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Ohlson Mask Quotes By Howard Schultz

When I first discovered in the early 1980s the Italian espresso bars in my trip to Italy, the vision was to re-create that for America - a third place that had not existed before. Starbucks re-created that in America in our own image; a place to go other than home or work. We also created an industry that did not exist: specialty coffee. — Howard Schultz

Ohlson Mask Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Emerson has said, "When half-gods go, the gods arrive." That is a very doubtful maxim. Better say, "When God arrives (and only then) the half-gods can remain." Left to themselves they either vanish or become demons. — C.S. Lewis

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Lucas Till

Do you remember those AM radio kits you get as a kid, and you build your own AM radio? Well, I never actually built one. But I did get them as a gift, for, like, 3 Christmases in a row, and I hated them. — Lucas Till

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Julie Andrews

If the director says you can do better, particularly in a love scene, then it is rather embarrassing. — Julie Andrews

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Joseph Pulitzer

What a newspaper needs in its news, in its headlines, and on its editorial page is terseness, humor, descriptive power, satire, originality, good literary style, clever condensation and accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. — Joseph Pulitzer

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Kenneth R. Miller

The argument for intelligent design basically depends on saying, 'You haven't answered every question with evolution,' ... Well, guess what? Science can't answer every question. — Kenneth R. Miller

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Mitch Mitchell

After the week at the Fillmore we flew down to L.A. to hang out and pick up whatever gigs we could. We did a gig in Santa Barbara on July 1st and then the next night we opened for Sam & Dave at the Whisky ... — Mitch Mitchell

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Various

education of children is not synonymous with herdlike drilling and training. If education should really mean anything at all, it must insist upon the free growth and development of the innate forces and tendencies of the child. In this way alone can we hope for the free individual and eventually also for a free community, which shall make interference and coercion of human growth impossible. — Various

Ohlson Mask Quotes By T.M. Williams

I have no reason to lie to you. You are the lie. — T.M. Williams

Ohlson Mask Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

This morning when I put on my underwear I could hear the fruit-of-the-loom guys laughing at me. — Rodney Dangerfield