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Top Octopus Quotes

Octopus Quotes By Ben Lerner

When the narrator feels like an octopus, when he says his limbs are starting to multiply, he means he has inklings of orders of perception beyond his individual body. — Ben Lerner

Octopus Quotes By Elizabeth May

Aithinne smiles. "You know," she says thoughtfully, "your hair rather looks like an octopus." Then, as if to reassure me: "I love octopi."

And Aithinne is obviously a bit barmy, but nobody's perfect. — Elizabeth May

Octopus Quotes By A&E Kirk

This time, try to keep your hands to yourself," Ayden whispered in my ear. "Your octopus routine could get a bit embarrassing with this crowd."
"Th - that's not funny."
"Come on. It was a little funny. You're smiling."
I buried my face in his chest so he couldn't see he was right.
"Now," Blake said, "about those handcuffs. That's just - "
"Don't say it," Ayden warned.
"Kinky. — A&E Kirk

Octopus Quotes By Peter Godfrey-Smith

Mischief and craft are plainly seen to be characteristics of this creature. - Claudius Aelianus, third century A.D., writing about the octopusPeter Godfrey-Smith

Octopus Quotes By Mark Haddon

At twenty life was like wrestling an octopus. Every moment mattered. At thirty it was a walk in the country. Most of the time your mind was somewhere else. By the time you got to seventy, it was probably like watching snooker on the telly. — Mark Haddon

Octopus Quotes By Cory Doctorow

Businesses are great structures for managing big projects. It's like trying to develop the ability to walk without developing a skeleton. Once in a blue moon, you get an octopus, but for the most part, you get skeletons. Skeletons are good shit. — Cory Doctorow

Octopus Quotes By Ondjaki

The multitude was a frothing octopus, pulsating anthropomorphically over the church steps. — Ondjaki

Octopus Quotes By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Antonio Sanchez is from Mexico City. I met him at a Pat Metheny concert. He did a solo, and I thought, 'This is an octopus man!' — Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Octopus Quotes By Chris Evans

Dressing a baby is like putting an octopus into a string bag, making sure none of the arms hang out. — Chris Evans

Octopus Quotes By A&E Kirk

And don't get me started on your hands roaming everywhere. You're like an octopus. Honestly, I feel violated. — A&E Kirk

Octopus Quotes By Abigail Barnette

I didn't have a lot of fighting experience, but I would punch an octopus if I had to, to save a life. — Abigail Barnette

Octopus Quotes By Dick Francis

I waved back and went in, and began to sort my way through ancient building plans that had been rolled up so long that straightening them out was like six bouts with an octopus. — Dick Francis

Octopus Quotes By Pat Burns

I got hit with an octopus in Detroit one time. It was the most gross thing I've ever had happen. I got it right in the back of the neck; all the juice was coming down. It was awful. — Pat Burns

Octopus Quotes By William Outerson

Men may sail the seas for a lifetime and seldom, if ever, come in contact with the nightmare monsters that inhabit the caves and cliffs of the ocean floor. Gazing down at the slightly muddy water, the men of The Unicorn saw a squirming mass of interwoven tentacles resembling enormous snakes, immensely thick and long and tapering at their free ends to the size of a man's thumb. It was a foul sight, an obscene growth from the dark places of the world, where incessant hunger is the driving force. At one place, down near the bulge of the hull, appeared a staring gorgon face with great lidless eyes and a huge parrot beak that moved slightly, opening and shutting as though it had just crunched and swallowed a meal of warm flesh.
("Fire In The Galley Stove") — William Outerson

Octopus Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

If I were to sit on the ocean floor and look toward the sky,
I might see a whale or electric eel or octopus pass by.

And if I decided to jump straight up and reach with open arms,
I might feel the pleasure of ocean flight propel me 'mid their swarms.

But if I were seated upon the shore and looking toward the stars,
I might see a comet or falling star near Mercury or Mars.

Then if I decided to jump straight up and reach with open hands,
I might feel despair when my feet refused to leave the shoreline sand.

