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Top Nineties Quotes

Nineties Quotes By Maajid Nawaz

to tell people to stop practicing their faith was imperialism in nineties clothing, a colonial hangover bordering on racism. Instead, we were embraced as a new generation of anti-colonial politicized youth. Curiously, — Maajid Nawaz

Nineties Quotes By Thomas Frank

In 1991, though, began an uprising that would propel those reptilian Republicans from a tiny splinter group into the state's dominant political faction, that would reduce Kansas Democrats to third-party status, and that would wreck what remained of the state's progressive legacy. We are accustomed to thinking of the backlash as a phenomenon of the seventies (the busing riots, the tax revolt) or the eighties (the Reagan revolution); in Kansas the great move to the right was a story of the nineties, a story of the present. — Thomas Frank

Nineties Quotes By Creed Bratton

I liked back in the sixties where you'd turn on the radio and go 'Oh that's Hendrix, that's Creedence Clearwater, that's The Doors, there's The Grass Roots, The Monkees, there's Big Brother.' You could just instantly hear it and tell. But in the eighties and nineties there's no way you could do that. — Creed Bratton

Nineties Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

She finds the door wide open and the place empty, another failed dotcom joining the officescape of the time - tarnished metallic surfaces, shaggy gray soundproofing, Steelcase screens and Herman Miller workpods - already beginning to decompose, littered, dust gathering . . . Well, almost empty. From some distant cubicle comes a tinny electronic melody Maxine recognizes as "Korobushka," the anthem of nineties workplace fecklessness, playing faster and faster and accompanied by screams of anxiety. Ghost vendor indeed. Has she entered some supernatural timewarp where the shades of office layabouts continue to waste uncountable person-hours playing Tetris? Between that and Solitaire for Windows, no wonder the tech sector tanked. — Thomas Pynchon

Nineties Quotes By Mark McKinnon

Negativity drove me out of politics in the mid-Nineties. — Mark McKinnon

Nineties Quotes By Jean Dreze

Much else than liberalization has happened in the nineties (in India) — Jean Dreze

Nineties Quotes By Georgia May Jagger

My problem is that I always find jeans that are either high-waisted or low-rise, but nothing in between, like they used to be in the eighties and early nineties. That's actually the most flattering cut. — Georgia May Jagger

Nineties Quotes By Les Claypool

The end of the Nineties was an unhappy Primus camp. I hit a creative stagnation that wasn't helping us forward, and the personal elements, it just was time to stop. — Les Claypool

Nineties Quotes By Frederick Barthelme

Glimpses is dead-on about the high and tight nineties even as it reaches out for the sweet hereafter of the sixties. It longs for something better, and finds it, I guess, as much as anything is ever found anymore. It's a mean, sweet, wry, and disturbing book, in equal portions. — Frederick Barthelme

Nineties Quotes By Mark Salling

I love nineties stuff like Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails. It'd be my dream to have a Radiohead-themed episode of 'Glee.' I also love jazz greats like Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. — Mark Salling

Nineties Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Bill Clinton did midnight basketball. He is not looked at by this current generation of Democrats as anywhere near the hero he was back in the nineties. — Rush Limbaugh

Nineties Quotes By John Allison

Wow. Listen. Just kiss both kinds of face. Maybe you'll enjoy them equally. That's fine. Let love rule. It's the nineties. Get used to it. — John Allison

Nineties Quotes By Fannie Hurst

One evening in one of those Over-the-Rhine cafes which were plentiful along Vine Street of the Cincinnati of the nineties, a traveling salesman leaned across his stein of Moerlein's Extra Light and openly accused Ray Schmidt of being innocent. — Fannie Hurst

Nineties Quotes By Barbara Windsor

I found myself in the doldrums in the early Nineties. I was too old to play the dolly bird any longer and I looked too young to play a woman of my real age. No one ever saw me as the aunt, mother or grandmother. — Barbara Windsor

Nineties Quotes By Zadie Smith

I wrote 'White Teeth' in the late nineties. I didn't really feel trepidatious about it. It was a different time. — Zadie Smith

Nineties Quotes By Jacqueline Novogratz

Why do some people stop growing at age 30, just going from work to the couch and television, when others stay vibrant, curious, almost childlike into their nineties? — Jacqueline Novogratz

