila Ibrahim

Only God Forgives Quotes By Mark Teixeira

Every time I pray, I ask for forgiveness. I'm a sinner. I sin every single day. But I do know that God loves me. I do know that God forgives me. It helps me in my every day life because there's nothing anyone can do to me that I can't forgive them for. — Mark Teixeira

Only God Forgives Quotes By Silouan The Athonite

What joy is ours that the Lord not only forgives our sins ,but allows the soul to know Him, so soon as she humbles herself. The poorest wretch can humble himself and know God in the Holy Spirit. There is no need of money or posessions in order to know God, only humility. The Lord gives Himself freely, for His mercy's sake alone. I did not know this before but now every day and every hour every minute, I see clearly the mercy of God. The Lord gives peace even in sleep, but without God there is no peace in the soul. — Silouan The Athonite

Only God Forgives Quotes By Philip Yancey

A human being is not someone who once in a while makes a mistake, and God is not someone who now and then forgives. No, human beings are sinners and God is love. — Philip Yancey

Only God Forgives Quotes By Redemptorists

To reconfess past sins would be to doubt the reality of God's forgiveness. God is not like us. When God forgives, it is once and for all - complete and permanent. — Redemptorists

Only God Forgives Quotes By Tullian Tchividjian

The bad news that we are all guilty is met with the best news that God loves and forgives guilty people. — Tullian Tchividjian

Only God Forgives Quotes By Nando Parrado

You are angry at the God you were taught to believe in as a child. The God who is supposed to watch over you and protect you, who answers your prayers and forgives your sins. This God is just a story. Religions try to capture God, but God is beyond religion. The true God lies beyond our comprehension. We can't understand His will; He can't be explained in a book. He didn't abandon us and He will not save us. He has nothing to do with our being here. God does not change. He simply is. I don't pray to God for forgiveness or favors, I only pray to be closer to Him, and when I pray, I fill my heart with love. When I pray this way, I know that God is love. When I feel that love, I remember that we don't need angels or a heaven, because we are a part of God already. — Nando Parrado

Only God Forgives Quotes By Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferre

We must be willing to forgive without limit even as God forgives; otherwise we cannot be forgiven. — Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferre

Only God Forgives Quotes By Brennan Manning

Jesus reveals a God who does not demand but who gives; who does not oppress but who raises up; who does not wound but who heals; who does not condemn but forgives. — Brennan Manning

Only God Forgives Quotes By Jim George

God is love - He is gracious and forgives. — Jim George

Only God Forgives Quotes By Roland Barthes

The Ventoux is a god of Evil, to which sacrifices must be made. It never forgives weakness and extracts an unfair tribute of suffering. — Roland Barthes

Only God Forgives Quotes By Irene Hannon

God doesn't expect perfection. All he asks is that we learn from our mistakes and try to do better in the future. He forgives us far more easily than we often forgive ourselves. He also heals the brokenhearted and saves those whose spirit is crushed. — Irene Hannon

Only God Forgives Quotes By Rebecca Johns

Even if God forgives you, you do not forgive yourself. You live in your sorrow like a room of mirrors that reflects on and on to eternity. — Rebecca Johns

Only God Forgives Quotes By Jerome Lejeune

Only God truly forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature never forgives. — Jerome Lejeune