And so I return to the ocean depths where swimming creatures fly,
For there I can soar with the whales and fish that daily touch the sky. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Octopus Quotes By Brother Dave Gardner

Rock music sounds like an octopus making love to a bagpipe. — Brother Dave Gardner

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

When I would visit my octopus friend, Octavia, at New England aquarium, usually she would look me in the face, flow right over to see me, and flush red with emotion when she took my arms in hers. Often when I'd stroke her she'd turn white beneath my touch, the colour of a relaxed octopus. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Steven Rowley

I don't know the derivation of this comfort craving, but there's a quote from Cookie Monster that's always inhabited my head: 'Today me will live in the moment, unless it's unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie.' While I don't take all of my mantras from goggle-eyed blue monsters with questionable grammar, this one has taken root. Lately I've been craving cookies a lot."

Lily and the OctopusSteven Rowley

Octopus Quotes By Mike DeGruy

If you're going to make a lot of films about a particular group of animals, you might as well pick one that's fairly common. And octopus are: they live in all the oceans. They also live deep. And I can't say octopus are responsible for my really strong interest in getting in subs and going deep, but whatever the case, I like that. — Mike DeGruy

Octopus Quotes By Steven Rowley

There are times when Los Angeles is the most magical city on Earth. When the Santa Ana winds sweep through and the air is warm and so, so clear. When the jacaranda trees bloom in the most brilliant lilac violet. When the ocean sparkles on a warm February day and you're pushing fine grains of sand through your bare toes while the rest of the country is hunkered down under blankets slurping soup. But other times, like when the jacaranda trees drop their blossoms in an eerie purple rain, Los Angeles feels like only a half-formed dream. Like perhaps the city was founded as a strip mall in the early 1970s and has no real reason to exist. An afterthought from the designer of some other, better city. A playground made only for attractive people to eat expensive salads. — Steven Rowley

Octopus Quotes By Drew Barrymore

Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time! — Drew Barrymore

Octopus Quotes By Katherine Harmon Courage

Octopuses are tough
and not just in the sense that they can take out sharks (both real and computer generated, as in Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus). They're almost pure muscle. With tridirectional muscles in the arms, they're a tad less supple than a well-marbled sirloin, to say the least (though certainly a lot more healthful). So over the centuries, people have been finding ways to make them a little easier on the jaw.
The classic tactic is beating the bejesus out of them on rocks. — Katherine Harmon Courage

Octopus Quotes By Ray Hudson

Look at this save. Cat-like, jungle-like, quick. Big puma. Big, beautiful, brave gladiator goalkeeper. Spartacus, I called him. Mix in a bit of octopus. Beautiful. — Ray Hudson

Octopus Quotes By Heather Wolf

What was the octopus's favorite game at the beach BBQ?
Tidal Pool Twister — Heather Wolf

Octopus Quotes By Wilfred Grenfell

Beware as you get the octopus on board. Suddenly he relaxes his grasp, and shhots out a jet of ink, which smarts considerably. — Wilfred Grenfell

Octopus Quotes By Richard Roberts

opponent was half pillbug, half octopus, and all butt ugly. I closed — Richard Roberts

Octopus Quotes By Gemma Elwin Harris

When an octopus farts, it can't hide it. — Gemma Elwin Harris

Octopus Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

He is a messenger from Slothrop's innocent, pre-octopus past. — Thomas Pynchon

Octopus Quotes By Dana Gould

Despite a primitive brain, the octopus possesses an intricate system that helps it decide which tentacle to masturbate with. — Dana Gould

Octopus Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Just as an octopus may have his den in some ocean cave, and come floating out a silent image of horror to attack a swimmer, so I picture such a spirit lurking in the dark of the house which he curses by his presence, and ready to float out upon all whom he can injure. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Octopus Quotes By Marcel Proust

But to ask pity of our body is like discoursing in front of an octopus, for which our words can have no more meaning than the sound of the tides, and with which we should be appalled to find ourselves condemned to live. — Marcel Proust

Octopus Quotes By Claire Fayers

What, everyone you know has been kidnapped by pirates and forced to chop octopus in a kitchen that smells like a whale's stomach?"

