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Top No Willpower Quotes

No Willpower Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

You have to go head, even if no one goes with you. — Lailah Gifty Akita

No Willpower Quotes By Francis De Sales

Lately I was near the beehives and some of the bees flew onto my face. I wanted to raise my hand, and brush them off. 'No,' said a peasant to me, 'do not be afraid, and do not touch them. They will not sting you at all, if you touch them they will bite you.' I trusted him; not one bit me. Trust me; do not fear these temptations. Do not touch them; they will not hurt you. — Francis De Sales

No Willpower Quotes By Allen Carr

Quite simply, the key to being a happy non-smoker is to remove the desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, it takes no Willpower not to do so. — Allen Carr

No Willpower Quotes By Jennifer Echols

And somehow I had always resisted driving very slowly back and forth in front of his house. Willpower? No. I figured his front gate was equipped with security cameras and I would just be embarrassing myself. And this street was definitely not on the bus line. — Jennifer Echols

No Willpower Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

For a great willpower, no road has length! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

No Willpower Quotes By Honore De Balzac

There is no such thing as a great talent without great willpower. — Honore De Balzac

No Willpower Quotes By Dan Millman

Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear. — Dan Millman

No Willpower Quotes By Jamie Bamber

I never had to try as a kid to stay in shape. In a way, there was no willpower involved. — Jamie Bamber

No Willpower Quotes By Marcel Proust

He beguiled me almost by surprise into doing wrong, then he got me accustomed to having bad thoughts which I had no will to resist - willpower being the only force capable of driving them back to the infernal darkness from which they emerged. — Marcel Proust

No Willpower Quotes By Mercedes McCambridge

Like so many other recovered alcoholics, I am to this day bewildered that it took so long for me to understand that there was no such animal as 'social drinking' for me; that it had nothing to do with my willpower or self-respect or moral fiber, that it was a simple biochemical intolerance to a drug. — Mercedes McCambridge

No Willpower Quotes By Alain Robert

Soloing is the most beautiful way of climbing; no material constrains, just you and the rock, the sun, nature; a kind of school for courage, willpower and self-confidence. — Alain Robert

No Willpower Quotes By John Cleese

My education, in other words, was a test of my willpower; and I accepted the challenge - to such an extent, indeed, that I think at some level of my teenage consciousness I truly believed that the whole point of going to school was to learn how to focus attention on subject matter that was of no consequence to me. The message I received at Clifton was: education is not primarily about understanding the world; its real purpose is character-building. As a corollary, I inferred that to study anything in which you had a real interest was, if not exactly cheating, certainly missing the point. — John Cleese

No Willpower Quotes By Michael Ham

enjoyment from the task: to spend his (limited) time doing things he doesn't enjoy makes no sense when he could instead do them enjoyably. Moreover, an enjoyable task requires little willpower: you are drawn to the task rather than having to push yourself. Indeed, a task can even be restorative and energizing; rather than draining you, a task approached properly can provide both enjoyment and a satisfying sense of fulfillment. — Michael Ham

No Willpower Quotes By Marie Lu

My heart's been torn wide open, just like I feared it would be, and I have no willpower to close it back up. — Marie Lu

No Willpower Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

No success was won without self- determination and self-discipline. — Lailah Gifty Akita

No Willpower Quotes By Charles Duhigg

When people are asked to do something that takes self-control, if they think they are doing it for personal reasons - if they feel like it's a choice or something they enjoy because it helps someone else - it's much less taxing. If they feel like they have no autonomy, if they're just following orders, their willpower muscles get tired much faster. In both cases, people ignored the cookies. But when the students were treated like cogs, rather than people, it took a lot more willpower. — Charles Duhigg

No Willpower Quotes By Honeysuckle Weeks

I used to run ten miles every other day and eat very little. I was living in London on my own for the first time and no one was checking on me. I wasn't anorexic but lost three stone. I weighed around seven. It lasted six months until I ran out of willpower. — Honeysuckle Weeks

No Willpower Quotes By Allen Carr

Wouldn't that be an incredibly stupid thing to do? To say 'I never want to smoke again', then spend the rest of your life saying 'I'd love a cigarette.' That's what smokers who use the Willpower Method do. No wonder they feel so miserable. They spend the rest of their lives desperately moping for something that they desperately hope they will never have. — Allen Carr

