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One More Chance Movie Quotes & Sayings

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One More Chance Movie Quotes By Sam Raimi

I think in every picture that I've ever made. Everything that I've done torments me. I really would like another chance except I'd be too embarrassed to ever really try to do them again and no one would want to see the same movie just done differently. — Sam Raimi

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Catherine Hicks

One of the reasons you take a role is because it's something you always wanted to do, from going to the movies as a kid. I always wanted to do a 1950s movie, for example. And I got a chance to be in 'Peggy Sue Got Married.' I would have taken only one line of dialogue to be in that. — Catherine Hicks

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Priyanka Chopra

Every movie that I do, I always try and better myself in the next one and try and find a part which is more challenging. It's a little vulnerable to do that, to always push the envelope. You position yourself for a lot more flack or a lot more critique because you're trying to do something different. Sometimes you're good at it and sometimes you're not, but it's a chance you have to take to make life exciting. — Priyanka Chopra

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Amy Lane

It was like when a midde-aged woman, happily married, found out that her favorite movie star was gay. It broke her heart just a litte to know that there wasn't even a chance in fantasyland for the two of them to ever touch. — Amy Lane

One More Chance Movie Quotes By George Lucas

I thought it was too wacky for the general public. On his original opinion of his movie's chances for success, 1997. — George Lucas

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Denis Leary

There's not going to be a 'Rescue Me' movie. Not a chance. — Denis Leary

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Berenice Marlohe

I totally heard by chance that they were doing the casting for a James Bond movie, and that one of the auditions was taking place in Paris. So I tried myself to contact every name involved in the movie I could possibly find on the IMDb! — Berenice Marlohe

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

They're beautiful. How did you know I loved roses?"
"I didn't, but I've never heard of a woman who didn't, so I took a chance."
She smiled. "So you send lots of women roses?"
"Millions. I have a lot of fans. Dive instructors are almost like movie stars, you know."
"They are, huh?"
"You mean you didn't know? And here I thought you were just another groupie. — Nicholas Sparks

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Carl Rollyson

By 1950, Brennan was settling into a schedule that saw him making three films a year, giving him more time on his ranch and with a new business he started in Joseph, a 487-seat movie theater that opened on July 27, 1950. It was housed in a Quonset hut made out of surplus war materials also used to build the civic center. "The reason he got the theater built," Mike recalled, "was because the civic center was the same size, and they [Frank McCully and Walter] got the chance to buy two of them for half the price." At the theater's grand opening, actors Chill Wills and Forrest Tucker said a few words and signed autographs, and Joseph's mayor and other local dignitaries attended the event. A La Grande radio station broadcast the event. Curtain Call at Cactus Creek was the feature, following a musical short with the Nat King Cole trio. — Carl Rollyson

One More Chance Movie Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill Gollum when he had the chance.
Pity? It is pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me Gollum has some part to play in this, for good or evil ... (not finished yet) — J.R.R. Tolkien

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Frankie Avalon

Any chance I had to get in front of people - amateur talent contests at movie houses like the Broadway, the president - I took. — Frankie Avalon

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Morris Chestnut

I did a film which was considered an independent movie with Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia called Confidence, and that's the type of film I was willing to take a chance on that because of the caliber of people involved with the film. — Morris Chestnut

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Kyle MacLachlan

The fact 'Twin Peaks' had a life at all took most of us in the cast by surprise. We thought it would be too unusual for network television. The original intention was that it would be a two-hour movie. If the network didn't want to pick it up as a series, it could just show that. But ABC took a chance. — Kyle MacLachlan

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Blair Underwood

My son had his eighth birthday recently and we had a chance to borrow the film and show it to all of his friends that was at his birthday party and they loved it. I was a little nervous. I said they might not even like it, and say his daddy's movie is wack, but they loved it. — Blair Underwood

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Seann William Scott

I grew up, probably like a lot of people, on cartoons. And I never thought I would have the chance to be in an animated movie. It's good also to show the world my sweet side with them. — Seann William Scott

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Orlando Bloom

I don't care much about the money at all. Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn't need to pay me at all. — Orlando Bloom

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Karina Longworth

The stuff that I've been doing lately is political. It's not always about people who are super famous movie stars. The fact that people are still taking a chance and listening to the blacklist episodes is really exciting. — Karina Longworth

