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Top Northern Soul Quotes

Northern Soul Quotes By Peter Matthiessen

Left alone, I am overtaken by the northern void-no wind, no cloud, no track, no bird, only the crystal crescents between peaks, the ringing monuments of rock that, freed from the talons of ice and snow, thrust an implacable being into the blue. In the early light, the rock shadows on the snow are sharp; in the tension between light and dark is the power of the universe. This stillness to which all returns, this is reality, and soul and sanity have no more meaning than a gust of snow; such transience and insignificance are exalting, terrifying, all at once ... Snow mountains, more than sea or sky, serve as a mirror to one's own true being, utterly still, utterly clear, a void, an Emptiness without life or sound that carries in Itself all life, all sound. — Peter Matthiessen

Northern Soul Quotes By Michelle Paver

My novel 'Wolf Brother' is set in northern Scandinavia during the late Stone Age, so I was aware from the start of Norse influences. I used some Norse names, and the soul-eater Thiazzi is based on the Norse storm giant, Thiassi. — Michelle Paver

Northern Soul Quotes By Clara Barton

Oh northern mothers wives and sisters, all unconscious of the hour, would to Heaven that I could bear for you the concentrated woe which is so soon to follow, would that Christ would teach
my soul a prayer that would plead to the Father for grace sufficient for you, God pity and strengthen you every one. — Clara Barton

Northern Soul Quotes By Paul Weller

I'd heard a lot of Motown and Stax when I was a kid, but the more well-known end of it. On Jam tours, we had a DJ called Ady Croasdell who ran a '60s club. He turned me on to underground stuff and what people call northern soul. It just blew my mind. — Paul Weller

Northern Soul Quotes By Eowyn Ivey

She looked directly up into the northern lights and she wondered if those cold-burning spectres might not draw her breath, her very soul, out of her chest and into the stars. — Eowyn Ivey

Northern Soul Quotes By Anna Letitia Barbauld

Man is the nobler growth our realms supply, And souls are ripened in our northern sky. — Anna Letitia Barbauld