Nineties Quotes By Jane Wiedlin

I made the big turnaround in the early Nineties when I started hearing all the tenth generation punk bands like Green Day and Offspring and all those people. It just made me fall in love with punk again and remember my roots, and since that time I've always wanted to do more of that kind of music again. — Jane Wiedlin

Nineties Quotes By Janine Di Giovanni

I spent a good part of the nineties roaming the Earth writing about conflict. It was very grueling. I was beginning to find this way of life was, wow, addictive and deeply meaningful. — Janine Di Giovanni

Nineties Quotes By George Osborne

I first started going to Chelsea games in the mid-Nineties when I lived off the North End Road, ten minutes' walk from Stamford Bridge. — George Osborne

Nineties Quotes By Eddie Vedder

People listen to music for different reasons. Some people, -its background music - but other people need it to survive. Other people need music to get things out and maybe that's just where I'm coming from, you know, when things weren't easy for me, growing up. You know, music, I felt, saved my life. Pete Townshend, wherever you are, Pete, you saved my life. You know, whether he knows it or not. I wouldn't be here. And I had absolutely nothing else besides music. And so that's still, you know, that's in me, and so if we're gonna play, if we're gonna get up and play, or write a song, you know, write about something that means something. You know, why write about, you know, 'Oh, pretty day', or, 'Pretty girl' or 'Pretty people', there's nothing ... people have different reasons for listening and playing. I need to - for me-, it's much more.. religious! — Eddie Vedder

Nineties Quotes By Shalom Harlow

When I started coming to do shows in New York, New York had a pretty electric energy then. It was the early-nineties, and there was a lot of really fun theatrical types that were designing, and so the runway kind of became this stage for all of these mega model personalities to flaunt their stuff. — Shalom Harlow

Nineties Quotes By Kirstie Collins Brote

The dining hall in our section of campus was like something out of an Ayn Rand novel: big, utilitarian, and impersonal. — Kirstie Collins Brote

Nineties Quotes By Nick Rhodes

I always say to people, the Eighties were so inventive because people wanted to stand out. By the time we got to the Nineties, everyone wanted to fit in. It was all about having the same pair of trainers and the same pair of jeans. That's fatal. Whereas the Eighties you would never be seen in the same pair of jeans that somebody else was wearing. — Nick Rhodes

Nineties Quotes By John Thorn

And then came the nineties, when management, suddenly frightened that they had ceded control to the players, sought to restore baseball's profitability by 'running the game like a business.' — John Thorn

Nineties Quotes By Anonymous

For most of the twentieth century, directors were paid largely in cash. Now, so that their interests will be aligned with those of shareholders, much of their pay is in stock. Boards of directors were once populated by corporate insiders, family members, and cronies of the C.E.O. Today, boards have many more independent directors, and C.E.O.s typically have less influence over how boards run. And S.E.C. reforms since the early nineteen-nineties have forced companies to be transparent about executive compensation. — Anonymous

Nineties Quotes By Christian Fennesz

I started playing guitar at the age of 8 or 9 years. Very early, and I was like already into pop music and was just trying to copy what I heard on the radio. And at a very early age I started experimenting with old tape recorders from my parents. I was 11 or 12 at that time and then when I was like 14 or 15 I had a punk band. I made all the classic rock musician's evolutions and then in the early nineties I bought my first sampler and that is how I got into electronic music, because I was able to produce it on my own. That was quite a relief. — Christian Fennesz

Nineties Quotes By Will Self

If the seventies were bulbous, and the eighties sharp, the nineties were nothing but bogus. — Will Self

Nineties Quotes By Patton Oswalt

I mean, the death in the late eighties and early nineties really shook out a lot of hacks. The pond just sort of dried up for a lot of really bad comedians. — Patton Oswalt

Nineties Quotes By Eddie Huang

Back then, when the culture was still building, people were loyal to stores, brands, and the cause. The style was retro-nineties, loud colors, vector or photographic driven, skinny jeans, selvage denim, lots of Japanese brands, and hip-hop/street culture content. There was also a political aspect to streetwear. Speaking for myself, I was sick of rocking logos for people. What people started printing their own shirts on AAA or American Apparel blanks, we got to rep the culture through the clothing. In the post-9/11 era, a lot of the more powerful messages about individuality, free speech, and what it was to be American manifested themselves in streetwear. (215) — Eddie Huang

