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Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes & Sayings

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Top Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Billy Graham

When I preach - no matter where it is in the world - I can always count on five areas of human need that afflict all peoples. Emptiness, loneliness, guilt, fear of death, deep-seated insecurity. — Billy Graham

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Myleene Klass

I can lose myself in the Universe. — Myleene Klass

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By John Heath-Stubbs

I don't write like this in order to show how clever and well read I am
though I am rather clever and well read as a matter of fact. — John Heath-Stubbs

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Evan Dara

the figures are shadow-swept, various, self-involved, and as turbulent as waves, as standing waves ...; and as I look at them, as I curl more tightly into shin-warmth on my preferred bench, I wonder which of these figures, too, are runaways, which of these scudding clumps are the moving forms of runaways ...but runaways whom I don't recognize, whose rightfulness I don't acknowledge: which of these figures am I denying ...; because it would take, I am sure, only a glance, only one shared eye-shudder, for all this to end, for their circumstances suddenly to reverse; it would only take one glance upon them...and one glance from them...; this, then, would be interpenetration, genuine interpenetration, a real refutation of figure and ground...; — Evan Dara

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By John Randolph Of Roanoke

I love liberty, I hate equality. — John Randolph Of Roanoke

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Kate Le Vann

The hardest part is being brave so that nobody knows that you are sad all the time. — Kate Le Vann

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Benjamin Creme

The members of humanity are really and truly souls. We're all part of one great oversoul. — Benjamin Creme

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Pablo Neruda

It was beautiful to live
when you lived! — Pablo Neruda

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

What the advertisements are telling us on TV is not the truth. Life is not about comfort. — Sunday Adelaja

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Wynonna Judd

I am most proud that I stayed true to the music of my soul. — Wynonna Judd

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Drew Hayes

Still, I find lying to be more dangerous than expertly telling the truth, so I avoid it whenever possible. — Drew Hayes

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Justin Townes Earle

My parents split up when I was about 2. I realize more and more how much I'm like my father. My gentleness comes from my mother. — Justin Townes Earle

Noctes Ambrosianae Quotes By Clint Eastwood

When you're an actor, you're so busy: people are always coming up to you and pulling your collar, making sure that things fit, brushing your hair and you're always being yanked up, so finally when you're behind a camera, you're just a slob. — Clint Eastwood