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No Thanks Needed Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

A scratch at the door interrupted us. Colin dropped and rolled under the bed again. One of the maids poked her head in. "Miss?"
I tried not to look as if I was hiding a handsome young lad under the mattress.
"Lord Jasper sent me up to see if you need help getting ready for a ball." She smiled proudly. "I have a fair hand with a curling iron."
"Oh.Thank you." I needed to get Colin out before I ended up naked in the middle of my bedroom. "I,um, could I get some hot water? To wash my face?"
"Certainly,miss. I'll have the footmen bring up the bathtub, if you like, before all the fine ladies start calling for their own baths."
"That would be great, thanks." I'd never actually been in a full reclining tub before. We had a battered hip bath in the kitchen.
The maid curtsied and closed the door behind her. I let out a breath. Colin crawled back out. "They need to sweep under there," he said, sneezing. — Alyxandra Harvey

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Jane Green

She would talk to him in the car, ask him something, then turn on the radio and find her question answered by the lyrics of a song; pick up a book and turn to a random page, to find the words that were exactly what she needed to hear. There is no such thing as coincidence, she would think, blowing a kiss of thanks to the heavens. — Jane Green

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Nicole Castro

Hell if I know. I'm twenty-six, single, just signed a year lease on an apartment ... " She touched her eyebrows with her fingertips. "Damn, why did I move back here?"
"Sorry." I grimaced. "The job market isn't as bad as it was. I'd give you a job if you really needed one."
"Thanks. Not sure how good of a bouncer I would be."
"Maybe hair holder for drunk girls."
"Sounds great," she said flatly then made a gagging sound. — Nicole Castro

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Denise Hunter

Take off your shoes," Jake said after the kids disappeared up the stairs. Meridith eyed her leather loafers. For some reason, she was reluctant to part with them. Not to mention she needed every inch of height. "You're still wearing yours." "I'm not planning on trampling your feet." She removed her shoes and set them by the wall, taking her time. "You want something to drink? I made coffee. Or there's always tea or soda if you prefer." He tucked the corner of his lip. "No, thanks. You want to come closer? I can't teach you from over there." She inched closer. "I'm really bad." "So you said." He gestured to the blue box. "We'll start with a basic box step. Ballroom dancing is counted off like this: one-two-three, one-two-three. Max said he knows how to lead, so I'll teach you to follow." "Good luck with that." "Stand — Denise Hunter

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Gary Thorp

Cooking gives you the opportunity to meet the things you eat. You can touch each carrot or olive and get to know its smell and texture.You can feel its weight and notice its color and form. If it is going to become part of you, it seems worthy, at least, of acknowledgment, respect, and thanks. It takes much time and care in order for things to grow, and many labors are needed to bring these ingredients to the kitchen. There is a lot to be grateful for that takes place between the wheat field and the dumpling. — Gary Thorp

No Thanks Needed Quotes By R.S. Grey

In a straight up movie montage scene, ten things happened around me at once: someone pulled the broom from my hand, another person ripped the shirt off my head, a measuring tape appeared around my boobs, and two women crouched down in front of my legs. HEYO. "Nice tits," one assistant said as she finished measuring my chest. "Uhh, thanks," I replied as she ran in the opposite direction, having acquired the measurement she needed. "Is this your natural color?" a hairstylist asked as she ripped the hat and ponytail from my head. — R.S. Grey

No Thanks Needed Quotes By William R. Forstchen

John, you look like crap warmed over."
He nodded, walking into the conference room for what had now become their daily meeting.
Thanks, Tom. I needed that. — William R. Forstchen

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Mariah Carey

Father, thanks for reaching out and lovingly,saying that you've always been proud of me,I needed to feel that so desperately,you're always alive inside of me. — Mariah Carey

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Russell Napier

Thanks to my father who, as it was to turn out, had already taught me most of what I needed to know about business in his butcher's shop in Belfast. Thanks to my mother, who taught me that there are many things in life much more important than business. — Russell Napier

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

That was a low blow", I said to Andrew, because someone needed to. "He doesn't even deserve your ass kicking, Daemon."
"She's right," Adam said. Until then I hadn't realized he'd moved, but he was on the other side of Daemon. "But if you want to put him out of commission for the next week after that comment, I'll help."
"Gee, thanks, brother." Andrew scowled. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Leonard Gardner

At times it was impossible for him to control the praise and predictions that issued from him like thanks, and he was aware of exaggerating; yet he felt a boxer needed someone who believed in him, and if it were true that confidence could win fights, then he could not be sure his overestimates were really that at all. Guiding — Leonard Gardner

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

Goodwill is something you put away like preserves, for a rainy day, for winter, for lean times, and it was moving to find that i had more than I had ever imagined. People gathered from all directions, and I was taken care of beautifully ... Afterward ... I occasionally wished that life was always like this, that I was always being showered with flowers and assistance and solicitousness, but you only get it when you need it. If you're lucky, you get it when you need it. To know that it was there when I needed it changed everything a little in the long run. — Rebecca Solnit

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Eve Langlais

Why are you smiling?" she asked.
"Thanks for the swim. I needed that. Nothing worse than a major hard on right before a mission."
"Do you ever temper your tongue?" She forced herself not to peek lower than his chin.
"Nope. I just let it do what it wants, and might I say, it does wicked things."
"You're impossible."
"No, totally possible, and unforgettable."

