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Top Nines Hotel Quotes

Nines Hotel Quotes By James Madison

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood. — James Madison

Nines Hotel Quotes By Marianne Moore

If we can't be cordial to these creatures' fleece, I think that we deserve to freeze. — Marianne Moore

Nines Hotel Quotes By Rollo May

In some circles emptiness is even made a goal to be sought after, under the guise of being "adaptable." Nowhere is this illustrated more arrestingly than in an article in Life Magazine entitled "The Wife Problem."* Summarizing a series of researches which first appeared in Fortune about the role of the wives of corporation executives, this article points out that whether or not the husband is promoted depends a great deal on whether his wife fits the "pattern." Time was when only the minister's wife was looked over by the trustees of the church before her husband was hired; now the wife of the corporation executive is screened, covertly or overtly, by most companies like the steel or wool or any other commodity the company uses. She must be highly gregarious, not intellectual or conspicuous, and she must have very "sensitive antennae" (again that radar set!) so that she can be forever adapting. — Rollo May

Nines Hotel Quotes By Georges Braque

To define a thing is to substitute the definition for the thing itself. — Georges Braque

Nines Hotel Quotes By David Foster Wallace

You can see where it's going. The extraordinary political apathy that followed Watergate and Vietnam and the institutionalization of grass-roots rebellion among minorities will only deepen. Politics is about consensus, and the advertising legacy of the sixties is that consensus is repression. Voting'll be unhip: Americans now vote with their wallets. Government's only cultural role will be as the tyrannical parent we both hate and need. Look for us to elect someone who can cast himself as a Rebel, maybe even a cowboy, but who deep down we'll know is a bureaucratic creature who'll operate inside the government mechanism instead of naively bang his head against it the way we've watched poor Jimmy do for four years. — David Foster Wallace

Nines Hotel Quotes By R. Lee Smith

Hope is good to have," Murgull said after a moment. "But hope does not lift a tree about to crush your mate, or bring meat to a starving belly. It warms a cold heart and it soothes a worried brain, but what use is that? — R. Lee Smith

Nines Hotel Quotes By Stephen Hawking

even if there were events before the big bang, one could not use them to determine what would happen afterward, because predictability would break down at the big bang. — Stephen Hawking

Nines Hotel Quotes By Justin Cronin

One of the great themes in American literature is the individual's confrontation with the vast open spaces of the continent. — Justin Cronin

Nines Hotel Quotes By Rodolfo Graziani

The Duce will have Ethiopia, with or without the Ethiopians. — Rodolfo Graziani

Nines Hotel Quotes By Alice Walker

Anybody can observe the Sabbath, but making it holy surely takes the rest of the week. — Alice Walker

Nines Hotel Quotes By Jackson MacKenzie

If someone's opinion of you goes from sky-high to rock bottom, this isn't normal. — Jackson MacKenzie

Nines Hotel Quotes By Jody Hedlund

If you admit your fear to yourself and to him, then maybe this time you can face it instead of running away.' Even as he spoke the words to her, they hit him in the gut. He could dole out advice. But he wasn't great at following it. He'd been running away from his past for ten years. — Jody Hedlund