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New Moon Romantic Quotes & Sayings

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New Moon Romantic Quotes By Lola Salt

Due to budget constraints I've rewritten the script, condensing all four of the Twilight Opuses into one epic screenplay. We'll shoot it over two days. I cut out New Moon,' he added quickly, 'Edward's not in it that much. And I also took out the bits in Italy, as well as all the fight scenes. Those are too expensive to film. And there are no wolves in it either ... the CGI would have blown the budget. — Lola Salt

New Moon Romantic Quotes By Meljean Brook

Though emotion roughened his voice, he spoke quietly. This was only for her. "I am your sword and your shield. I am your wolf and your steed. Mountains will tremble at my approach, for they know I will tear them apart if they stand between us. But you need not be afraid, Zenobia Fox, because my heart is iron and my will is steel, and before the new moon rises, I will come for you"
... He kissed her and as he pulled away, he wasn't leaving her. It was just the first step back to her side. — Meljean Brook