"Quite a lot of them, yes," said Trudi, who appeared to be one of those people who'd heard of sarcasm but thought it was some sort of exotic fruit like a pineapple. — Claire Fayers

Octopus Quotes By H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways. — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Octopus Quotes By Cesar Chavez

Though many of the poor have come to see the affluent middle class as its enemy, that class actually stands between the poor and the real powers in this society - the administrative octopus with its head in Washington, the conglomerates, the military complex. — Cesar Chavez

Octopus Quotes By Ned Vizzini

I smile to myself. I have a secret: I wish I was Dumbo the Octopus. — Ned Vizzini

Octopus Quotes By Agnes Repplier

There was no escape from the letter-writer who, a hundred or a hundred and twenty-five years ago, captured a coveted correspondent. It would have been as easy to shake off an octopus or a boa-constrictor. — Agnes Repplier

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

So, if an octopus is this smart," Steve asked Bill, "what other animals are out there that could be this smart--that we don't think of as being sentient and having personality and memories and all these things? — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Ian Fleming

The two cards slithered towards him across the green sea. Like an octopus under a rock, Le Chiffre watched him from the other side of the table. Bond reached out a steady right hand and drew the cards towards him. Would it be the lift of the heart which a nine brings, or an eight brings? He fanned the two cards under the curtain of his hand. The muscles of his jaw rippled as he clenched his teeth. His whole body stiffened in a reflex of self-defence. He had two queens, two red queens. They looked roguishly back at him from the shadows. They were the worst. They were nothing. Zero. Baccarat. 'A card,' said Bond fighting to keep hopelessness out of his voice. He felt Le Chiffre's eyes boring into his brain. — Ian Fleming

Octopus Quotes By Ted Cruz

I was bitten by an octopus. — Ted Cruz

Octopus Quotes By Nevil Shute

After all that I had read during the night. Even into this quiet place the war had reached like the tentacle of an octopus and had touched this girl and brought about her death. Like some infernal monster, still venomous in death, a war can go on killing people for a long time after it's all over. — Nevil Shute

Octopus Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, — H.P. Lovecraft

Octopus Quotes By Roland Barthes

[T]he most repugnant bastard there is: the bastard-octopus. — Roland Barthes

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

We split from our common ancestor with the octopus half a billion years ago. And yet, you can make friends with an octopus. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

It seemed to be a sort of monster, or symbol representing a monster, of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive. If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A — H.P. Lovecraft

Octopus Quotes By Barry Lopez

I watched the enormity of the clouds for several minutes. What I wanted to experience in the water, I realized, was how life of the reef was layered and intertwined. I now had many individual pieces at hand: named images, nouns. How were they related? What were the verbs? Which syntaxes were indigenous to the place? I asked a dozen knowledgeable people. No one was inclined to elaborate- or they didn't know. "Did you see the octopus?" Someone shouted after the dive. Yes, I thought, but who among us knows what it was doing? What else was THERE, just then? WHY? — Barry Lopez

Octopus Quotes By Jenny Lawson

If the plural of "octopus" is "octopi" then why isn't the plural of "rabbit" "rabbi"? Is it just because "octopuses" is too much fun to say? * — Jenny Lawson

Octopus Quotes By William S. Burroughs

I bear my burden proudly for all to see, to conquer prejudice and ignorance and hate with knowledge and sincerity and love. Whenever you are threatened by a hostile presence, you emit a thick cloud of love like an octopus squirts out ink ... — William S. Burroughs

Octopus Quotes By James Rozoff

The town they entered differed little from any other he had been in lately. The ubiquitous Perkins, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, Qdoba, and Panda Express were situated around the central hub that was Walmart, like appendages of some spider or octopus. Like some metastasizing tumor that threatened to overwhelm the town. — James Rozoff

Octopus Quotes By Michael Symon

On 'Chopped,' the time goes down a bit and there are several ingredients, usually one that makes no sense whatsoever with the rest of the ingredients. So it gets you out of your culinary comfort zone a little bit. Like we had octopus and cheese paired up with each other. — Michael Symon

Octopus Quotes By David Wilkerson

I must accept my Father's loving help in resisting and overcoming. Sin is like an octopus with many tentacles trying to crush out my life. Seldom do all tentacles loosen their hold on me at once. It is one tentacle at a time. In this war against sin, it is a victory won through one soldier dying at a time. Seldom does the entire enemy army fall dead at a single blast. It is hand-to-hand combat. It is one small victory at a time. But God doesn't send me out to do battle without a war plan. He is my Commander; I will fight - inch by inch, hour by hour - under His direction. He dispatches the Holy Spirit to me, with clear directions on how to fight, when to run, where to strike next. This battle against principalities and powers is His — David Wilkerson