No Willpower Quotes By John Piper

Jesus came into the world with good news, not bad news. He does not call us to a willpower religion that feels only duty and no delight. He calls us to himself and to his Father. Therefore, he calls us to joy. Of course, it is not joy in things. Jesus is not preaching a health, wealth, and prosperity gospel - one of America's most lamentable exports to the world. It is joy in God and in his Son. — John Piper

No Willpower Quotes By Brad Wilcox

The miracle of the Atonement is not just that we can go home but that - miraculously - we can feel at home there. If Christ did not require faith and repentance, then there would be no desire to change. Think of your friends and family members who have chosen to live without faith and without repentance. They don't want to change. They are not trying to abandon sin and become comfortable with God. Rather, they are trying to abandon God and become comfortable with sin. If Jesus did not require covenants and bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost, then there would be no way to change. We would be left forever with only willpower, with no access to His power. If Jesus did not require endurance to the end, then there would be no internalization of those changes over time. They would forever be surface and cosmetic rather than sinking inside us and becoming part of us - part of who we are. — Brad Wilcox

No Willpower Quotes By David Talbot

The San Francisco police force was deeply implicated in the murders of Moscone and Milk. Dan White was not carrying out SFPD orders that morning in city hall, but he was carrying out the department's will. He was no longer on the force, but he was one of them: their star ballplayer, their political representative, their brother. He knew all about the cops' murderous feelings toward the city's liberal leadership. He felt the same way. They had the will, he had the willpower. — David Talbot

No Willpower Quotes By Kelly McGonigal

For most of us, the classic test of willpower is resisting temptation, whether the temptress is a doughnut, a cigarette, a clearance sale, or a one-night stand. When people say, "I have no willpower," what they usually mean is, "I have trouble saying no when my mouth, stomach, heart, or (fill in your anatomical part) wants to say yes. — Kelly McGonigal

No Willpower Quotes By Roopleen

There is nothing in this world that you cannot do. Every goal is achievable. You just need to focus on your objectives, be persistent in your efforts and work hard to make it happen. There can be no hurdle uncrossable, no obstacle invincible and no stumbling block insurmountable. — Roopleen

No Willpower Quotes By Joud Tabaza

The next time the world tells you "Stop", "Don't", or "You can't do this", the next time the world beats the living daylight out of you, hit it back with a knock just as strong and say, "No, I want to do this. — Joud Tabaza

No Willpower Quotes By Allie Brosh

But trying to use willpower to overcome the apathetic sort of sadness that accompanies depression is like a person with no arms trying to punch themselves until their hands grow back. A fundamental component of the plan is missing and it isn't going to work. — Allie Brosh

No Willpower Quotes By Toba Beta

There's no guarantee of disaster-free in any world religion,
but love, faith and knowledge give men hope and willpower. — Toba Beta

No Willpower Quotes By Lauren DeStefano

I start trying to stay unconscious. The problem with this is that no amount of willpower can change the reality. — Lauren DeStefano

No Willpower Quotes By Rumi

Love's way becomes a pen sometimes writing g-sounds like gold or r-sounds
like tomorrow in different calligraphy
styles sliding by, darkening the paper
Now it's held upside down, now beside
the head, now down and on to something
else, figuring. One sentence saves
an illustrious man from disaster, but
fame does not matter to the split tongue
of a pen. Hippocrates knows how the cure
must go. His pen does not. This one
I am calling pen, or sometimes flag,
has no mind. You, the pen, are most sanely
insane. You cannot be spoken of rationally.
Opposites are drawn into your presence but
not to be resolved. You are not whole
or ever complete. You are the wonder
without willpower going where you want. — Rumi

No Willpower Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vision creates faith and faith creates willpower. With faith there is no anxiety and no doubt - just absolute confidence in yourself. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

No Willpower Quotes By Buket Uzuner

I fought for years to free myself of all my cultural, economic and political chains, to be free of owning or being owned. I refused. God, how hard it is to refuse sometimes. Especially during times of hardship, refusal requires willpower. And each refusal expands the boundaries of one's loneliness. You know how it goes," I said, running out of breath. "I did not belong to my town. I had no regular city or country address, no regular job, no steady lover, husband, child or family. I was infinitely independent and unfettered. I was hungry but free. — Buket Uzuner

No Willpower Quotes By Aileen Wuornos

People always look down their noses at hookers. Never give you a chance because they think you took the easy way out, when no one would imagine the willpower it took to do what we do, walking the streets night after night, taking the hits and still getting back up. — Aileen Wuornos

