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Obamacare Quotes By Hillary Clinton

Before it was called Hillarycare - I mean, before it was called ObamaCare it was called Hillarycare because we took them on, and we weren't successful, but we kept fighting and we got the children's health insurance program. Every step along the way I have stood up, and fought, and have the scars to prove it. — Hillary Clinton

Obamacare Quotes By Paul Ryan

You're going to hear a lot from President Obama and yes, from Joe Biden, you're hearing a little bit about Medicare these days. What they will not tell you is they turned Medicare into a piggybank to fund 'Obamacare.' They took $716 billion dollars to pay for the 'Obamacare' program. — Paul Ryan

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Obama has now lost his trustworthiness. He has lost any hope of majority support from the American people for his agenda. Obamacare has wiped that out. It really has. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Ann Coulter

Obamacare would never have passed without decades of massive immigration from the Third World. Liberals didn't change any minds - they changed the voters. — Ann Coulter

Obamacare Quotes By Steven Brill

[Ted] Cruz railed against his fellow senators for not appreciating the risk that Obamacare would destroy healthcare for America's families ... Cruz then lodged a more general complaint against his Senate colleagues who, he said, seemed more concerned with "cocktail parties in Washington, D.C." than with their constituents. Referring to calls that he said were pouring in from around the country, begging legislators to resist and defund, Cruz noted, "It is apparently an imposition on some members of this body for their constituents to pick up the phone and ask for assistance." As I heard him say that, I picked up the phone and called Cruz's local constituent service office in Houston. "Could someone there give me information about how to enroll in Obamacare?" I asked, when I was put on the phone with one of the senator's case workers. "No. We don't support the bill, and think it's a bad idea," I was told. — Steven Brill

Obamacare Quotes By Mike Pence

To those who say it would be too difficult to repeal and replace Obamacare, I say it's a two step process. We repeal the Pelosi Congress in 2010 and replace the Obama Administration in 2012. — Mike Pence

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Leno

President Obama told a group of school children that broccoli was his favorite food, and they believed him. Then he told them Obamacare would reduce the deficit and the kids all busted out laughing. — Jay Leno

Obamacare Quotes By Byron York

Polls suggest that more and more, opposition to Obamacare is based on voters' personal experience, and not just on what they have heard or read about the law. — Byron York

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Perry

Obamacare has got everyone on edge. I mean, small business - men and women or big business are sitting out there saying we have no idea what this is going to cost, but we know it's going to cost us and cost us a lot. — Rick Perry

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Santorum

Obviously the first thing we need to do is repeal "Obamacare." That's one entitlement that we can get rid of. And that's a couple trillion dollars in spending over the next 10 years. — Rick Santorum

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Nixon

By standing still, we're making the things we don't like about Obamacare even worse, forcing Missourians to bear all the costs of this law - and reap none of the benefits. — Jay Nixon

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

There's a reason people are not going to Obamacare. They find out what it's gonna cost 'em, and they go somewhere else. And in the process, they're undermining the very foundation of Obamacare, all of which was predictable. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Tim Scott

Obamacare. Get rid of it. Period. — Tim Scott

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Perry

I got all the respect in the world for the front-runners in this race, but ask yourself: If we replace a Democratic insider with a Republican insider, you think we're really going to change Washington, D.C.? You don't have to settle for Washington and Wall Street insiders who supported the Wall Street bailout and the Obamacare individual mandate. — Rick Perry

Obamacare Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

[Obamacare] has to be enforced because nobody wants it. This is the nature of progressive government they don't care if it's not good for you. It's good for them. — Greg Gutfeld

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Leno

The CEO of The Cheesecake Factory is now warning that Obamacare will be very costly. Hey, The Cheesecake Factory is one of the reasons we need Obamacare in the first place. — Jay Leno

Obamacare Quotes By Bill Kristol

While a defeat for Obamacare in the Court would be nice, the defeat of President Obama at the polls on November 6 is crucial. If electoral victory is achieved, Obamacare can and will be repealed - and more judges of a constitutionalist persuasion will be appointed by the next president. — Bill Kristol

Obamacare Quotes By Sarah Palin

Enough of this foreign fiasco distraction. Get back to work. It is time to bomb Obamacare. — Sarah Palin

Obamacare Quotes By Ted Cruz

First of all, we have seen now in six years of Obamacare that it has been a disaster. It is the biggest job-killer in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, have seen their premiums skyrocket. — Ted Cruz

Obamacare Quotes By Fred Upton

Obamacare represents a shocking display of political arrogance. It's about time Washington started listening to Americans' common sense voices. — Fred Upton