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Mark Strong

It's great to have the chance to play a character before he goes to the dark side, or the yellow side if you will. Normally, you don't get that opportunity. The narrative of a movie usually demands that you are that guy from the start. — Mark Strong

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Jason Schwartzman

I was heartbroken at the end of that, because I thought that was going to be it for me. Somehow I had worked my way into this movie and it had exposed me to people and I had a chance to be an actor, which I loved, but I didn't think it was ever going to happen again. — Jason Schwartzman

One More Chance Movie Quotes By David R. Ellis

You don't get a chance to take a breath but when you do, you have some really good comedy moments that ease up on the tension that the movie is centered around which is Kim being kidnapped and her son and husband being kidnapped and the jeopardy that they're in. — David R. Ellis

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Luke Perry

It was a fun film. I had a great time doing it. I was looking for a role just like that for my first movie role. I didn't want to have a starring role, because I wanted a chance to learn. I didn't want the whole thing riding on me. — Luke Perry

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Mark Rydell

It perhaps has a chance, a commercial chance, this film. It's funny, it's charming, the idea is original, it's unusual and it makes fun of the movie industry in a way that it needs to be poked fun at. — Mark Rydell

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Ice Cube

You can measure films on box office success, or people lovin' the movie whenever they see it. That's what I measure my movies on. How much people love these movies after they get a chance to see them, no matter how they get a chance to see them. — Ice Cube

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Clive James

In the movies first impressions are everything. Or, to put it less drastically, in the movies there are no later impressions without a first impression, because you will have stopped watching. Sometimes a critic persuades you to give an unpromising-looking movie a chance, but the movie had better convey the impression pretty quickly that the critic might be right. — Clive James

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Robert Rodriguez

Sometimes a movie series that becomes popular can be a blessing and curse because you get known for that. People don't give you a chance, after that ... I'm a big proponent of getting somebody that you always admire and giving them a chance to do something else because they can redefine themselves. — Robert Rodriguez

One More Chance Movie Quotes By William Peter Blatty

I get cassettes near Academy Award time of every movie that's made that thinks it has some kind of chance for a nomination - that's when I watch my movies. — William Peter Blatty

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Michael J. Massimino

I saw this movie 'The Right Stuff' when I was in college, and it really rekindled my interest in being an astronaut. I started taking those steps, and then I realized it would be the chance of a lifetime. It would be a dream life: not just a job, but the whole life. — Michael J. Massimino

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Ed Wood

Why if I had half a chance, I could make an entire movie using this stock footage. The story opens on these mysterious explosions. Nobody knows what's causing them, but it's upsetting all the buffalo. So, the military are called in to solve the mystery. — Ed Wood

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Brett Dier

I haven't had a chance really to do a martial arts role, but I really want to. I want to act like Jackie Chan in a movie. — Brett Dier

One More Chance Movie Quotes By David R. Ellis

They do think it is a big summer movie and that's why they want to give it a great chance, but they don't want to go up against Spider-Man 2 or some of the other big movies, the $100 million films that are coming up. — David R. Ellis

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Andrea Portes

Pedaling fast fast fast, this is my only chance to stop it. This is the place where it looks like everything is gonna go horribly wrong and there's no hope, but then because it's a movie there is hope after all and there is a surprise that changes everything and everyone breathes a sigh of relief and everybody gets to go home and feel good about themselves and maybe fall asleep in the car. — Andrea Portes

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Josh Groban

Acting was definitely half of what I loved about storytelling and about theater. So, when I get a chance to do a cameo in a show or do a movie, it's a lot of fun and it's always great stepping outside of yourself and either playing a bizarro version of yourself or playing a character. — Josh Groban

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Nicolas Cage

I'm legally unable to ride motorcycles. It's a contract that I have with my life insurance, so whenever I get a chance to do a movie and ride a bike I go for it. — Nicolas Cage

One More Chance Movie Quotes By Karen Chance

I remember watching an old Dracula movie once with Alphonse and having him laugh himself sick at the sight of a vamp only a few days out of the grave supposedly raising another one.He'd been impossible for weeks afterwards,mercilessly teasing all the weaker vamps in court about the three-day-old baby that was more powerful than them. — Karen Chance