Nineties Quotes By Harlan Coben

Years ago, Myron had found this all somewhat poignant and oddly comforting - the war relic now housing artists - but the world was different now. In the eighties and nineties, it had all been cute and quaint. Now this "progress" felt like phony symbolism. Near — Harlan Coben

Nineties Quotes By Alice-Leone Moats

[On Philadelphia society:] The parties remind me of the Gay Nineties
the men are gay and the women are in their nineties. — Alice-Leone Moats

Nineties Quotes By James Iha

My first job in NYC was playing a gig in the early nineties at CBGBs. — James Iha

Nineties Quotes By Morrissey

I'm fascinated by people in their eighties and nineties. Especially those who are still creating and living in an interesting way. I am fascinated by them because they have so much to say now that they've lived for so long. — Morrissey

Nineties Quotes By Russell Brand

WHEN I STILL USED, I WAS ONCE WORKING IN IBIZA, HEDONISM capital of the nineties and the turn of the millennium. People swayed in sweaty swathes and stayed, pilled-up for days. I couldn't participate, because I was too shy or broken, caught on some taut barbed wire in my mind. Me and my mate Matt, high one night, lost ourselves, found ourselves in a wood and pretended to be animals. It was just us, and we prowled and circled around. We locked eyes and growled and danced. "Let's pretend we're animals" was forgotten, and we were animals. We are animals. We are free animals with a divine spark, we're not in a farm or a zoo or a theme park, we're free. We've forgotten that we're free. — Russell Brand

Nineties Quotes By Paul Marciano

When models started getting skinnier in the nineties and were becoming sick-looking, I didn't get it! I think that's sending a totally wrong message. — Paul Marciano

Nineties Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The Democrat Party today is not enamored of Bill Clinton. They may not even be enamored of Hillary [Clinton]. But the things that jazzed Democrats back in the nineties are nowhere near the things that jazz the Democrats of today. — Rush Limbaugh

Nineties Quotes By Isla Fisher

I have very eclectic taste in music. I like everything from Nirvana, which is featured in the film, to world music, to orchestral and jazz. For me, the nineties were about Oasis, because I was travelling around Britain when that band exploded onto the music scene. — Isla Fisher

Nineties Quotes By Michael Robotham

In the mid-nineties, I quit my job as a senior feature writer at 'The Mail' on Sunday in the U.K. and became a 'ghost writer,' collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, soldiers and sporting legends who needed help in penning their autobiographies. — Michael Robotham

Nineties Quotes By Brandon Flowers

Something happened in the nineties. There was a shift. I don't want to blame it on grunge or the rise of indie - but that was basically it. It was seen as dirty and kind of ignorant to have these ambitions, to want to be a big band. — Brandon Flowers

Nineties Quotes By Chris Brown

The Tote End (a large and foreboding terrace at Eastville) itself was demolished in the nineties. Sadly a monstrous Ikea store now stands in it's place. Where once tribes of youths performed their rites of passage and bodily fluids flowed in the name of love, hate and pride; Justin and Kate bicker over which wood flooring they should choose. It fucking kills me. — Chris Brown

Nineties Quotes By Thomas P. Campbell

When I first started coming to New York in the early Nineties and seeing the vitality of the programme compared to what was going on back in London or Paris, it was just in a different league. It's like a 16th-century court. — Thomas P. Campbell

Nineties Quotes By Raf Simons

In the nineties, it was common to see people who expressed themselves through one designer - the Jil Sander woman, the Martin Margiela woman. You saw her on the street, and you knew who she was. — Raf Simons

Nineties Quotes By William T. Vollmann

The first chance I had to go to Japan, which was in the early nineties, I went to a Noh play. I thought, 'This is very, very slow.' I noticed lots of people falling asleep. I didn't really know what was going on; I was getting a little sleepy myself. Then the more I studied it, the more fascinated I got. — William T. Vollmann

Nineties Quotes By Betty Friedan

Development can indeed continue beyond childhood and youth, beyond the seventies. It can continue until the very end of life, given purposes that challenge and use our human abilities ... In sum, our development does not necessarily end at any age. We can continue to develop into our eighties, even to our nineties. — Betty Friedan

Nineties Quotes By Rick Derringer

In the nineties I was doing those Blues Bureau records, but over the past two years, I have really gone back to my Christian roots and have been born again. — Rick Derringer

