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No More Chasing After You Quotes By Chin-Ning Chu

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. — Chin-Ning Chu

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Goli Taraghi

Everyone was certain that Engineer Safa would go chasing after his wife or he would die of sorrow. Not so. The engineer neither chased after her nor died of sorrow. He shrugged and said, 'The hell with her.' At first, people were puzzled, but then they remembered that life is a sequence of ephemeral events and a succession of fleeting loves. — Goli Taraghi

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The world's crawling with stupid,
innocent girls, and I'm just one of them, self-consciously
chasing after dreams that'll never come true. I should shut the
piano lid and come down off the stage. Before it's too late. — Haruki Murakami

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Norah Jones

Don't go chasing after butterflies, when everything you want is right by your side. — Norah Jones

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Ron Tugnutt

When I was a kid, everyone called me crazy for playing goal, but they were the ones chasing after the puck while I just let it come to me. — Ron Tugnutt

No More Chasing After You Quotes By David Aaron Kessler

The history of government regulation of food safety is one of government watchdogs chasing the horse after it's out of the barn. — David Aaron Kessler

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Louise Penny

Every morning he went for a walk with his wife, Reine-Marie, and their German shepherd Henri. Tossing the tennis ball ahead of them, they ended up chasing it down themselves when Henri became distracted by a fluttering leaf, or a black fly, or the voices in his head. The dog would race after the ball, then stop and stare into thin air, moving his gigantic satellite ears this way and that. Honing in on some message. Not tense, but quizzical. It was, Gamache recognized, the way most people listened when they heard on the wind the wisps of a particularly beloved piece of music. Or a familiar voice from far away. — Louise Penny

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Milarepa

When you run after your thoughts, you are like a dog chasing a stick: every time a stick is thrown, you run after it. Instead, be like a lion who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower. One only throws a stick at a lion once. — Milarepa

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Robert Musil

People were always chasing after some leader or another, and stumbling from one superstition to the next, cheering His Majesty one day and giving the most disgusting incendiary speeches in Parliament the next, and none of it ever amounted to anything in the end! If this could be miniaturized by a factor of a a million and reduced, as it were, to the dimensions of a single head, the result would be precisely the image of the unaccountable, forgetful, ignorant conduct and the demented hopping around that has always been the image of a lunatic. — Robert Musil

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Jen Turano

I was moving briskly. Well, until I realized I had a crazy lady chasing after me. Then I started to run. — Jen Turano

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Norton Juster

I warned you; I warned you I was the Senses Taker," sneered the Senses Taker. "I help people find what they're not looking for, hear what they're not listening for, run after what they're not chasing, and smell what isn't even there. And, furthermore," he cackled, hopping around gleefully on his stubby legs, "I'll steal your sense of purpose, take your sense of duty, destroy your sense of proportion - and, but for one thing, you'd be helpless yet."
"What's that?" asked Milo fearfully.
"As long as you have the sound of laughter," he groaned unhappily, "I cannot take your sense of humor - and, with it, you've nothing to fear from me. — Norton Juster

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Tim King

If we could learn to trust and rest and be instead of always striving to do, we would find ourselves face to face with some of life's most perplexing paradoxes. First, that transformation comes only when we stop trying to transform ourselves. Second, that love can flow out of us only after we've allowed it to flow freely into us. And third, that you can't catch God by chasing him; you catch him only by accepting his pursuit of you. — Tim King

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Dahlia Lu

I wonder which one of us is more despicable.Is it the person relentlessly chasing after love or the person desperately holding it captive? We wrapped each other in vines of thorns so that we could watch each other's heart bleed to the last drop, only there can be no end for creatures of eternal darkness. How much longer must you watch me bleed? — Dahlia Lu

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Chasing after a guy who's not interested in you will rip the hell out of your self-respect. Better to face facts now because the longer you put it off, the harder it'll be. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Dean Koontz

The thing about me loving Harry is I'm twelve and he's maybe thirty or thirty-five, whatever, so he'll have to wait like six years for me to grow up. I mean if he kills Hiskott and sets us free, he'll have to wait. He'll never do that. As kind and sweet and brave as he is, he probably has a girl already a hundred others chasing after him. So what I'll have to do is always love him from afar. Unrequited love. That's what they generally call it. I'll love him forever in a deeply, deeply sad kind of way, which maybe you think sounds pretty depressing, but it isn't. Being obsessed about a deeply sad unrequited love can take your mind off the worse things, of which there are thousands, and sometimes it's better to dwell endlessly on what you can't have than on what might happen to you at any moment in Harmony corner. — Dean Koontz

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Did you never wonder why the old books are so full of dragons chasing after maidens? The serpents think the girls are orphans, and long to get them away in a lair so that they may grow up strong and tall. — Catherynne M Valente

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don't waste time chasing after success or comparing yourself to others. Every flower blooms at a different pace. Excel at doing what your passion is and only focus on perfecting it. Eventually people will see what you are great at doing, and if you are truly great, success will come chasing after you. — Suzy Kassem