Octopus Quotes By Marlon Brando

The most repulsive thing you could ever imagine is the inside of a camel's mouth. That and watching a girl eat octopus or squid. — Marlon Brando

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

Had a person attempted to taste me so soon after we met, I would have been alarmed; but since Athena was an octopus, I was thrilled. Although we couldn't have been more different - I, a terrestrial vertebrate constrained by joints and bound to air; she, a marine mollusk with not a single bone, who breathed water - she was clearly as curious about me as I was about her. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Oliver Sacks

If the students were taught about shuttle flights, plate tectonics and submarine volcanoes, they were also immersed in the traditional myths of their culture - the ancient story, for example, of how the island of Pohnpei had been built under the direction of a mystical octopus, Lidakika. (I was fascinated by this, for it was the only cephalopod creation myth I had ever heard. — Oliver Sacks

Octopus Quotes By Kavita Bhupta Ghosh

Teaching without talent, compassion and endurance is like an octopus on skates - there will be movement without direction. — Kavita Bhupta Ghosh

Octopus Quotes By Diana Peterfreund

Brandt and a couch-or worse, an empty master bedroom-were a very bad combo. He morphed from vaguely risque fling to bad-boy octopus man whenever he was in the vicinity of any marginally promising flat surface. — Diana Peterfreund

Octopus Quotes By Justin Timberlake

With the exception of octopus, I don't think I've met any food that I didn't like. And by the way, sometimes I do like octopus. I'm just not crazy about it by itself. I love sea urchin. I love uni. If I'm going to die of anything, it's going to be gluttony. — Justin Timberlake

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

To get to know someone so different from myself as an octopus, and to know that the individual recognised me and even enjoyed my company, was an enormous privilege. The octopuses I came to know were strong but gentle, and the suction of their suckers tasting my skin pulled me like an alien's kiss. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Steven Rowley

But until this night, she had never once actually wet the bed. And now that she has, we just lie there in the accident, and the minutes of the clock keep changing, and the love I have for her keeps growing, and we both keep drawing breath.
What was so horrible about it? Why had I always been so angry? What was my need to always be right? To win every argument with her? To out-stubborn a dog?
And just like that, all the anger is gone. Released like the emptying of a bladder into soft cotton sheets as we lie in the wetness. — Steven Rowley

Octopus Quotes By Charles Fort

Every science is a mutilated octopus. If its tentacles were not clipped to stumps, it would feel its way into disturbing contacts. — Charles Fort

Octopus Quotes By Graham Elliot

I've traveled all over. I've been to all 50 states. With my dad in the Navy, I lived in the Philippines from nine to 12, and I had dog, monkey, lizard, everything. Then I was in Hawaii, and I'm spear-fishing, catching octopus with my hands. — Graham Elliot

Octopus Quotes By Rumiko Takahashi

Soun Tendo: Drowned Octopus Spring?
Guide from Jusenkyo: Is tragic tale of giant octopus who drown 1600 year ago ... somehow. — Rumiko Takahashi

Octopus Quotes By Wendy Williams

Everything is octopusied. — Wendy Williams

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

For more than a year and a half, since meeting Athena, since coming to know Octavia and now Kali, each time I've reached into the tanks where we have brought these creatures into our world, I've longed to enter theirs. At last, in the warm embrace of the sea, breathing underwater, surrounded by the octopus's liquid world, my breath rising in silver bubbles like a song of praise, here I am. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Walt Disney

We grew to our present size almost against ourselves. It was not a deliberately planned commercial venture in the sense that I sat down and said that we were going to make ourselves into a huge financial octopus. We evolved by necessity. We did not sit down and say to ourselves, 'How can we make a big pile of dough?' It just happened. — Walt Disney

Octopus Quotes By Jessica Martinez

We watch the chef slice eel and octopus, delicate operations of dismemberment and amputation. For some reason it makes me think of poetry. — Jessica Martinez

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

There was a tank of special flounder about fifteen feet away from the octopus tank," he said. The fish were part of a study. But to the researchers' dismay, the flounder started disappearing, one by one. One day they caught the culprit red-handed. The octopus had been slipping out of her tank and eating the flounder! When the octopus was discovered, Scott said, "she gave a guilty, sideways look and slithered away. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Steven Rowley

