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Nobody Wins Quotes By Anthony Trollope

I don't believe the 'Evening Pulpit' can prove it, - and I'm sure that they can't attempt to prove it without an expense of three or four thousand pounds. That's a game in which nobody wins but the lawyers. I wonder — Anthony Trollope

Nobody Wins Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

Nobody wins unless everybody wins. — Bruce Springsteen

Nobody Wins Quotes By Shaun David Hutchinson

Nobody wins playing fair. — Shaun David Hutchinson

Nobody Wins Quotes By Simone Elkeles

You know those giant stuffed-animal prizes at the carnival? The kind practically nobody wins, except the lucky few? I've never won one."
"Yeah. I've never won one, either."
"Alex was my giant prize. I hated you for taking him away," she admits.
I shrug. "Yeah, well, stop hating me. I don't have him, either."
"I don't hate you anymore," she says. "I've moved on."
I swallow and then say, "Me, too."
Carmen chuckles. Then, just as she walks out of the room, I hear her mumble, "Alex sure as hell hasn't. — Simone Elkeles

Nobody Wins Quotes By Arlene Eisenbise

Daddy said that nobody really wins a war. They only make it look that way. — Arlene Eisenbise

Nobody Wins Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Two weeks later I'm the last one in the locker room to change for gym. The click of heels makes me look up. It's Carmen Sanchez. I don't freak out. Instead, I stand and look right at her.
"He was back in Fairfield, you know," she tells me.
"I know," I say, remembering the hand warmers in my locker. But he left. Like a whisper, he was there and then disappeared.
She looks almost nervous, vulnerable. "You know those giant stuffed-animal prizes at the carnival? The kind practically nobody wins, except the lucky few? I've never won one."
"Yeah. I've never won one, either."
"Alex was my giant prize. I hated you for taking him away," she admits.
I shrug. "Yeah, well, stop hating me. I don't have him, either."
"I don't hate you anymore," she says. "I've moved on."
I swallow and then say, "Me, too."
Carmen chuckles. Then, just as she walks out of the room, I hear her mumble, "Alex sure as hell hasn't."
What's that supposed to mean? — Simone Elkeles

Nobody Wins Quotes By Laurie Beth Jones

Nobody wins until we all do. — Laurie Beth Jones

Nobody Wins Quotes By Steven Erikson

He lifted up another card and set it down before him. 'Priest of Life, hah, now that's a good one. Game's done.'
'Who wins?' the Adjunct, her face pale as candlewax, asked in a whisper.
'Nobody,' Fiddler replied. 'That's Life for you.' He suddenly rose, tottered, then staggered for the door. — Steven Erikson

Nobody Wins Quotes By Imelda Marcos

I beg Osama to stop warring. He is a Muslim, and Islam means peace. Nobody wins in a war ... I wish I were tapped in the problem about Iraq. I knew Saddam enough that I could have talked him into surrendering. But it's too late. — Imelda Marcos

Nobody Wins Quotes By Abdallah II Of Jordan

When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock resupplied, you don't learn the lesson that war is bad and nobody wins. — Abdallah II Of Jordan

Nobody Wins Quotes By Don Shula

The 347 wins is the thing I'm most proud of. Nobody's even close to it. — Don Shula

Nobody Wins Quotes By Linus Pauling

I realized that more and more I was saying, 'It seems to me that we have come to the time war ought to be given up. It no longer makes sense to kill 20 million or 40 million people because of a dispute between two nations who are running things, or decisions made by the people who really are running things. It no longer makes sense. Nobody wins. Nobody benefits from destructive war of this sort and there is all of this human suffering.' And Einstein was saying the same thing of course. So that is when we decided - my wife and I - that first, I was pretty effective as a speaker. Second, I better start boning up, studying these other fields so that nobody could stand up and say, 'Well, the authorities say such and such '. — Linus Pauling

Nobody Wins Quotes By Terry Pratchett

A good plan isn't one where someone wins, it's where nobody thinks they've lost. — Terry Pratchett

Nobody Wins Quotes By Warren Ellis

We hold up iPhones and, if we're relatively conscious of history, we point out that this is an amazing device that contains a live map of the world and the biggest libraries imaginable and that it's an absolute paradigm shift in personal communication and empowerment. And then some knob says that it looks like something from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and then someone else says that it doesn't even look as cool as Captain Kirk's communicator in the original and then someone else says no but you can buy a case for it to make it look like one and you're off to the manufactured normalcy races, where nobody wins because everyone goes to fucking sleep. — Warren Ellis

Nobody Wins Quotes By Henry Allingham

War's stupid. Nobody wins. You might as well talk first; you have to talk last anyway. — Henry Allingham

Nobody Wins Quotes By Anthea Turner

Divorce is the biggest drain, outside of school fees, and nobody wins. People think it is always in the woman's favour, but it is not necessarily. — Anthea Turner

Nobody Wins Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't be a patron of disbelief; nobody fights and wins battles in the hand gloves of doubts. — Israelmore Ayivor

Nobody Wins Quotes By Steph Bennion

Nobody wins wars. Generals plan battles to be swift and decisive. When they are not, the aim is to end the conflict less defeated than your opponent. — Steph Bennion