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Do you know," he says, closing the cover of the journal only to lay his hand on top of it. Protecting it. Staring at it. "I couldn't sleep for days after I read that entry. I kept wanting to know which people were chasing you down the street, who it was you were running from. I wanted to find them," he says, so softly, "and I wanted to rip their limbs off, one by one. I wanted to murder them in ways that would horrify you to hear. — Tahereh Mafi

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Sandy Williams

No. No way. I don't love Aren. I can't because, damn it, I'm not one of those girls, the ones who have two men chasing after them but can't make up their minds who to choose. If you can't decide who you love more, you don't love either of them enough. — Sandy Williams

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Stephen King

When the sun was fully up, the gunslinger moved on west. He would find another horse eventually, or a mule, but for now he was content to walk. All that day he was haunted by a ringing, singing sound in his ears, a sound like bells. Several times he stopped and looked around, sure he would see a dark following shape flowing over the ground, chasing after as the shadows of our best and worst memories chase after, but no shape was ever there. He was alone in the low hill country west of Eluria. Quite alone. — Stephen King

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Stacey Lewis

Jeremy never gave any indication that he saw me as anything other than David's little sister. I've been chasing after Jeremy since about a month after my brother — Stacey Lewis

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Paul Stanley

To go from being an unpopular, chubby little kid who was chasing girls and couldn't seem to catch them, to being chased after and making sure I ran slow enough that I did get caught, it was 180 degree turn. It was being given the keys to the candy store. — Paul Stanley

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Miki Dora

They come out of nowhere, instantaneously materialize and just as quickly they break and vanish. Chasing after such fleeting mirages is a complete waste of time. That is what I choose to do with my life. — Miki Dora

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Koji Suzuki

My life's been defined by my actions. I've shaped my destiny through my battles. I would rather keep chasing after my dreams until I crumble into dust than sit around waiting for fate to show me mercy. — Koji Suzuki

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

You see, women are like fires, like flames. Some women are like candles, bright and friendly. Some are like single sparks, or embers, like fireflies for chasing on summer nights. Some are like campfires, all light and heat for a night and willing to be left after. Some women are like hearthfires, not much to look at but underneath they are all warm red coal that burns a long, long while. — Patrick Rothfuss

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Guy Finley

Chasing after a pleasure to ease a pain is like running after a breeze to cool you down. — Guy Finley

No More Chasing After You Quotes By John Green

So we gave up. I'd finally had enough of chasing after a ghost who did not want to be discovered. We'd failed, maybe, but some mysteries aren't meant to be solved. I still did not know her as I wanted to, but I never could. She made it impossible for me. And the accident, the suicide, would never be anything else, and I was left to ask, Did I help you to a fate you didn't want, Alaska, or did I jsut assist in your willful self-destruction? Because they are different crimes, and I didn't know wheter to feel angry at myself for letting go.
But we knew what could be found out, and in finding out, she had made us closer- the Colonel adn Takumi and me, anyway. And that was it. She didn't leave me enough to discover her, but she left me enough to rediscover the Great Perhaps. — John Green

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Bruce Littlefield

An Airstream is a lot like a first love: you are lured by her charm, seduced by her beauty, and once bitten, you are forever chasing after her mystique. — Bruce Littlefield

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Donna Tartt

. Only - if you care for a thing enough, it takes on a life of its own, doesn't it? And isn't the whole point of things - beautiful things - that they connect you to some larger beauty? Those first images that crack your heart wide open and you spend the rest of your life chasing, or trying to recapture, in one way or another? Because, I mean - mending old things, preserving them, looking after them - on some level there's no rational grounds for it - "
"There's no 'rational grounds' for anything I care about — Donna Tartt

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Keith Houghton

Contrary to the movies, police work does not consist solely of chasing after the bad guy down dark, forbidding alleyways. Most of the real chasing is done sitting behind a desk with a telephone glued to the ear, hunting down new leads and investigating paper trails. — Keith Houghton

No More Chasing After You Quotes By A Meredith Walters

Chasing after you..again — A Meredith Walters

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Amy Plum

Watching the way he treats you made me realize that maybe I had set my sights too low. After chasing someone who didn't give me the time of day ... I just see how Vincent anticipates your every desire and tries to make it come true for you. How, when he sees you walk into a room, it's like he's transformed into this person who is bigger and better than the one he was just minutes before. I want to be that for someone. I think I deserve it. And I'm not going to pine away for a guy who feels that for someone else. So until my own chivalrous knight shows up, I've decided to live a full life and be happy with my lot. — Amy Plum

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

His blood rushed through his veins like lava as his cock turned rock hard. "Get a hold of yourself. You're not some horny teen chasing after the first girl who smiled at you."
True, but there was something about this woman. Something that put a slow burn in his blood.
Yeah, she wants to beat your ass, you masochistic bastard.
-Syn — Sherrilyn Kenyon

No More Chasing After You Quotes By Cam Gigandet

It's been great having my little girl. It's like having a workout 24 hours a day. I don't need to go to the gym! I'm chasing after my daughter everywhere she goes. — Cam Gigandet