A Complete List of Lily's Nicknames
Bunny Rebbit
Tiny Mouse
Silly Goose
Sweet Pea
Walnut Brian
Copper Bottom
Old Lady
Cranky Pants
Squeaky Frome
Mushy Face
Dog — Steven Rowley

Octopus Quotes By Simon Conway Morris

If you go to the octopus, and if you're not too squeamish, dissect it. You'll find that it has a camera eye which is remarkable similar to our own. And yet we know that the octopus belongs to an invertebrate group called cephalopod mulluses, evolutionarily very distant indeed from the chordates to which we belong. — Simon Conway Morris

Octopus Quotes By Haruki Murakami

A giant octopus living way down deep at the bottom of the ocean. It has this tremendously powerful life force, a bunch of long, undulating legs, and it's heading somewhere, moving through the darkness of the ocean ... It takes on all kinds of different shapes - sometimes it's 'the nation,' and sometimes it's 'the law,' and sometimes it takes on shapes that are more difficult and dangerous than that. You can try cutting off its legs, but they just keep growing back. Nobody can kill it. It's too strong, and it lives too far down in the ocean. Nobody knows where its heart is. What I felt then was a deep terror. And a kind of hopelessness, a feeling that I could never run away from this thing, no matter how far I went. And this creature, this thing doesn't give a damn that I'm me or you're you. In its presence, all human beings lose their names and their faces. We all turn into signs, into numbers. — Haruki Murakami

Octopus Quotes By Rob Thompson

Today's woman must be a prostitute in the kitchen, a ghost in the bedroom, a sniper on the parapet, an octopus at sea world. — Rob Thompson

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

There is another important difference as well. Human eyes have three visual pigments, allowing us to see color. Octopuses have only one - which would make these masters of camouflage, commanding a glittering rainbow of colors, technically color-blind. How, then, does the octopus decide what colors to turn? New evidence suggests cephalopods might be able to see with their skin. — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Muhammad Rayhan

An octopus has three hearts — Muhammad Rayhan

Octopus Quotes By Matthew Pearl

Exaggeration is the octopus of the English language — Matthew Pearl

Octopus Quotes By Travis Luedke

She exuded sexuality almost tangible, like ink obscuring the waters around the octopus before it strikes. — Travis Luedke

Octopus Quotes By H.G.Wells

Their bodies lay flatly on the rocks, and their eyes regarded him with evil interest: but it does not appear that Mr. Fison was afraid, or that he realized that he was in any danger. Possibly his confidence is to be ascribed to the limpness of their attitudes. But he was horrified, of course, and intensely excited and indignant at such revolting creatures preying upon human flesh. He thought they had chanced upon a drowned body. He shouted to them, with the idea of driving them off, and, finding they did not budge, cast about him, picked up a big rounded lump of rock, and flung it at one.
And then, slowly uncoiling their tentacles, they all began moving towards him - creeping at first deliberately, and making a soft purring sound to each other. — H.G.Wells

Octopus Quotes By James Patterson

If my life were a corny horror movie, and the heroine was lost and alone, trapped in an underwater cave, what would happen next? If you guessed, "She drops her flashlight, and it hits a rock and breaks, leaving her in utter darkness," you would be right. But I bet you didn't guess the part about an attack by a giant octopus. — James Patterson

Octopus Quotes By Steven Rowley

The sun rises with a surprising intensity, a sign that June Gloom has cleared the runway and July is on approach. We are both tired, and it would've been to return to our bed after our morning walk, read from a book maybe, drift lazily in and out of sleep. But the sun beckons with a blazingly confrontational message: There is darkness, but there is also light. To stay in bed would be to embrace the darkness, the seizures, the octopus. To go outside is to embrace the light. — Steven Rowley

Octopus Quotes By James Agee

Talking to that fool is like trying to put socks on an octopus! — James Agee

Octopus Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

It seems the height of antiquated hubris to claim that the universe carried on as it did for billions of years in order to form a comfortable abode for us. Chance and historical contingency give the world of life most of its glory and fascination. I sit here happy to be alive and sure that some reason must exist for "why me?" Or the earth might have been totally covered with water, and an octopus might now be telling its children why the eight-legged God of all things had made such a perfect world for cephalopods. — Stephen Jay Gould

Octopus Quotes By Ford Madox Ford

But always, at moments when his mind was like a blind octopus, squirming in an agony of knife-cuts, she would drop in that accusation. — Ford Madox Ford

