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Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I understood now. This voice, the one that had been trying to get my attention all this time, calling out to me, begging me to hear it
it wan't Will's. It was mine. — Sarah Dessen

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Jeremy London

Growing up, my brother and I were begging for attention. — Jeremy London

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Nora Roberts

Police protection?"
"If necessary."
"I'm touched.Why don't I give you a lift, handsome?"
"I'll follow you over," he repeated.
"Suit yourself," she began, and grazed a hand over his cheek.Her eyes widened slightly as his fingers clamped on her wrist. "Don't like to be petted?" She purred the words,surprised at how her heart had jumped and started to race. "Most animals do."
His face was very close to hers, their bodies were just touching,with the heat from the room and something even more sweltering between them.Something old, and almost familiar.
He drew her hand down slowly, kept his fingers on her wrist.
"Be careful what buttons you push."
Excitement,she realized with surprise. It was pure, primal excitement that zipped through her. "Wasted advice," she said silkily, daring him. "I enjoy pushing new ones.And apparently you have a few interesting buttons just begging for attention." She skimmed her gaze deliberately down to his mouth. "Just begging. — Nora Roberts

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Lorraine Hansberry

Write if you will: but write about the world as it is and as you think it ought to be and must be - if there is to be a world. Write about all the things that men have written about since the beginning of writing and talking - but write to a point. Work hard at it, care about it. Write about our people: tell their story. You have something glorious to draw on begging for attention. Don't pass it up. You have something glorious to draw on begging for attention. Don't pass it up. Use it. Good luck to you. The Nation needs your gifts.
Lorraine Hansberry speech, "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black," given to Readers Digest/United Negro College Fund creative writing contest winners, NYC, May 1, 1964. — Lorraine Hansberry

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Candi Kay

I didn't pay much attention to Jared until he blocked my view of the couple by standing in front of me. I almost protested, but then he turned his body and bent over. What I saw when he did was enough to make me start begging for him to undo the restraints holding me in the chair. — Candi Kay

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Sheri S. Tepper

Am saying that perhaps God has already done his intervening by creating us. Perhaps He intends us to do what we keep praying He will do. Having designed us for a particular task, he has sent us into battle. We do not particularly enjoy the battle, so we keep begging him to let us off. He pays no attention because He does not keep track of us individually. He does not know where in the body we are or how many of us there are. He does not check to see whether we despair or persevere. Only if the body of the universe is healed will he know whether we have done what we were sent to do! — Sheri S. Tepper

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Ellery A. Kane

My mother once told me that holding on to the past is like walking around with a pebble in your shoe. You can still keep walking, keep moving forward, but that pebble is always there nagging at you, begging for your attention. After a while, that pebble is all you can feel. Sometimes, you just have to stop walking for a minute and get rid of it once and for all. — Ellery A. Kane

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Alexa Riley

I'm tired of chasing affection. I'm worth more than that. I may be young, but I know what I want. I want someone who's willing to give up everything for me. And I deserve someone who's proud to be with me instead of being ashamed of their feelings."
"I'm not going to be the lost puppy chasing someone around and begging for attention. I'm going to take some time and figure out what I want to do next, but until I know my next move, I'm done being a burden."
"Sophie - "
"It's not your fault, Bruce. It's been like this my whole life. I'm just tired of being a second choice. — Alexa Riley

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Pierre Alex Jeanty

You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking it from the wrong person.
If begging ever becomes your last approach to receive those things which ought to be freely given, it's safe to say, you are out of your dang mind.
Begging to be loved is suicide.
It's like going sky diving from the Eiffel Tower naked of proper equipment, and expecting gravity to overturn the outcome. — Pierre Alex Jeanty

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Kasey Van Norman

Maybe you feel so consumed with the pull of your desire that you wonder if there is still hope for you. Perhaps you feel so beaten down by a certain trial in your life that you don't know if you will ever have the strength to get up again. Maybe you are so exhausted from your attempt to juggle all the different idols begging for your attention that you're on the verge of collapse. If you want to have genuine faith in a God who has the power to stand with you in the fire and bring you out unharmed, then I beg you to examine your faith, as Scripture tells us to do: Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. — Kasey Van Norman

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Jason Evert

When a woman dresses modestly, I can take her seriously as a woman because she doesn't look like she's begging for attention. She knows that she's worth discovering. Such humility is radiant. Unfortunately, many women are so preoccupied with turning men's heads that they overlook their power to turn our hearts. — Jason Evert

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Relax ... 90% of haters are begging for love. 10% just want a little attention — Paulo Coelho

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Jen Turano

Since I don't know what execrable means, I though I should look it up so I'll be better equipped to deal with whatever I'm about to see." Ignoring the ladies' tottering Millie continued perusing the pages until she found the word she was looking for. Lifting her head after she read the definition, she glanced around. "Begging your pardon Mrs. Cutling, but I don't see anything out here of a wretched or"- she returned her attention to the dictionary- "abominable nature. Although" -she flipped the pages to the A's -" I don't know what that means either. — Jen Turano

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Sade Adu

People generally let me be me. People are aware that I'm not someone particularly begging for attention. They hold back a bit with me. — Sade Adu

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Rick Bragg

I began reading Harper Lee's novel in the skimpy shade of a pine outside my grandmother's house, fat beagles pressing against me, begging for attention, ignored. At dark, I kept reading, first on the couch, a bologna sandwich in one hand, then in my bed, by the light of a 60-watt bulb hanging from the ceiling on an orange drop cord. When my mother came in from her job as a maid and unplugged my chandelier, I replayed the story in my head until it was crowded out by dreams. I woke the next morning, smelling biscuits, and reached for the book again. — Rick Bragg

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Elle Casey

Buster went bananas, running over to Paci and jumping up on his legs, begging for attention. Paci didn't disappoint him, either. He bent down and baby-talked with Buster, like he was an old hand at it.
I smiled in amusement. Paci was no wimp. He was almost as big as Bodo and ripped to the max. He had zero body fat, so Peter and I were able to admire his every muscle, which I noticed Peter was doing with unabashed curiosity. I caught his attention and raised my eyebrows at him in a conspiratorial message of mutual admiration. He smiled in return, giving me a pitiful wink that made him look like he had something stuck in both eyes. It made me laugh.
Paci looked up at me. "Something strike you as funny?"
"Yeah. You baby-talking to a nude poodle. — Elle Casey

Not Begging For Attention Quotes By Unknown

Don't go for the ones that know your worth even when you don't.
Even when you call them to pick you up because some fuck boy left you with only a few hickeys and no ride home.
Please don't pay attention to the boys who take your self hate and say 'you really don't see yourself the way others see you, do you?'
Oh god.
just don't fall in love with them.
Please, just don't.
Because it's the ones that kiss your eyelids and stretch marks that fuck you over.
It;s the ones that tell you the truth that bring you to your knees.
It's the good ones that leave you curled up in a ball for months begging for the bleeding in your gut to stop.
And it's all because they're the unforgettable ones.
The boys who leave so many marks of love on you that no one can compare.
God knows they're it.

You were it. — Unknown