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Top Oklahoma Kid Quotes

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Jim Goad

A Manhattan lawyer who describes himself as "America's leading expert on the militia movement" writes that he hugged his three-year-old kid the night of the Oklahoma City bombing. He told junior that it happened "because they hated too much"

For now, let's accept the premise that one hundred sixty-eight humans died in Oklahoma City because people "hated too much"

Now answer these questions if you would be so kind: did a federal sniper shoot Vicki Weaver in the face because he hated too much? Did our government conduct the Tuskegee with syphilis on black soldiers because it hated too much? — Jim Goad

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By James Garner

I was a Depression kid, growing up in Oklahoma. — James Garner

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By David Louden

Every little prick out there wants me to lift them. I had this one kid from Oklahoma, big fat shitter he was. Legs as fat as a Downers forehead screaming Up, up, Hulk up! at me for ten minutes until I had no other choice. Fat fucker damn near put my back out and then his old man stiffs me with Canadian dollars. Canadian, can you believe that shit?! — David Louden

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Patti Page

I was a kid from Oklahoma who never wanted to be a singer, but was told I could sing. And things snowballed. — Patti Page

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Ronnie Dunn

I get around OK with a toolbox. As a kid, I picked up skills following my dad through the oil fields of Oklahoma and West Texas. My wife Janine is hard to impress, but she does think it's cool when I fix things around the house. — Ronnie Dunn

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Jeffrey Deitch

Overall, I think any opportunity to expose people to art on a mass level - to have some kid in Oklahoma say to his mother, 'I want to be an artist' - is a good thing. — Jeffrey Deitch

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Christian Kane

I wrote 'Happy Man' with a couple of boys of mine. I have been writing in Nashville for a long time. Of course I was writing songs back in Oklahoma when I was a kid. — Christian Kane

Oklahoma Kid Quotes By Brad Pitt

In some ways, I'm still a kid from Missouri and Oklahoma, and I'm trying to find my way. — Brad Pitt