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Nfl Rules Quotes By Terry Crews

The NFL has gone a long way to Disney-fy its image, but it's not Disney. It's the MMA. It's a violent, brutal human war, with rules. The same guy who says, 'I'm going to rob everybody,' is the same guy who would be successful in the NFL. — Terry Crews

Nfl Rules Quotes By Pat Gillick

If I was involved with the NFL, I'd seriously consider adopting some of the rules used in Canada. I've heard, unofficially, of course, some NFL club owners have talked about adding a feature or two. The NFL went for the two-point conversion. Professional sport is entertainment, and the CFL, I believe, is ahead of the NFL in that regard. — Pat Gillick

Nfl Rules Quotes By Brendan Daly

After several years in the league, when a player becomes a vested veteran in the NFL, they play under a different set of rules. For instance, if you cut a vested veteran mid-season and they don't get picked up by another team, you owe them the remainder of their salary. — Brendan Daly

Nfl Rules Quotes By Steve Gleason

The increased rate of brain disease in the NFL population is caused by the way the game is played within the rules. — Steve Gleason

Nfl Rules Quotes By Robert Kraft

We play by the rules, we play hard and we prepare hard. The work ethic of our team and preparation is like no other in my opinion and we try to make our fans in America proud. — Robert Kraft

Nfl Rules Quotes By Mike Lee

The agency even had its own mascot - the Blue Eagle. Paying a disturbing, un-American kind of homage to this new, powerful, government agency, shopkeepers displayed the Blue Eagle in their store windows to advertise their compliance with the regulatory rules, and chorus girls wore emblems of the bird on their costumes.11 Consumers, meanwhile, were encouraged to shop only where the Blue Eagle was proudly displayed. In fact, the mascot inspired the name of the NFL franchise created in Philadelphia in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles. — Mike Lee

Nfl Rules Quotes By Larissa Ione

You are never to be alone in a bedroom with a male."
She snorted. "You have no say over who I have in my bedroom. If I want to invite the entire Miami Dolphins team into my bed and have a big orgy while covered in chocolate sauce, you have no say in that whatsoever."
The brief image set fire to his blood, but he kept his temper on simmer, unwilling to let her bait him. Still, he kind of wanted to hunt down every player on the football team and turn them into stains on the Astroturf.
"My house," he gritted out, "my rules. No chocolate NFL orgies in my keep. I think that's a reasonable request. — Larissa Ione