Obamacare Quotes By David Letterman

It turns out that President Obama has acid reflux. He had a sore throat, went to the hospital, and they diagnosed it as acid reflux. Talk about irony
it's not covered by Obamacare. — David Letterman

Obamacare Quotes By John Raese

I say we need to repeal Obamacare as fast as we can. — John Raese

Obamacare Quotes By Arlen Specter

If Romney wants to make me responsible for ObamaCare, I've said I would be proud to be responsible for it. — Arlen Specter

Obamacare Quotes By Ted Cruz

Millions of people are asking for accountability, for responsibility, for truth from their elected officials, truth about how Obamacare is failing the men and women of America. — Ted Cruz

Obamacare Quotes By Jennifer Granholm

I understand that Republicans-running-against-Obamacare-in-order-to-save-Medicare is a clever jujitsu. But how long will they play out that argument before they get back to the economy? — Jennifer Granholm

Obamacare Quotes By Louie Gohmert

If nothing else came out of all of this debacle over Obamacare, one thing that should is a class-action lawsuit against the University of Chicago Law School for people that had Obama as their constitutional law professor. — Louie Gohmert

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The American people don't want Obamacare. It has been forced on the American people, despite the fact that Democrats no longer control the House. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Carroll Bryant

This Obamacare thing really scares me. The United States government / politicians are trying to turn the American people into a brand X "One size fits all" country. The past ten years has been very grim for Americans. Our current state is very grim. Our future is even more grim than ever. I used to tell people that it will get worse before it gets better. Now, I just say it will get worse. — Carroll Bryant

Obamacare Quotes By Roger Scruton

Unlike the Medicare provisions, which were brought in by negotiation between the two principal parties, 'Obamacare' was the initiative of a single party, did not have the consent of the opposition and was concealed within 2,000 pages of legislative jargon that was never properly explained either to the public or to the members of Congress. Not surprisingly, therefore, the legislation has led to a polarization of opinion and a breakdown in the political process, each side claiming to represent the interests of the people, but neither side convinced that 'the people' includes those who did not vote for it. — Roger Scruton

Obamacare Quotes By Mike Pence

There's going to be no compromise on repealing Obamacare lock, stock and barrel. — Mike Pence

Obamacare Quotes By Marsha Blackburn

I think people have found it very interesting that those that enforce ObamaCare, those that wrote Obamacare, are not a part of ObamaCare. — Marsha Blackburn

Obamacare Quotes By Paul Broun

Obamacare is going to destroy our economy and destroy our freedom. — Paul Broun

Obamacare Quotes By David Gelernter

One: Make Congress and the White House obey the same Obamacare rules you do. Two: Obama let business off for a year; we want workers to be let off for a year too. That's the GOP plan. What part don't you like? — David Gelernter

Obamacare Quotes By Bob Beauprez

For those of us who originally disagreed with ObamaCare and now disagree with the majority opinion of the SCOTUS, the challenge remains the same as it would have been had the Court ruled otherwise. We need to elect Mitt Romney and House and Senate majorities that will repeal ObamaCare and replace it with free-market, pro-liberty solutions. — Bob Beauprez

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare is not about improved health care or cheaper insurance or better treatment or insuring the uninsured, and it never has been about that. It's about statism. It's about expanding the government. It's about control over the population. It is about everything but health care. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The administration is out lying through its teeth about all these people signing up and how great Obamacare is now. Meanwhile, Obama continues to break the law each and every day with executive actions - not even executive orders, executive actions - and proclamations. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Joe Klein

Republicans should embrace the possibility that Obamacare could pave the way toward lower health care entitlement spending overall. That won't be easy. But it's not unthinkable, either. — Joe Klein

Obamacare Quotes By Tim Pawlenty

President Obama said that he designed ObamaCare after RomneyCare, and basically made it ObamneyCare. — Tim Pawlenty

Obamacare Quotes By Mike Lee

By simply refusing to fund a president's unconstitutional conduct, Congress can stop him dead in his tracks - even after the courts have abdicated their responsibilities to do so. — Mike Lee

Obamacare Quotes By Conan O'Brien

The big story is Bruce Jenner. In last week's interview, Jenner said he's a woman who is transitioning his body from male to female, and he's also a conservative Republican. Bruce said he looks forward to bashing Obamacare as soon as he finishes using it. — Conan O'Brien

