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Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Jan Strnad

Now I understand. Alice is afraid. The whole town is afraid because the world doesn't make sense to them anymore. Two kids go missing and suddenly everything is all messed up. — Jan Strnad

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Letitia Baldrige

We have lost the art of conversation. People are shy and don't know how to approach other people, and they are missing opportunities for relationships. And no one's entertaining at home anymore. They're not having people over for dinner. — Letitia Baldrige

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Darrell Drake

You aren't falling apart. You're well beyond that. You're just rattling along now. Elven dolls doing what little you can to gather the pieces as they fall away. But you don't know how to properly reattach them - a doll does not repair itself. So you hug those brittle fragments to your chest until you simply cannot hug anymore. Until you've had to leave so many behind that you no longer remember what it is you're missing. — Darrell Drake

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Ed Sheeran

And I don't get waves of missing you anymore, they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes — Ed Sheeran

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Denis Leary

Is it possible to get a cup of coffee-flavored coffee anymore in this country? What happened with coffee? Did I miss a meeting? They have every other flavor but coffee-flavored coffee. They have mochaccino, frappaccino, cappuccino, al pacino ... Coffee doesn't need a menu, it needs a cup. — Denis Leary

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Lisa Mangum

Maybe it was because I didn't want to look at my life and see what is missing. Once you identify what you lack, then it's all you see anymore. Wanting something I couldn't have would only lead to unhappiness, so I tried to be content with what I had. — Lisa Mangum

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Cain Velasquez

While wrestling in college as a junior it came to a point where wrestling just wasn't enough for me anymore. I love wrestling, but I felt like I was missing something, and so the striking part about MMA, the boxing and kickboxing, was what got me really interested in MMA. I saw it on TV and I just knew that I wanted to do it. — Cain Velasquez

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Sarah McCoy

People often miss things that don't exist
miss things that were but are not anymore. — Sarah McCoy

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Shanola Hampton

As an actor, you don't want to ever get too comfortable where you're like, "I know this character," and you don't do the work anymore. Then, there's something that you're going to miss. If you always stay hungry to learn more about your character, that's a healthy thing, while having a great sense of who she is, at the core. — Shanola Hampton

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Abraham M. Alghanem

I know what it feels like, and it sucks, it really does, when you are up in the middle of the night thinking about the things that you've suddenly became aware of. The things you're missing out on right now, and all the people who are not close to you anymore, and all of the good times that will never happen again, and all the people who have meant the world to you who have forgotten about you forever, and you get this awful feeling that's kind of like a mix between loneliness and nostalgia. — Abraham M. Alghanem

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Roberto Bolano

And yet your shadow isn't following you anymore. At some point your shadow has quietly slipped away. You pretend you don't notice, but you have, you're missing your fucking shadow, though there are plenty of ways to explain it, the angle of the sun, the degree of oblivion induced by the sun beating down on hatless heads, the quantity of alcohol ingested, the movement of something like subterranean tanks of pain, the fear of more contingent things, a disease that begins to become apparent, wounded vanity, the desire just for once in your life to be on time. But the point is, your shadow is lost and you, momentarily, forget it. — Roberto Bolano

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Wendell Berry

To be the mother of a grown-up child means that you don't have a child anymore, and that is sad. When the grown-up child leaves home, that is sadder. I wanted Margaret to go to college, but when she actually went away it broke my heart. Maybe if you had enough children you could get used to those departures, but, having only three, I never did. I felt them like amputations. Something I needed was missing. Sometimes, even now, when I come into this house and it sounds empty, before I think I will wonder, Where are they? — Wendell Berry

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Charlaine Harris

I dipped into his brain. He wasn't happy that I wasn't wearing a bra, because my boobs distracted him. He was thinking I was a bit too curvy for his taste. He was thinking he'd better not think about me that way anymore. He was missing his wife. — Charlaine Harris

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

There will always be a part of you that misses her. You'll see something that reminds you of her and want to tell her about it, only to realize she's not there anymore. Then you'll feel her loss all over again. (Ravyn)
You're not helping me, Ravyn. (Jack)
I know, buddy. But you will eventually make peace with yourself, and that's the most important thing. Eventually, you'll even be able to smile again when you think about her. (Ravyn) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Sebastian Janikowski

Sometimes I've gone out there and thought to myself, 'Don't miss this one, don't miss it.' I don't think about that anymore. It just comes natural. — Sebastian Janikowski

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Apollo Blake

Imagine being just strong enough to remember what life was like, feeling things, your heartbeat, the world around you. And imagine you couldn't have it anymore, couldn't even properly remember it, but there was just enough that some deep part of you knew what you were missing. Wouldn't you do anything to get it back, if it was right there for the taking? Wouldn't you be willing to kill for it? — Apollo Blake

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Garth Stein

I missed Eve so much I couldn't be a human anymore and feel the pain that humans feel. I had to be an animal again. — Garth Stein

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Chris Cleave

[Sarah has had the middle finger of her left hand amputated] and she says that when she types:
I can't rely on E,D, and C anymore. They go missing when I need them most. Pleased becomes please. Ecstasies becomes stasis. — Chris Cleave

