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Once Broadway Quotes By Jackie Cooper

I would also like to act, once in a while, but not get up every morning at 5:30 or six o'clock and pound into the studio and get home at 7:30 or eight o'clock at night, or act over and over and over every night on Broadway, either. — Jackie Cooper

Once Broadway Quotes By Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The people I idolized I saw once a year on the Tony Awards. I would buy the cassette tapes of the various Broadway shows and scour the photos inside the recording package. That's how I exposed myself to the arts - New York and professional theater felt like a very distant thing. — Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Once Broadway Quotes By Carey Mulligan

I did The Seagull, the Chekhov play, on Broadway, a couple of years ago, and I had done it in London, and I became completely obsessed with the character, Nina, that I played in that. She's an actress. I couldn't find a play after that, that I wanted to do, because I couldn't think of doing anything else. Every part is a disappointment, once you've done that part. — Carey Mulligan

Once Broadway Quotes By Robert Greenblatt

I'm inordinately proud of Smash, on so many levels. The complexity of producing that show, every week, is just incredible. As a television producer and as a Broadway producer, which I once was, I am in awe of what we can do on that show, every week. — Robert Greenblatt

Once Broadway Quotes By Jennifer Damiano

I was pretty new to the Broadway world once I began working in it. I hadn't really grown up being too aware of that many shows or that many actors in shows. I was always obsessed with Judy Garland, though. — Jennifer Damiano

Once Broadway Quotes By Stephen Sondheim

You have two kinds of shows on Broadway - revivals and the same kind of musicals over and over again, all spectacles. You get your tickets for 'The Lion King' a year in advance, and essentially a family comes as if to a picnic, and they pass on to their children the idea that that's what the theater is - a spectacular musical you see once a year, a stage version of a movie. It has nothing to do with theater at all. It has to do with seeing what is familiar. We live in a recycled culture. — Stephen Sondheim

Once Broadway Quotes By Rob Corddry

Once I found out how much an Off-Off-Broadway actor makes, I was whoring myself out the next day. — Rob Corddry

Once Broadway Quotes By Sami Gayle

I had been coming to New York, pretty much once a month, to dance on Broadway. I was offered a huge Broadway show but couldn't do it because my brother was having his huge Bar Mitzvah. — Sami Gayle

Once Broadway Quotes By Matt Broadway-Horner

Always look at the function, its not what you did but why do you do it? Once you find the why then you walk through another door — Matt Broadway-Horner

Once Broadway Quotes By Megan Hilty

I am still so proud to have been a part of something that introduced theater to so many people who weren't exposed to it before. We took Broadway and put it in peoples' living rooms once a week for two seasons. People still come up to me in the street and say, 'I never went to theater before I saw "Smash.'" That's the greatest compliment. — Megan Hilty

Once Broadway Quotes By Peter Capaldi

I spent four months once doing a play on Broadway. — Peter Capaldi

Once Broadway Quotes By Tituss Burgess

I've grown up watching and admiring Norm. Sherie actually starred in the first off-Broadway show I ever saw in New York, which was The Last Five Years. It's amazing how things come full-circle and how the community (once you hang around it long enough) grows smaller and smaller as it grows. Sharing the stage with these people is more than a dream come true it's so special. They're so warm and giving and offer the best advice. Sherie is very nice and maternal and nurturing. — Tituss Burgess

Once Broadway Quotes By Dennis Christopher

I've done three Broadway shows; once the curtain goes up, that's it. I mean, you prepare and you rehearse like crazy, but after opening night, the director's not there anymore, you know. He gives you notes during previews after each performance, but opening night, you're on your own. — Dennis Christopher