Nineties Quotes By Diogo Vasconcelos

In the eighties and nineties, the innovation agenda was exclusively focused on enterprises. There was a time in which economic and social issues were seen as separate. Economy was producing wealth, society was spending. In the 21st century economy, this is not true anymore. Sectors like health, social services and education have a tendency to grow, in GDP percentage as well as in creating employment, whereas other industries are decreasing. In the long term, an innovation in social services or education will be as important as an innovation in the pharmaceutical or aerospatial industry. — Diogo Vasconcelos

Nineties Quotes By Natalie Zea

When I started, I had a really hard time getting work. It was the mid- to late-nineties. There was the WB. My age was perfect for it, but I just never came across as a youngster. I had to grow into my age in order to start working, and by the time I did, it was when things started to get good. — Natalie Zea

Nineties Quotes By Janice Dickinson

Aside from my modelling, by the early Nineties I was also starting to work as a photographer, which I loved. — Janice Dickinson

Nineties Quotes By Kiesza

My sound definitely pays a lot of homage to the Nineties, but not just the dance music. There's also breakbeats, R&B, the big ballads. It's that whole era infused with very modern sounds. — Kiesza

Nineties Quotes By Carolyn Wells

All through the nineties I met people. Crowds of people. Met and met and met, until it seemed that people were born and hastily grew up, just to be met. — Carolyn Wells

Nineties Quotes By Chris Klein

When I started in the late nineties, it was all about young Hollywood. There were jobs for all of us if you were 18 to 21, were slightly good looking, or could be funny. — Chris Klein

Nineties Quotes By Malcolm Muggeridge

A ready means of being cherished by the English is to adopt the simple expedient of living a long time. I have little doubt that if, say, Oscar Wilde had lived into his nineties, instead of dying in his forties, he would have been considered a benign, distinguished figure suitable to preside at a school prize-giving or to instruct and exhort scout masters at their jamborees. He might even have been knighted. — Malcolm Muggeridge

Nineties Quotes By Kat Ross

By mid-June, the mercury had soared up to the nineties and lingered there, like a fat dowager in her favorite armchair. — Kat Ross

Nineties Quotes By Samuel Beckett

We should have thought of it when the world was young, in the nineties. — Samuel Beckett

Nineties Quotes By Erma Bombeck

Sex in the nineties is boring. The problem is that it has gone from an active act to a spectator sport. We watch people make love on television and in films. We call 900 numbers to hear what someone would do to us if they weren't sitting in a boiler room of other dirty talkers reading from a prepared script. — Erma Bombeck

Nineties Quotes By Maajid Nawaz

Islamism demanded no less of a root-and-branch overhaul of society. But because it was cloaked in religious garb, no one quite knew what to do with it, and people were desperate not to offend. There was confusion over whether to define our activism as a cultural identity, an ideology or a faith. To top it off, Islamism went through a decade of being embraced by both the left and right wings. The default left-leaning liberal position was to embrace the movement as part of multicultural sensitivity: to tell people to stop practising their faith was imperialism in nineties clothing, a colonial hangover bordering on racism. Instead, we were embraced as a new generation of anti-colonial politicised youth. Curiously, the default position on the right was to embrace us too, because it had been the Afghan Mujahideen, backed by the CIA, who fought the Soviet Union. Lest we forget, this was when Hollywood films such as Stallone's Rambo 3 portrayed the Afghan Mujahideen as heroes. — Maajid Nawaz

Nineties Quotes By Aziz Ansari

How do we figure out when to call, when to text, and when to just drop everything, stand outside someone's window, and serenade them with your favorite nineties R&B tune, perhaps "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo? — Aziz Ansari

Nineties Quotes By Dennis Hopper

When we're out of the eighties, the nineties are gonna make the sixties look like the fifties! — Dennis Hopper

Nineties Quotes By Sara Gruen

But it all zipped by. One minute Marlena and I were up to our eyeballs, and the next thing we knew the kids were borrowing the car and fleeing the coop for college. And now, here I am. In my nineties and alone. — Sara Gruen

Nineties Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

All that stuff about heavy metal and hard rock, I don't subscribe to any of that. It's all just music. I mean, the heavy metal from the Seventies sounds nothing like the stuff from the Eighties, and that sounds nothing like the stuff from the Nineties. Who's to say what is and isn't a certain type of music? — Ozzy Osbourne