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Julie Cross

I don't feel like a whole person anymore. Something is missing and I'm afraid I can't ever get it back. — Julie Cross

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Danielle Evans

By the time school started again, I had almost forgotten what I was missing. I wasn't lonely anymore; I was just alone. — Danielle Evans

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Susan Ee

I watch the beautiful performance with an ache in my chest.
Then, just when I can't stand the sadness anymore, a dancer floats out from the side of the stage. A dancer in ragged clothes, filthy and half starved. He's not even in ballet shoes. He's just barefoot as he glides out to take his place in the dance.
The other dancers turn to him, and it's clear that he is one of them. One of the lost ones. By the look on their faces, they weren't expecting him. This is not part of the practiced show. He must have seen them onstage and joined in.
Amazingly, the dance continues without a missed beat. The newcomer simply glides into place, and the final dancer who should have danced solo with her missing partner dances with the newcomer.
It is full of joy, and the ballerina actually laughs. Her voice is clear and high, and it lifts us all. — Susan Ee

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Deanna Lynn Sletten

Are you afraid of dying?"
"I was at first, maybe I still am a little bit. But it's not death that scares me so much as not being alive anymore. It's missing all the things that I would have seen if I hadn't gotten AIDS. Things like my daughter's graduation, her wedding, my grandchildren. I'll never see those things, and that makes me sad. — Deanna Lynn Sletten

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Stephen King

Sometimes she'd go a whole day without thinking of him or missing him. Why not? She had quite a full life, and really, he'd often been hard to deal with and hard to live with. A project, the Yankee oldtimers like her very own Dad might have said. And then sometimes a day would come, a gray one (or a sunny one) when she missed him so fiercely she felt empty, not a woman at all anymore but just a dead tree filled with cold November blow. She felt like that now, felt like hollering his name and hollering him home, and her heart turned sick with the thought of the years ahead and she wondered what good love was if it came to this, to even ten seconds of feeling like this. — Stephen King

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Franco Santoro

I believe now that no matter what we consciously believe to be our true destination in life, unless we explore them all, we will never find it. The search may continue forever, and sometimes the only way to take some rest, is to convince ourselves that we have finally arrived, till we realise that we cannot stay where we are anymore. Hence we look back at the whole life itinerary, scanning all routes, crossroads and roundabouts, searching for a missing dream. We acknowledge whether we turned right, left, went straight or back. And no matter how far in space and time is that crossroad, we will return there and choose otherwise. When happiness or pain reach their climax, we often believe that the journey is over. And yet I can assure you that this is the best moment to acknowledge which routes we did not take, which dream we didn't dream, and choose again. — Franco Santoro

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Helen Fielding

I hate Christmas. Everything is designed for families, romance, warmth, emotion and presents, and if you have no boyfriend, no money, your mother is going out with a missing Portuguese criminal and your friends don't want to be your friend anymore, it makes you want to emigrate to a vicious Muslim regime, where at least all the
women are treated like social outcasts. Anyway, I don't care. I am going to quietly read a book all
weekend and listen to classical music. — Helen Fielding

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Marcia Clark

Now I am practicing as well as a criminal defense lawyer in handling appeals. The court of appeals appointed me to handle cases and although that's not trial work and I don't have to go to court, it kind of satisfies the need I have to practice still and I have transitioned into readiness not to be in trial anymore. It took a little while for me to get used to not doing it and I did miss it for a few years, but eventually I transferred into another life. — Marcia Clark

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Stephanie Georgopulus

Miss someone until they come back, or until you come back, until their absence in your life becomes something to be avoided at all costs. Miss them until you don't have to anymore, until you're reunited in your favorite booth in your favorite restaurant ordering your favorite meal, miss them until it feels like you never left. Or miss them until you can't anymore, until the things you miss are identified and cataloged as things and not a person, until you figure out that easy company and long talks and unblinking, all-knowing eye contact will find you again the way they found you the first time. Miss someone until you don't. — Stephanie Georgopulus

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Gregory Maguire

But now? Now? Children in the twentieth and this early twenty-first century hated the Alice books, couldn't read them, and why should they? Their world had strayed into madness long ago. Look at the planet. Rain is acid, poisonous. Sun causes cancer. Sex=death. Children murder other children. Parents lie, leaders lie, the churches have less moral credibility than Benetton ads.
And the faces of missing children staring out from milk cartons-imagine all those poor Lost Boys, and Lost Girls, not in Neverland but lost here, lost now. No wonder Wonderland isn't funny anymore: We live there full-time. We need a break from it. — Gregory Maguire

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Cassandra Clare

It's me," he said, and cleared his throat. "I could understand if you didn't believe me, but I swear on the Angel, Iz, it's me." Alec said nothing, but his grip on Jace's hand tightened. "You don't need to swear," he said, and with his free hand touched the parabatai rune near his collarbone. "I know. I can feel it. I don't feel like I'm missing a part of me anymore."
"I felt it too." Jace took a ragged breath. "Something missing. I felt it, even with Sebastian, but I didn't know what it was I was missing. But it was you. My parabatai. — Cassandra Clare

