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Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By Kahlil Gibran

I am a stranger to myself, and when I hear my tongue speak, my ears wonder over my voice; I see my inner self smiling, crying, braving, and fearing; and my existence wonders over my substance while my soul interrogates my heart; but I remain unknown, engulfed by tremendous silence.
My thoughts are strangers to my body, and as I stand before the mirror, I see something in my face which my soul does not see, and I find in my eyes what my inner self does not find. — Kahlil Gibran

Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By Sophie Germain

In describing the honourable mission I charged him with, M. Pernety informed me that he made my name known to you. This leads me to confess that I am not as completely unknown to you as you might believe, but that fearing the ridicule attached to a female scientist, I have previously taken the name of M. LeBlanc in communicating to you those notes that, no doubt, do not deserve the indulgence with which you have responded.

{Explaining her use of a male pseudonym in a letter to Carl Friedrich Gauss, 1807} — Sophie Germain

Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By D.E. Stevenson

She had always suffered from a curious fear of what was going to happen round the next corner. Even when life went smoothly and nothing occurred to justify her vague apprehensions, they did not altogether disperse. She had tried to face these fears and conquer them, but she could never do so entirely, she could only strain forward into the darkness of the future, expecting and fearing the unknown. She was brave in the face of dangers she could see, but she could not arm herself against shadows. These fears were her weakness. — D.E. Stevenson

Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By Maureen Brady

Fearing the unknown within myself has kept me crouching in a corner. I look to see who I am and discover much that is worthy. — Maureen Brady

Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By Luis Marques

Humans are naturally scared and confused beings. They not only fear the unknown, as they live fearing themselves ... — Luis Marques

Not Fearing The Unknown Quotes By Theresa Lewis

Some things in life that we make so complicated really aren't that complicated at all. During one of the most difficult moments in my life, I asked God "what do you want me to do now?" And without warning the answer came so clearly. He replied, "Live" Let go of your past and learn to love again. Increase your faith in me and stop fearing the unknown. Vision your life as it should be and pursue it with passion. Enjoy every moment you have as if it were your last. — Theresa Lewis