Nineties Quotes By Tom Ford

The thing about eyewear is that it is so potent, There are very few accessories that, if you were not wearing anything, if you put on they would date you to a whole era. You could look the Thirties, the Fifties, and the Nineties just by your eyewear. It's like a pair of shoes because it is sculptural. It exists without a face. It tells a lot about where you are architecturally or aesthetically in a particular period in time. — Tom Ford

Nineties Quotes By Stephen Richards

Before Mags became a household name across Scotland, it was during the mid Nineties when she became an avid anti-paedophile campaigner against paedophiles on the Raploch Estate, attracting media attention, even appearing on Robert Kilroy-Silk's morning TV show. At the height of her anti-paedophilic crusade, she led a howling mob of protesters to a hostel near her home where a known paedophile was staying. — Stephen Richards

Nineties Quotes By Jerry Saltz

Chris Ofili's suave, stippled, visually tricked-out paintings of the nineties, with their allover fields of shimmering dots and clumps of dung, are like cave paintings of modern life. They crackle with optical cockiness, love, and massive amounts of painterly mojo. — Jerry Saltz

Nineties Quotes By Keith Ablow

It is a terrible and exquisitely human irony that children inadequately nurtured almost never give up on the breast. The thirst for love from a mother or father who cannot provide it is seemingly unquenchable. I have treated sixty- and seventy-year-old business executives, politicians, and physicians still desperate for approval from shriveled, emotionally barren men and women in their eighties and nineties. (257) — Keith Ablow

Nineties Quotes By Rivers Cuomo

In some ways, I feel like I was Nirvana's biggest fan in the Nineties. I'm sure there are a zillion people who would make that claim, but I was just so passionately in love with the music that it made me feel sick. It made my heart hurt. — Rivers Cuomo

Nineties Quotes By Peter York

By the late Nineties, we had become a more visual nation. Big-money taste moved to global standards - new architecture, design and show-off contemporary art. The Sloane domestic aesthetic - symmetry, class symbolism and brown furniture - became as unfashionable as it had been hot in the early Eighties. — Peter York

Nineties Quotes By Rafael Yglesias

Percocet? Seriously?" Brian laughed bitterly. "That's so nineties. He should at least update his addictions. — Rafael Yglesias

Nineties Quotes By Ben Peek

In truth, I've never been a big superhero fan. I don't mind some of the movies, and a couple of the cartoons were alright - that Batman series from the early nineties where Mark Hamill voiced the Joker is sweetness. But largely, I've not really had much time for superheroes. — Ben Peek

Nineties Quotes By Brian Halligan

I started my career as a sales guy in the nineties, when the funnel was controlled by the sales rep, who had all the information the prospect wanted, including pricing and discount options. Now 90 percent of it has swung to marketing. It's self-service and you need to be very, very helpful to see to the top of the funnel. The game has changed a lot. — Brian Halligan

Nineties Quotes By Liane Moriarty

Helicopter parents. Before I started at Pirriwee Public, I thought it was an exaggeration, this thing about parents being overly involved with their kids. I mean, my mum and dad loved me, they were, like, interested in me when I was growing up in the nineties, but they weren't, like, obsessed with me. — Liane Moriarty

Nineties Quotes By Conrad Sewell

Nineties music was what I grew up with, and I want to make music that's soulful but that you can also dance and drive to. — Conrad Sewell

Nineties Quotes By Marilyn Manson

Yet. I'm starting to think that if the Internet is the CB radio of the nineties, then the home computer is the trailer park of the soul, a dangerous tool in the hands of idiots. Eventually self-imposed fascism will destroy man as he convinces himself he doesn't have to think anymore. SEPTEMBER — Marilyn Manson

Nineties Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

We also have to acknowledge that there are Millennials who don't know of the Clintons of the nineties, and we've always suspected that once they found out that ... I mean, Bill Clinton's behavior was celebrated by Democrats in the nineties. Even by the feminazis! — Rush Limbaugh

Nineties Quotes By Tori Kelly

Nineties hip-hop was a big influence for me; it still is. I love '90s everything. And it's when I was born, too. I'm a '90s kid for sure. — Tori Kelly

