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Top Nosebleed Love Quotes

Nosebleed Love Quotes By Rod McKuen

I cannot speculate on what our cluttered mind will save- sleepy Sundays, or a nosebleed after love. I know only the dying heart needs the nourishment of memory to live beyond too many winters. — Rod McKuen

Nosebleed Love Quotes By Alexis Hall

I'm not here because I'm broken. I'm here because I'm whole. Difficult, potentially undeserving, but whole. And I don't need you, I just want you. I want you" - my voice had gone embarrassingly husky - "so fucking much. And - " Another breath, another breath. " - maybe I love you. Or could love you. Or might love you. Or may come to love you." There was a dizzy rushing in my brain, as though I was about to faint or have a nosebleed. "Or whatever. — Alexis Hall

Nosebleed Love Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

Love and hate hold hands always so it made natural sense that they'd get confused by upset married folk in the wee hours once in a while and a nosebleed or bruised breast might result. But it just seemed proof that a great foulness was afoot in the world when a no-strings roll in the hay with a stranger led to chipped teeth or cigarette burns on the wrist. — Daniel Woodrell