Nobody Wins Quotes By Alija Izetbegovic

366. Life is a game where nobody wins..
except for those who believe and do good deeds ... (Qur'an, Surah "Al Asr"). — Alija Izetbegovic

Nobody Wins Quotes By Suzanne Collins

Come on, Haymitch. Nobody decent ever wins the Games ... Nobody ever wins the Games, period. There are survivors ... there's no winners. — Suzanne Collins

Nobody Wins Quotes By Mikayla Nicole

The fight migjt be over but nobody wins if you both go home in body bags. — Mikayla Nicole

Nobody Wins Quotes By Josh Bernstein

If you take from the rich you give the rich less incentive. If you give what you have taken from the rich to the poor, you make the poor more dependent. Nobody wins ... — Josh Bernstein

Nobody Wins Quotes By Paul Stanley

Democracy in the studio is overrated. What you wind up getting is compromise on everybody's part, which means that nobody has their way, and that means nobody wins, including the fans. — Paul Stanley

Nobody Wins Quotes By Lewis Black

I don't care who wins because I go to sporting events to scream. It's the one place on the planet you can shout anything you want. You can bellow at will, and nobody will bother you. I yell things like, 'My life sucks! Dan Quayle is a schmuck! If I don't have sex soon, I'm going to explode!' Parents turn to their kids as I leave the stadium and go, 'Hey, there goes a great fan. — Lewis Black

Nobody Wins Quotes By Thom Yorke

Nobody wins the superbowl, I win the superbowl. I am the superbowl. — Thom Yorke

Nobody Wins Quotes By Lisa Moore

If you have children, trust them completely, all the time, no matter what. If you don't trust them, pretend that you do. Listen to everything they say and take their advice. Believe them.

Trust everyone. Everyone behaves better when they feel they're trusted. Nobody wins a fight; the trick is to behave decently no matter what. The trick is to make love a lot. And think of it as making love. Always be making love.

Read lots of books. Read books from foreign countries. Forget yourself. Get lost in it. Give yourself over. Look up from your book and see that it is dark now and everything has changed. — Lisa Moore

Nobody Wins Quotes By Buck Brannaman

Nobody has to lose for me to succeed and that is a unique job. Everybody wins, horse wins, people win, I win. — Buck Brannaman

Nobody Wins Quotes By Bob Dwyer

God somehow makes sure that in international rugby nobody wins ALL the time! — Bob Dwyer

Nobody Wins Quotes By Golda Poretsky

Weight and body oppression is oppressive to everyone. When you live in a society that says that one kind of body is bad and and other is good, those with "good" bodies constantly fear that their bodies will go "bad", and those with "bad" bodies are expected feel shame and do everything they can to have "good" bodies. In the process, we torture our bodies, and do everything from engage in disordered eating to invasive surgery to make ourselves okay. Nobody wins in this kind of struggle. — Golda Poretsky

Nobody Wins Quotes By Bobby Jones

Nobody ever wins the National Open. Somebody loses it. — Bobby Jones

Nobody Wins Quotes By Trent Reedy

Stop arguing with people. Let go of your anger. It doesn't matter who wins arguments, who was right or wrong. Nobody really wins, especially in stupid political disputes. Arguing and anger are just another kind of war, and trust me, war is terrible."
"So your mission... is to forgive someone." p.236 — Trent Reedy

Nobody Wins Quotes By Christine Caine

In Christianity, nobody wins until everybody crosses the line. — Christine Caine

Nobody Wins Quotes By John Darnielle

People trying to help you when you're past help are raw and helpless. Nobody wins: you get nothing; they feel worse. — John Darnielle

Nobody Wins Quotes By Stephen R. Covey

Some people become so centered on an enemy, so totally obsessed with the behavior of another person that they become blind to everything except their desire for that person to lose, even if it means losing themselves. Lose/Lose is the philosophy of adversarial conflict, the philosophy of war. Lose/Lose is also the philosophy of the highly dependent person without inner direction who is miserable and thinks everyone else should be, too. If nobody ever wins, perhaps being a loser isn't so bad. — Stephen R. Covey

Nobody Wins Quotes By Terrie Todd

I'll tell you what my mother always said. 'When it comes to marriage, if both don't win, nobody wins.' The longer I lived with your dad, the more I saw the truth in that. In the end, nobody won." "Well, — Terrie Todd

Nobody Wins Quotes By Maeve Binchy

Nobody ever wins by the cavalry coming to rescue you. It isn't a question of you're happy if you get married, or you get thin, or you get rich, because I've known lots of thin, rich, married people who are absolutely miserable. — Maeve Binchy

Nobody Wins Quotes By Ray Lewis

Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort, nobody can judge effort. Because effort is between you and you. Effort ain't got nothing to do with nobody else. — Ray Lewis

Nobody Wins Quotes By Theresa May

Nobody wins when the police are sent to look after people suffering from mental health problems; vulnerable people don't get the care they need and deserve, and the police can't get on with the job they are trained to do. — Theresa May

Nobody Wins Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Nobody ever wins a lawsuit but the lawyers. — Robert A. Heinlein