Nineties Quotes By Bob Dylan

I never did use earphones until into the Eighties or Nineties. I don't like to use earphones. I've never heard anybody sing with earphones effectively. They just give you a false sense of security. A lot of us don't need earphones. I don't think Springsteen or Mick do. But other people more or less have given in. But they ought not to. They don't need to. Especially if they have a good band. — Bob Dylan

Nineties Quotes By Margaret Case Harriman

[On the socialites in New York in the Nineties who devoted themselves to politics, charities, and other volunteer work:] I never knew but one woman who devoted her life exclusively to the social game. She ended her days arranging dinner parties with paper dolls, a breakdown pitiful to watch. — Margaret Case Harriman

Nineties Quotes By Lucy Robinson

He walked towards me. My heart was pounding like a nineties warehouse rave. — Lucy Robinson

Nineties Quotes By David Cone

We just kind of relied on written scouting reports through the eighties and even the early nineties. I've really been amazed by some of the data that's out there, especially with regards to tendencies of hitters, and certainly tendencies of pitchers as well. I would have loved to have gotten that data when I played. — David Cone

Nineties Quotes By Douglas Coupland

I miss the silliness of the Nineties. What would society be like if 9/11 never happened? If that silliness was extended forever? — Douglas Coupland

Nineties Quotes By Joe Perry

I don't spend much time listening to the records when they're done. Usually I let go of it. Especially in the Eighties and Nineties - they were like product, almost. — Joe Perry

Nineties Quotes By Diriye Osman

I was a reader before I was a writer, and when I started putting together my first collection of short stories, Fairytales For Lost Children, I drew on my rich history as a reader to try and create my voice. I wanted this voice to reflect my Somali background, my Kenyan upbringing and my London home. This voice would be a mashup of all the elements that formed my youth; the sticky-sweet Jamaican patois, the Kenyan street slang, my Somali and Italian linguistic tics, my love of jazz poetics and nineties hip-hop slanguistics. This language would form the bed on which my narratives of love, loss, identity and hope would rest. — Diriye Osman

Nineties Quotes By Hilary Mantel

One summer at the fag end of the nineties, I had to go out of London to talk to a literary society, of the sort that must have been old-fashioned when the previous century closed. When the day came, I wondered why I'd agreed to it; but yes is easier than no, and of course when you make a promise you think the time will never arrive: that there will be a nuclear holocaust, or something else diverting. — Hilary Mantel

Nineties Quotes By Ronald Reagan

I heard one presidential candidate say that what this country needed was a president for the nineties. I was set to run again. I thought he said a president IN his nineties. — Ronald Reagan

Nineties Quotes By Cynthia Kadohata

Back in the car she said, "I think I die this year, maybe this month." "I die first," Jiichan replied. "Japanese women live to nineties." "I die first! You eat many mandarin orange as child. They make you live longer. Vitamin C." "You drink more green tea. You live longer. — Cynthia Kadohata

Nineties Quotes By Bruce Willis

I like a little movie I did in the early nineties called 'Mortal Thoughts.' The part was hardly written, but I learned a lot making it. No one remembers it. — Bruce Willis

Nineties Quotes By Diana Secker Tesdell

There was a rough stone age and a smooth stone age and a bronze age, and many years afterward a cut-glass age. In the cut-glass age, when young ladies had persuaded young
men with long, curly mustaches to marry them, they sat down several months afterward and wrote thank-you notes for all sorts of cut-glass presents - punch-bowls, finger-bowls, dinner-glasses, wine-glasses, ice-cream dishes, bonbon dishes, decanters, and vases - for, though cut glass was nothing new in the nineties, it was then especially busy reflecting the dazzling light of fashion from the Back Bay to the fastnesses of the Middle West."
--from "The Glass-Cut Bowl" by F. Scott Fitzgerald — Diana Secker Tesdell

Nineties Quotes By Rebecca West

Only part of us is sane: only part of us loves pleasure and the longer day of happiness, wants to live to our nineties and die in peace, in a house that we built, that shall shelter those who come after us. The other half of us is nearly mad. It prefers the disagreeable to the agreeable, loves pain and its darker night despair, and wants to die in a catastrophe that will set back life to its beginnings and leave nothing of our house save its blackened foundations. — Rebecca West

Nineties Quotes By John Cleese

English television from the Fifties to the Nineties was the least bad in the world, and now it's just as bad as it is anywhere. — John Cleese

