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Never Stop Praying Quotes & Sayings

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Never Stop Praying Quotes By Gary Chapman

Love That Knows No Borders Never stop praying. - 1 Thessalonians 5:17 — Gary Chapman

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Anonymous

Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. — Anonymous

Never Stop Praying Quotes By John Climacus

Do not stop praying as long as, by God's grace, the fire and the water have not been exhausted, for it may happen that never again in your whole life will you have such a chance to ask for the forgiveness for your sins. — John Climacus

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Never stop praying. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Surprise Sithole

Let me tell you something: Never give up. God can soften the hardest heart. If you have been praying for a loved one for twenty years, do not stop! God will save people from sin; He will deliver them from bondage to drugs or alcohol. His love can melt a heart of stone - so, again, never give up! — Surprise Sithole

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Apryl L Yates

Never stop hoping, wishing, and praying; your dreams are merely a heartbeat away. And while you're at it, invest in them too! — Apryl L Yates

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Billy Graham

This should be the motto of every follower of Jesus Christ. Never stop praying no matter now dark and hopeless it may seem. — Billy Graham

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Jalaluddin Rumi

Love Dogs

One night a man was crying,
Allah! Allah!
His lips grew sweet with the praising,
until a cynic said,
"So! I have heard you
calling out, but have you ever
gotten any response?"

The man had no answer to that.
He quit praying and fell into a confused sleep.

He dreamed he saw Khidr, the guide of souls,
in a thick, green foliage.
"Why did you stop praising?"
"Because I've never heard anything back."
"This longing
you express is the return message."

The grief you cry out from
draws you toward union.

Your pure sadness
that wants help
is the secret cup.

Listen to the moan of a dog for its master.
That whining is the connection.

There are love dogs
no one knows the names of.

Give your life
to be one of them. — Jalaluddin Rumi

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Michael S. Horton

Answer: "First, so that the longer we live the more we may come to know our sinfulness and the more eagerly look to Christ for forgiveness of sins and righteousness." Even in the Christian life we need this first use of the law to drive us out of ourselves to cling to our Savior. "Second, so that we may never stop striving, and never stop praying to God for the grace of the Holy Spirit, to be renewed more and more after God's image, until after this life we reach our goal: perfection."16 "Because — Michael S. Horton

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Jennifer M. Malone

Pray continuously, and never stop praying, regardless of what state you in. — Jennifer M. Malone

Never Stop Praying Quotes By Brian Simmone

1One day Jesus taught the apostles to keep praying and never stop or lose hope. He shared with them this illustration: — Brian Simmone