-Ysabel & Remy — Eve Langlais

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Martin Wolf

The four most dangerous words in finance are 'this time is different.' Thanks to this masterpiece by Carmen Reinhart at the University of Maryland and Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard, no one can doubt this again ... The authors have put an immense amount of work into collecting the data financial institutions needed if they were to have any chance of making quantitative risk management work. — Martin Wolf

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Jordan Sonnenblick

Well your mom was right, in a way. What do you mean? He DID fall, right? So he wasn't safe on the stool. Thanks, Annette. Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I needed to hear right now. You're a very inspiring person, you know that? — Jordan Sonnenblick

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Bijou Hunter

Lark Barnes wasn't much older than me, yet she was married and pregnant with twins. On bed rest for the last few months, she was trapped in her updated Craftsman-style house. Thanks to Bailey, my new job involved caring for Lark during the day.
Petite with spiky dark hair, Lark needed the help too. She was all belly these days. In fact when I arrived at the house that morning, I found her stuck in bed.
"I'm beached!" she cried as I entered the bedroom.
After a little effort, I tugged her out of the bed and helped her into the bathroom. — Bijou Hunter

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jayden went for my fries, ignoring Anna's narrowed gaze. "Thanks, babe."
"You two know each other?" Jo gestured between Jayden and me with her fork.
Before I could nod, he dropped an arm over my shoulders. "She's my bae."
I grinned.
"Bae?" Keira sighed. "I hate that word. Do you know what it really means?"
"Poop," I answered without thinking. "In Danish."
My eyes widened. Holy crap. I'd spoken without hesitation at lunch! Holy crap! No one recognized my internal freak-out over it, but I couldn't believe it. I sat there and spoke with no problem.
I needed to give myself a cookie.
Anna giggled. "Oh, man. I know. I know. Still think it's a cute word."
Across from her, Keira rolled her eyes. "It literally means shit."
"Mallory is the shit, though. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Seventhswan

Now listen, Gunnar," Cara is saying, "Jon told me you thought you needed to move out, but you don't have to, you know. It's not a big deal. Plus, we'll be engaged for a while before we actually get married so it's not - "
"Actually, Vance asked me to move in with him," Gunnar says, going for casual and missing it by a mile.
Cara steps back, eyebrows raised, "Wanna run that by me again?"
"Vance. He asked me to move in with him."
"And you said?"
"I said yes."
Cara lets out a shriek that sends Jon and Gunnar into a defensive crouch. "That's. Well that's fantastic, Gunnar. I didn't think you had it in you!"
"Oh, thanks so much," Gunnar says (although to be fair, even he didn't think he had it in him). — Seventhswan

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Stephen King

I responded (and with rather touching wholeheartedness) to the sweep of Tolkien's imagination-to the ambition of his story-but I wanted to write my own kind of story, and had I started then, I would have written his ... Thanks to Mr. Tolkien, the twentieth century had all the elves and wizards it needed. — Stephen King

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Krista Ritchie

I flip him off. He mimes catching and pocketing it. "Thanks. I needed a fuck you for later. — Krista Ritchie

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Nathan Edmondson

Thanks." "For what?" "I needed someone angrier than I was." "I am that." "And Logan wanted me to look out for you." "You're angry, Laura. But you're not alone. — Nathan Edmondson

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Patrick Fabian

I hit my knees every morning and every night to give thanks for being alive and all the blessings I have. And in the middle of chaos, it's been suggested to me to stop and truly look around, notice the sky, the trees, the grass, and realize you're part of it all, which is hard when you really want to focus on what you think is bothering you. However, one of the smartest things I do is check in with my awesome wife, who is really good at screwing my head back on when needed. — Patrick Fabian

No Thanks Needed Quotes By William Gibson

You needed a new pancreas. The one we bought for you frees you from a dangerous dependency." "Thanks, but I was enjoying that dependency. — William Gibson

No Thanks Needed Quotes By John Hodgman

By the time I was writing the second book, my life had changed rather dramatically, thanks to the intervention of television, and I needed to find a way to discuss that. Otherwise the big, fake book would not be true on some level. — John Hodgman

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Claire Gillian

Encouragement from any source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert. Thanks to all the many others who rained on me when I needed it, and even when I foolishly thought I didn't.
(acknowledgements in The P.U.R.E.) — Claire Gillian

No Thanks Needed Quotes By Ella Dominguez

You already made your point," I say with a mouthful of fruit.
"Did I?"
"Oh, for the love of dick, yes. Now leave me alone."
"Never. If you want, I'll fuck you now."
The gall. I wouldn't fuck him now if my clit was on fire and needed to be doused with nub-saving cum. I roll my eyes at him.
"No thanks, we have a lifetime of fucking ahead of us," I say mockingly.
He shrugs and starts to walk away as if it makes no difference to him one way or the other. He's such a jackass sometimes. Before I can stop myself I throw my half-eaten banana at him and it hits him on the back of his neck.
He spins around, wipes his neck and looks down at the banana on the floor.
"Did you really just fruitally assault me?"
He thinks he's so damned funny with his wordplay. — Ella Dominguez