No Willpower Quotes By Emil Zatopek

When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter either. Then willpower will be no problem. — Emil Zatopek

No Willpower Quotes By Vicente Fox

There's no doubt that Mexican men and women full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States. — Vicente Fox

No Willpower Quotes By Seneca The Younger

No action will be considered blameless, unless the will was so, for by the will the act was dictated. — Seneca The Younger

No Willpower Quotes By Robert M. Gates

I took a telephone call from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He told me that he was the one who had talked Obama into running for president (a lot of people were claiming that) but there was no candidate for vice president. Reid said he was thinking about me, and that was the reason for the call. It took a lot of willpower for me to keep from bursting out laughing. — Robert M. Gates

No Willpower Quotes By James Baldwin

For I am - or I was - one of those people who pride themselves in on their willpower, on their ability to make a decision and carry it through. This virtue, like most virtues, is ambiguity itself. People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can only continue to believe this by becoming specialists in self-deception. Their decisions are not really decisions at all - a real decision makes one humble, one knows that it is at the mercy of more things than can be named - but elaborate systems of evasion, of illusion, designed to make themselves and the world appear to be what they and the world are not. This is certainly what my decision, made so long ago in Joey's bed, came to. I had decided to allow no room in the universe for something which shamed and frightened me. I succeeded very well - by not looking at the universe, by not looking at myself, by remaining, in effect, in constant motion. — James Baldwin

No Willpower Quotes By Dalai Lama

Human potential is the same for all. Your feeling, "I am of no value", is wrong. Absolutely wrong. You are deceiving yourself. We all have the power of thought- so what are you lacking? If you have willpower, then you can change anything. It is usually said that you are your own master. — Dalai Lama

No Willpower Quotes By Karina Halle

Sage shifted beneath me. I put one of my hands back into his thick hair and left it there, pretending I needed to hold him. It took all my willpower not to start playing with it.
"I guess you don't do this very often," I told him, my voice cracking slightly.
I couldn't see his face but I could feel him smile. "No. Usually my head's turned the other way around. — Karina Halle

No Willpower Quotes By Charles Duhigg

As research on willpower has become a hot topic in scientific journals and newspaper articles, it has started to trickle into corporate America. Firms such as Starbucks - and the Gap, Walmart, restaurants, or any other business that relies on entry-level workers - all face a common problem: No matter how much their employees want to do a great job, many will fail because they lack self-discipline. They show up late. They snap at rude customers. They get distracted or drawn into workplace dramas. They quit for no reason. — Charles Duhigg

No Willpower Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

When your vision is powerful enough, everything else falls into place: how you live your life, your workouts, what friends you choose to hang out with, how you eat, what you do for fun. Vision is purpose, and when your purpose is clear, so are your life choices. Vision creates faith and faith creates willpower. With faith, there is no anxiety, no doubt - just absolute confidence. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

No Willpower Quotes By Ben Bova

My first sight of the fabled warrior was a surprise. He was not a mighty-thewed giant, like Ajax. His body was not broad and powerful, as Odysseos'. He seemed small, almost boyish, his bare arms and legs slim and virtually hairless. His chin was shaved clean, and the ringlets of his long black hair were tied up in a silver chain. He wore a splendid white silk tunic, bordered with a purple key design, cinched at the waist with a belt of interlocking gold crescents ... His face was the greatest shock. Ugly, almost to the point of being grotesque. Narrow beady eyes, lips curled in a perpetual snarl, a sharp hook of a nose, skin pocked and cratered ... A small ugly boy born to be a king ... A young man possessed with fire to silence the laughter, to stifle the taunting. His slim arms and legs were iron-hard, knotted with muscle. His dark eyes were absolutely humourless. There was no doubt in my mind that he could outfight Odysseos or even powerful Ajax on sheer willpower alone. — Ben Bova

No Willpower Quotes By Stephen King

He summoned all his willpower and reined it in, promising himself he would drink just as much as he goddam wanted once he had his forty in - a pretty amazing number, when fifty percent of city cops retired after twenty-five and seventy percent after thirty. Only now that he has his forty, alcohol no longer interests him much. He forced himself to get drunk a few times, just to see if he could still do it, and he could, but being drunk turned out to be no better than being sober. Actually it was a little worse. — Stephen King