Obamacare Quotes By Kevin Drum

The fallout from the Supreme Court halfway killing Obamacare would likely be more serious than conservatives believe ... Even their own base, which has been told relentlessly that Obamacare represents the end of the America they love, might start to demand a fix once it becomes clear just what they're missing-& what all those blue states with their own exchanges are getting. — Kevin Drum

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare can't work, folks. It just cannot. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Leno

The Obama administration has admitted that under Obamacare, you might not be able to keep your doctor. At first the president guaranteed you'd be able to keep your doctor, and now they're saying you 'might' be able to. Today Obama changed his slogan from 'Yes we can' to 'Perhaps we could try. Can't promise anything.' — Jay Leno

Obamacare Quotes By Ted Cruz

We have 400,000 small businesses forming every year in this country. How great is that? They are employing themselves, they are potentially employing others. The bad news is, we have 470,000 going out of business every year. And why? They cite Obamacare. — Ted Cruz

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

What is Obamacare doing? It's destroying the only kind of plans people without insurance ever get. And nobody seems to be noticing except the people who are being canceled and then can't find a replacement because it's too expensive. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Herman Cain

If I had been under ObamaCare, and a bureaucrat had been trying to tell me when I could get that CT scan, that would have delayed my treatment. I was able to get the treatment as fast as I could based upon my timetable, and not the government's timetable. That's what saved my life. — Herman Cain

Obamacare Quotes By Ann Coulter

In the very next election, the American people elected 63 new Republicans to the House of Representatives - the largest sweep of Congress for any party since 1948. Even liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican senator solely because of his vow to vote against Obamacare. — Ann Coulter

Obamacare Quotes By Mitt Romney

When you look at 'Obamacare,' the Congressional Budget Office has said it will cost $2,500 a year more than traditional insurance. So it's adding to cost. And as a matter of fact, when the president ran for office, he said that, by this year, he would have brought down the cost of insurance for each family by $2,500 a family. Instead, it's gone up by that amount. So it's expensive. Expensive things hurt families. So that's one reason I don't want it. — Mitt Romney

Obamacare Quotes By Rob Wittman

Thousand of Virginia's are losing their coverage, facing skyrocketing insurance premiums and losing their doctors under Obamacare. Employers across the Commonwealth say that the law is preventing or slowing down hiring and growth. — Rob Wittman

Obamacare Quotes By Glenn Thompson

Obamacare is terminal. It is going to fail under the crushing weight of its own flawed design. — Glenn Thompson

Obamacare Quotes By Tommy Thompson

There is no greater example of government overreach and unrestrained liberalism than 'Obamacare.' It is so deeply flawed and such a clear and present threat to our economic stability that there is no way to fix it. — Tommy Thompson

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Leno

America needs ObamaCare like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. — Jay Leno

Obamacare Quotes By Ben Shapiro

No number of repairs will be able to fix Obamacare. The website is the least of Americans' worries. — Ben Shapiro

Obamacare Quotes By Donald Trump

ObamaCare is a complete disaster. — Donald Trump

Obamacare Quotes By Alexander Viets Griswold

Yet another video has emerged of MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber calling Americans 'stupid,' and bragging about how the Affordable Care Act's drafters had to deceive the public in order to pass the law. — Alexander Viets Griswold

Obamacare Quotes By Ben Shapiro

President Obama has continually put off the deadline for implementation of Obamacare thanks to hang-ups in the system. — Ben Shapiro

Obamacare Quotes By Louie Gohmert

I think TARP was the most defining vote since I've been in Congress. It was wrong. You don't nationalize private - it was wrong. It desensitized people to what $700 billion was, which opened the door for a $900 million stimulus, for Obamacare, for all these things. It was wrong. It broke my heart. — Louie Gohmert

Obamacare Quotes By Kathleen Sebelius

And under Obamacare, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women. Before, some wouldn't cover women's most basic needs, like contraception and maternity care, but would still charge us up to 50 percent more than men - for a worse plan. — Kathleen Sebelius

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

None of the people who wrote Obamacare want anything to do with it. None of the people responsible for Obamacare can afford it. They all want subsidies. None of the people that gave us Obamacare have any desire to actually go to HealthCare.gov and sign up. That's for you and me to have to do. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Roger Altman

I think Obamacare, for all its controversy, is actually working. — Roger Altman

Obamacare Quotes By Tina Brown

Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the Obamacare tech nightmare is how wholly predictable it all was. Anyone who has been involved in building the most rudimentary of web operations knows nothing ever works as it's supposed to. Even awesome Apple, mighty Microsoft, and gargantuan Google miss deadlines. — Tina Brown