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Elisabeth Van Den Abeele

And I think missing you hurts the most when something funny happens. Because in that one moment I find myself laughing, and within the next second I want to tell or text you what happened. And then it hits me again, every single time, that you aren't there anymore. That I lost that one thing that mattered to me. — Elisabeth Van Den Abeele

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Monica Bellucci

After a while in marriage, it doesn't work anymore. There is something missing, there is something wrong. There are few marriages that stay alive forever. We like something, and after a while, we hate what we used to love. — Monica Bellucci

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Catherine Lacey

Why were we never together anymore, just alone in each other's vicinity? — Catherine Lacey

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Nicholaa Spencer

Cullan was not getting enough sleep without Alynna beside him, and as much as he did not want to admit it, he knew that he is missing her so much his heart ache. He never saw her smile anymore, and it was killing him. Alynna lost the sparkle in her eyes, and had it replaced with sadness.

Alynna's face always had the look of mourning, and he wasn't even dead yet. — Nicholaa Spencer

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Katja Millay

I was ripped out of the water and thrown and smashed into a thousand pieces that I can't put back together. I don't know where they go. And there are so many missing that the ones that are left don't fit together anymore. I think I'll stay in pieces. I can shift them, rearrange, depending on the day, depending on what I need to be. — Katja Millay

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Ellie Goulding

'I Know You Care' is about my dad. And I haven't seen him for a long, long time. And my parents divorced when I was really young. And I guess I just wanted a - it was my way of saying that I wasn't bitter or angry anymore. I was just sad and just felt like something was missing. — Ellie Goulding

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Kendare Blake

She doesn't like to talk about him, and I know that she hasn't been the same since he died. She's not quite here anymore; there's something missing in all of her smiles, like a blurry spot or a camera lens out of focus. Part of her followed him, wherever it was he went. — Kendare Blake

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

We are missing the truth. We live in a society that lies and fosters and sells dishonesty at a discount. Remember the line, 'America spells cheese K-R-A-F-T? That does not spell cheese! We tell our kids that as long as it looks good on the outside, don't worry about the inside. Or work hard and you'll be rewarded in the end. That's not necessarily true anymore. We don't tell the truth about certain things. Young people see our hypocrisy. We haven't given them a model to follow. — Iyanla Vanzant

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Joyce Vissell

I remember a time when I was rejected for speaking my truth. The rejection hurt very much. I kept going over and over in my mind my motives for sharing my truth, and each time I realized that I had come from my heart. This person refuses to be my friend anymore. Over the years I have come to the feeling that Leo was able to access right away. This person is missing out on so much, for I am a loving person and a good devoted friend. I could have enriched this person's life. I no longer feel the personal pain of rejection, but the sadness for what my former friend is missing. I realized also from this experience that it is most important to speak one's deepest truth and to follow the calling of our heart. As we do so we are filled with an inner power and conviction to give the precious gift that we came to earth to give. — Joyce Vissell

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Joe Meno

I did a bad thing tonight, one of the most terrible things ever: I waited for her to fall asleep, then stole the sheet from under her head. I am missing you or maybe just the idea of you. I have begun seriously thinking about other men. I am afraid I am not strong enough or tough enough for this. I am afraid all the time. I have not slept well in months. When are you coming back, you jerk? We are all trying to be brave without you and doing a real crummy job of it. I do not want to have to be brave anymore without you. — Joe Meno

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Charlotte Eriksson

I can't sleep alone anymore
and I get used to
too quickly. You're always gone too soon. — Charlotte Eriksson

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Pascal Mercier

It wasn't only that you didn't see him anymore, meet him anymore. You saw his absence and encountered it as something tangible. His not being there was like the sharply outlined emptiness of a photo with a figure cut out precisely with scissors and now the missing figure is more important, more dominant than all others. — Pascal Mercier

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Katja Millay

And there are so many missing that the ones that are left don't fit together anymore. — Katja Millay

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Danica Patrick

When you are not missing something, longing for something, you don't really think about it that much. It's like that girlfriend you don't want to have anymore. You don't think about her anymore. Or ex-husband. You just don't. — Danica Patrick

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Lish McBride

You could keep someone physically alive with machines, but that didn't qualify as fully alive. If they were missing that spark, that intangible thing that made people who they were, then they weren't really with this world anymore. They had moved on, despite the desperate pumping and whirring of modern medicine's machinery. — Lish McBride

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

You're off your fucking rocker!" "You have no idea. I don't have a rocker anymore. I don't even have a fucking porch to put it on. And there certainly aren't slow paddling fans or magnolia trees blossoming above aforementioned missing chair. — Karen Marie Moning

Not Missing You Anymore Quotes By Rosecrans Baldwin

That's the thing: once it's in their hands, it's not my book anymore, it's theirs. I have no idea what happens when they start to digest it. So when someone writes me to explain how they read it, what it was like, what they enjoyed, there's a thrill. Writers who don't make their email addresses public are missing out on something wonderful. — Rosecrans Baldwin