Nineties Quotes By James Hilton

For he did not, he would have said, care for women; he never felt at home or at ease with them; and that monstrous creature beginning to be talked about, the New Woman of the nineties, filled him with horror. He was a quiet, conventional person, and the world, viewed from the haven of Brookfield, seemed to him full of distasteful innovations; there was a fellow named Bernard Shaw who had the strangest and most reprehensible opinions; there was Ibsen, too, with his disturbing plays; and there was this new craze for bicycles which was being taken up by women equally with men. Chips did not hold with all this modern newness and freedom. He had a vague notion, if he ever formulated it, that nice women were weak, timid, and delicate, and that nice men treated them with a polite but rather distant chivalry. — James Hilton

Nineties Quotes By Zadie Smith

Most e-mails sent in the mid-nineties tended to be long and letter-like: they began and ended with traditional greetings - the ones we'd all previously used on paper - and they were keen to describe the surrounding scene, as if the new medium had made of everybody a writer. ("I'm typing this just by the window, looking out to blue-gray sea, where three gulls are diving into the water.") — Zadie Smith

Nineties Quotes By Robert Bly

Every modern male has, lying at the bottom of his psyche, a large, primitive being covered with hair down to his feet. Making contact with this Wild Man is the step the Eighties male or the Nineties male has yet to take. That bucketing-out process has yet to begin in our contemporary culture. — Robert Bly

Nineties Quotes By Claudia Schiffer

It's very difficult today for girls to become supermodels. There is a lot more competition, a lot of countries in the East have opened up so there are many more models than there were in the Nineties. Now they have to compete with famous actresses but also with, say, reality stars to be on the magazine covers. — Claudia Schiffer

Nineties Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

There used to be two kinds of kisses: First when girls were kissed and deserted; second, when they were engaged. Now there's a third kind, where the man is kissed and deserted. If Mr. Jones of the nineties bragged he'd kissed a girl, everyone knew he was through with her. If Mr. Jones of 1919 brags the same, everyone knows it's because he can't kiss her any more. Given a decent start any girl can beat a man nowadays. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Nineties Quotes By Raekwon

To be honest with you, I don't have one track that I consider better than the next because all I'm trying to do is still grow as an artist. I got way better since the early nineties, as far as putting words together. My best energy probably was the '90s, because I was new. — Raekwon

Nineties Quotes By Chris Robinson

Since the early Nineties it's been very fashionable to say, 'It's all about the music.' — Chris Robinson

Nineties Quotes By Dave Grohl

I love Black Sabbath. They made an amazing contribution to music today. Almost every band that made it big in the Nineties owed a debt to them — Dave Grohl

Nineties Quotes By Sara Gruen

Bathing is even more embarrassing, because I have to strip down to my birthday suit in front of a nurse. Now, there are some things that never die, so even though I'm in my nineties my sap sometimes rises. I can't help it. They always pretend not to notice. They're trained that way, I suppose, although pretending not to notice is almost worse than noticing. It means they consider me nothing more than a harmless old man sporting a harmless old penis that still gets uppity once in a while. Although if one of them took it seriously and tried to do something about it, the shock would probably kill me. — Sara Gruen

Nineties Quotes By Robert D. Kaplan

The Cold War went on for so long that it bred a kind of worldwide military establishment. Even when budgets went down in the early and mid-nineties, it didn't really affect it. — Robert D. Kaplan

Nineties Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

The error in this conclusion may be most simply demonstrated by means of an actual example. Let us select for this purpose the monetary history of Austria, which Laughlin also uses as an illustration. From 1859 onwards the Austrian National Bank was released from the obligation to convert its notes on demand into silver, and nobody could tell when the State paper-money issued in 1866 would be redeemed, or even if it would be redeemed at all. It was not until the later 'nineties that the transition to metallic money was completed by the actual resumption of cash payments on the part of the Austro-Hungarian Bank. — Ludwig Von Mises

Nineties Quotes By Jose Canseco

Sure I tampered with my body chemistry
and I emerged more than human! It's only a matter of time before an entire race of people are raised on steroids, and who knows what they'll be able to accomplish? Live to 150 years old, remain sexually potent into your nineties, interbreed with dolphins and whales, there's literally no limit to what steroids can do for a person. Do you know what it means to feel like God? — Jose Canseco