Obamacare Quotes By Jonathan Turley

After almost half a billion dollars spent on the computer registration system for Obamacare, the website coughed, sputtered, and appeared to descend into an immediate coma as millions tried to log on. One reason is that the Obama administration never fully tested it. — Jonathan Turley

Obamacare Quotes By Ted Cruz

If you're campaigning against ObamaCare, but you're also having to defend yourself for closing the government, that seems to take away the asset from you. — Ted Cruz

Obamacare Quotes By Mitt Romney

If I'm the godfather of [Obamacare], then it gives me the right to kill it. — Mitt Romney

Obamacare Quotes By Fred Upton

Giving governors more leeway in administering health care could represent a small, positive development in the ongoing saga of Obamacare. Unfortunately, instead of choosing flexibility, President Obama and his left-leaning advisers always default to rigid 'Washington knows best' answers. — Fred Upton

Obamacare Quotes By Dinesh D'Souza

In the case of Obamacare, leading members of the intellectual class produced the appropriately rigged studies to promote the racket. Then members of the Obama administration and liberal Democrats in Congress took up these studies as an irrefutable demonstration of the wonders of Obamacare. Finally anchorpeople and reporters lined up to amplify the falsehoods and complete the sale to the American people. Despite all this, the American people remained unconvinced. Even so, the con men generated enough support that Democratic legislators, on a straight-party vote, got Obamacare through. — Dinesh D'Souza

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Perlstein

Republican governors are more lunatic than they used to be - as attested by all the ones so eager to turn down free federal money to qualify more of their poor citizens for Medicaid under Obamacare. Meanwhile, some states have taken the money only to hoard it. — Rick Perlstein

Obamacare Quotes By John Barrasso

What people are seeing is that the cost of their care and their insurance is going up faster since Obamacare has been passed than if the healthcare law had not been passed at all. — John Barrasso

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Perlstein

Racial rhetoric has been entwined with government from the start, all the way back to when the enemy was not Obamacare but the Grand Army of the Republic (and further in the past than that: Thomas Jefferson, after all, was derided as 'the Negro President'). — Rick Perlstein

Obamacare Quotes By Matt Taibbi

The Congressional Record will forever show that [Obamacare] was passed in a romper room of overgrown children seemingly barely old enough to keep from peeing on themselves. — Matt Taibbi

Obamacare Quotes By Ben Shapiro

Show Republicans a shiny pro-life or pro-marriage issue and they'd much rather address that controversial topic than keep pressing on the tyranny that Obamacare represents. — Ben Shapiro

Obamacare Quotes By Michele Bachmann

Small-business people do not want to have more than 50 employees, because that's when all the regulatory burden of Obamacare kicks in. — Michele Bachmann

Obamacare Quotes By Ben Shapiro

The Obamacare contraception mandate was never about freedom. It was always about pitting secularism against religion, and using the power of government to sponsor secularism. — Ben Shapiro

Obamacare Quotes By Bill Maher

Republicans: 'we fought the good fight' - yeah, it woulda been worth it if we could have prevented just one poor kid from getting a free inhaler. — Bill Maher

Obamacare Quotes By Mitt Romney

Through pro-growth policies, by abolishing Obamacare and eliminating other Obama-imposed impediments to economic growth, we will get our economy back on track. — Mitt Romney

Obamacare Quotes By Kurt Eichenwald

There were plenty of reasons to suspect Obamacare might have been a colossal failure - although none of them had to do with death panels, huge lines for treatment, a government takeover of health care, etc. — Kurt Eichenwald

Obamacare Quotes By Orrin Hatch

By admitting they have no contingency plan to assist the millions that may lose subsidies, the administration confirms how the misguided law is unworkable for the American people, i'm committed to working with my Republican colleagues on how Congress can respond to help those hurt by Obamacare's broken promises. — Orrin Hatch

Obamacare Quotes By Jim Jordan

This administration, this agency, the very agency charged with enforcing Obamacare, systematically targeted groups that came into existence because they opposed Obamacare - and they started the targeting the very month, March 2010, that Obamacare came into law - expects us to believe it is the work of two rogue agents in Cincinnati. — Jim Jordan

Obamacare Quotes By Mitt Romney

ObamaCare (modeled almost precisely on RomneyCare) is wrong; it was bad medicine; it's bad for the economy, and I will repeal it. — Mitt Romney

Obamacare Quotes By Fred Thompson

A new report shows that medicare and Medicaid made more than $50 Billion in bad payments during fiscal year 2011. Under Obamacare, that'll become known as 'Tuesday.' — Fred Thompson