Octopus Quotes By Nancy Mitford

The test of a cook is how she boils an egg. My boiled eggs are fantastic, fabulous. Sometimes as hard as a 100 carat diamond, or again soft as a feather bed, or running like a cooling stream, they can also burst like fireworks from their shells and take on the look and rubbery texture of a baby octopus. Never a dull egg, with me. — Nancy Mitford

Octopus Quotes By John Steinbeck

When Mary is confused or perplexed, she spurts anger the way an octopus spurts ink, and hides in the dark cloud of it. — John Steinbeck

Octopus Quotes By Che Guevara

I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won't rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilated. — Che Guevara

Octopus Quotes By Rebecca West

The mind is its own enemy, that fights itself with the innumerable pliant and ineluctable arms of the octopus. — Rebecca West

Octopus Quotes By James Galway

I got to try the bagpipes. It was like trying to blow an octopus. — James Galway

Octopus Quotes By Wendy Williams

How many color patterns can your severed arm produce in one second? — Wendy Williams

Octopus Quotes By Sy Montgomery

I heard one story about an octopus in a home tank who would get out, cruise around the house, take knick-knacks, and drag them back to its tank. Like a dog! They're so smart that there are octopus enrichment handbooks so you don't bore your octopus. I've seen them play with Legos, Mr. Potato Head, you name it! — Sy Montgomery

Octopus Quotes By Charles Fort

I am a collector of notes upon subjects that have diversity - such as deviations from concentricity in the lunar crater Copernicus, and a sudden appearance of purple Englishmen - stationary meteor-radiants, and a reported growth of hair on the bald head of a mummy - and 'Did the girl swallow the octopus? — Charles Fort

Octopus Quotes By Cassandra Clare

He had electric blue hair that had stuck around his head like tendrils of a startled octopus. — Cassandra Clare

Octopus Quotes By Anonymous

Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face — Anonymous

Octopus Quotes By Raf Simons

Fashion is such an octopus. You're connected to so many people: suppliers, pattern makers, production teams, marketing teams, vendors. — Raf Simons

Octopus Quotes By Eugenie Clark

I knew more about produce from the sea than any of my schoolmates, and my reports in school, from kindergarten on, amused and shocked my classmates and teachers. I told them how we ate with chopsticks, had rice and seaweed for breakfast, raw fish, octopus, and sea urchin eggs for supper, and cakes made from sharks. — Eugenie Clark

Octopus Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Because he was always tremendously generated towards complete relationship with his women to the point where they ended up in one convoluted octopus mess of souls and tears and fellatio and hotel room schemes and rubbing in and out of cars and doors and great crises in the middle of the night ... (p. 128) — Jack Kerouac

Octopus Quotes By Frans De Waal

Octopuses have hundreds of suckers, each one equipped with its own ganglion with thousands of neurons. These 'mini-brains' are interconnected, making for a widely distributed nervous system. That is why a severed octopus arm may crawl on its own and even pick up food. — Frans De Waal

Octopus Quotes By Christa Faust

And a whimsical ceramic sugar bowl shaped like an octopus. — Christa Faust

Octopus Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Different sorts of survival machine appear very varied on the outside and in their internal organs. An octopus is nothing like a mouse, and both are quite different from an oak tree. Yet in their fundamental chemistry they are rather uniform, and, in particular, the replicators that they bear, the genes, are basically the same kind of molecule in all of us - from bacteria to elephants. We are all survival machines for the same kind of replicator - molecules called DNA - but there are many different ways of making a living in the world, and the replicators have built a vast range of machines to exploit them. A monkey is a machine that preserves genes up trees, a fish is a machine that preserves genes in the water; there is even a small worm that preserves genes in German beer mats. DNA works in mysterious ways. — Richard Dawkins

Octopus Quotes By Dodie Smith

The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to. — Dodie Smith

Octopus Quotes By Gladys Taber

The tentacles of today reach out like an octopus to swallow yesterday. — Gladys Taber

Octopus Quotes By Mike Rowe

There's really not a difference between an octopus and, like, a giant pile of snot. — Mike Rowe

Octopus Quotes By Norton Juster

Have you ever heard a blindfolded octopus unwrap a cellophane-covered bathtub? — Norton Juster