Obamacare Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Every aspect of Obamacare is an affront to the very founding of this country. — Rush Limbaugh

Obamacare Quotes By Jay Leno

We've got the government shutdown, but the beginning of Obamacare. You know what that means? You can now complain to your doctor about the government making you sick. — Jay Leno

Obamacare Quotes By Wayne Allyn Root

ObamaCare is not a 'trainwreck,' it is a suicide attack. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate, so we agree under duress to accept big government. — Wayne Allyn Root

Obamacare Quotes By Herman Cain

If ObamaCare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I'd be dead. — Herman Cain

Obamacare Quotes By John Barrasso

Each and every day, more people pay the price of Obamacare's mountain of mandates. As I travel across the country, I continue to hear from Americans who want Washington to take its hands off of their healthcare. — John Barrasso

Obamacare Quotes By Paul Ryan

You can't fix a fundamentally broken law; you've got to replace it. That's why Congress can't save Obamacare with a few tweaks, despite what its defenders say. No quick fix can correct the main flaw: The law takes power away from patients and hands it to bureaucrats ... — Paul Ryan

Obamacare Quotes By Joe Manchin

'Obamacare,' as it's been called, is far too reaching. It's overreaching. It needs to have a lot of it repealed. — Joe Manchin

Obamacare Quotes By John Barrasso

States that scrap their state-run Obamacare exchanges are admitting they've wasted millions of dollars in federal grants. It's only fair that states have to pay American taxpayers and the federal government back for their total incompetence. — John Barrasso

Obamacare Quotes By Donald Trump

Obamacare is, number one and maybe least importantly, it's costing the country a fortune. — Donald Trump

Obamacare Quotes By Louie Gohmert

When Obamacare actually kicked in, just as we knew, if you liked your insurance, as I did - I had a health savings account - then I wasn't going to be able to keep it because it doesn't meet the requirements. — Louie Gohmert

Obamacare Quotes By Kurt Eichenwald

When it came to dire warnings about Obamacare, the Republicans were the kings of 'swing and a miss.' People would flee the health care industry to avoid Obamacare? Nope - according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care gained about 1 million new jobs in preparation for increased demand. — Kurt Eichenwald

Obamacare Quotes By Robert Reich

I think the Obama Administration has done a lousy job marketing and selling and explaining this entire thing. And, as a result, all of these right-wing front organizations financed by the Koch brothers, are blanketing the airwaves with lies about Obamacare. And people are scared. — Robert Reich

Obamacare Quotes By Bobby Jindal

No subject was more important in the 2014 elections than healthcare, and Republicans in Congress should waste no time in taking decisive action in response to the voters'€ demands. Obamacare has escalated costs, disrupted coverage, and introduced bad incentives throughout our healthcare system. Congress must repeal Obamacare and send the president a replacement package of reforms that protects freedom and focuses on the real problem with American healthcare -€" affordability. — Bobby Jindal

Obamacare Quotes By Edwin Meese

In the course of his ongoing crusade for Medicaid expansion, Ohio governor John Kasich has suggested that Ronald Reagan, Saint Peter, and God Himself all would support his plan to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. — Edwin Meese

Obamacare Quotes By Donald Trump

That's part of the problem with the Republicans, where somehow they got fed into this horrible position. We're going to take care of people. But no, people don't have to have it. We're going to have great plans, they're going to be a lot less expensive than Obamacare. — Donald Trump

Obamacare Quotes By Magic Johnson

ObamaCare is working. I talk to a lot of CEOs of hospitals. It is working. — Magic Johnson

Obamacare Quotes By Paul Ryan

The president has declared that the debate over government-controlled health care is over. That will come as news to the millions of Americans who will elect Mitt Romney so we can repeal Obamacare. — Paul Ryan

Obamacare Quotes By Debbie Wasserman Schultz

When President Obama passed health care reform, it was personal! And when Governor Romney says he would repeal Obamacare and put insurance companies back in charge of a woman's health, that's personal too. — Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Obamacare Quotes By Fred Upton

Prior to passage of Obamacare, Americans spoke out against the individual mandate; they didn't want to change the health care they had; they didn't want a 3,000-page bill that empowered 15 Washington bureaucrats to decide the future of the doctor-patient relationship. — Fred Upton

Obamacare Quotes By Rick Scott

Florida is not going to implement Obamacare. We are not going to expand Medicaid, and we're not going to implement exchanges. — Rick Scott