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Top Never Stop Playing Quotes

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Ellen Kushner

The time of testing, and of playing, was over. This was the final duel for one of them. Now they were fighting for their lives
for the one life that would emerge from this elegant battle ... For the moment the two of them were evenly matched, arm against arm. Michael prayed that it would never stop, that there would always be this moment of utter mastery, beautiful and rare, and no conclusion ever be reached. — Ellen Kushner

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

Hey Boo, I'm in this now, too, & I got a lot of experience playing assholes like they're fucking harps. You need backup, I got you. Stop trying to convince yourself that you're in this alone. — Alexandra Bracken

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Leo Buscaglia

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. Don't over-analyze your relationships. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness. — Leo Buscaglia

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Les Paul

I never stop being amazed by all the different ways of playing the guitar and making it deliver a message. — Les Paul

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Karina Halle

My love for you sings, and it's a song that will never stop playing. It will play through our deaths and beyond that. And this I know. — Karina Halle

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Carmela Dutra

Nothing is more important than creative play through imagination.
Never stop playing, and never stop imagining! — Carmela Dutra

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Sarah Dessen

The thing about negotiations, not to mention the manipulation, is you can't go too far in any direction. Refusing once is good, twice is usually okay but a third is risky. You never know when the third person will stop playing and you end up with nothing. — Sarah Dessen

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Peja Stojakovic

From the time I started playing, I've always been the high-energy, never-stop-moving guy. — Peja Stojakovic

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Johnny B. Truant

In my past, there's also an opportunity I could have taken advantage of that I didn't, and that I wish I had. There's a thing I got rid of that I really wish I'd kept. But the train never backs up. Never. I missed those things, and I will never get a second chance. Do yourself a favor, right now, and realize two things: 1. You will keep getting older, and then you will die. 2. Everything that's ever entered your experience has lasted and will continue to last for only a brief moment in the life of the universe. This is game time, champ. You're in. You're in, playing, right now, and the clock is ticking. So stop wondering what it all means and how you'll possibly ever do X and what people will think, and get on with your life already. Stop being a pussy and go do something amazing. *** DO EPIC SHIT. — Johnny B. Truant

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

I've never been able to stop the blockbuster disaster film from playing on an endless loop in my mind.
I see the terrible coming, whether it is or not. — Augusten Burroughs

Never Stop Playing Quotes By T.D. Jakes

Stop watering things that were never meant to grow in your life. Water what works, what's good, what's right. Stop playing around with those dead bones and stuff you can't fix, its over ... leave it alone! You're coming into a season of greatness. If you water what's alive and divine, you will see harvest like you've never seen before. Stop wasting water on dead issues, dead relationships, dead people, a dead past. No matter how much you water concrete, you can't grow a garden. — T.D. Jakes

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Huston Piner

Wally, stop playing with your beans."
Mom is participating in a nightly ritual that never changes. Tonight, The Turd's picking up lima beans, sniffing each one, and burying it in his mashed potatoes.
"I'm not playing with them," he says, matter-of-factly. "I'm checking them for fleas. — Huston Piner

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Gore Vidal

We have been at war almost constantly since the last century. And it has not helped our institutions. Congress no longer represents the people. The courts do not practice justice any more. The armies never stop playing at being the policemen of the world and of oil. — Gore Vidal

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Chetan Bhagat

Finally, the last point that can kill your spark is Isolation. As you grow older you will realize you are unique. When you are little, all kids want Ice cream and Spiderman. As you grow older to college, you still are a lot like your friends. But ten years later and you realize you are unique. What you want, what you believe in, what makes you feel, may be different from even the people closest to you. This can create conflict as your goals may not match with others. And you may drop some of them. Basketball captains in college invariably stop playing basketball by the time they have their second child. They give up something that meant so much to them. They do it for their family. But in doing that, the spark dies. Never, ever make that compromise. Love yourself first, and then others. — Chetan Bhagat

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Red Buttons

Donald Trump's mother, who said, Donnie! Stop playing Monopoly and get in that barber's chair! Never got a dinner! — Red Buttons

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Sarah Winman

never stop playingSarah Winman

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Gary Paulsen

Words are alive
when I've found a story that I love, I read it again and again, like playing a favorite song over and over.
Reading isn't passive
I enter the story with the characters, breathe their air, feel their frustrations,
scream at them to stop when they're about to do something stupid, cry with them, laugh with them.
Reading for me, is spending time with a friend. A book is a friend. You can never have too many. — Gary Paulsen

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Shannon K. Butcher

You stay here, stay safe." He kissed her forehead and darted out the door, sword in hand." Nika turned to glare at Logan. "You try to stop me and I'll find a dozen new and interesting ways to make you regret it." Logan lifted his elegant hands, a small smile playing at the corners of his luscious mouth. "I would never dare to stand between a woman and the man whom she plans to teach a lesson. I prefer to watch the show. — Shannon K. Butcher

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Gillian Flynn

She'll never really let me go. She likes the game too much."
"Then stop playing it. — Gillian Flynn

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Roxane Gay

We need to stop playing Privilege or Oppression Olympics because we'll never get anywhere until we find more effective ways of talking through difference. We should be able to say, "This is my truth," and have that truth stand without a hundred clamoring voices shouting, giving the impression that multiple truths cannot coexist. — Roxane Gay

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Julia Quinn

I really must tell you, I have never been a thespian.'
Harriet waved this off like a gnat. 'That is what is so wonderful about my plays. Anyone can enjoy himself.'
'I am *not* playing a frog.' His eyes narrowed wickedly. 'Unless you [Anne] do, too.'
'There is only one frog in the play,' Harriet said blithely.
'But isn't the title The Marsh of the Frogs?' he asked, even though he should have known better. 'Plural?' Good Lord, the entire conversation was making him dizzy.
'That's the irony,' Harriet said, and Daniel managed to stop himself just before he asked her what she meant by that (because it fulfilled no definition of irony *he'd* ever heard). — Julia Quinn

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Ian Pearson

The ultimate computer game would be a 'total addiction' - a game that shapes itself to the elements you most like to play in such a manner that it totally satisfies you. You never want to stop playing. However, any self-configuring activity always has such risks inherent in it. Will we see one day the goverment insisting that games have time limiters the way that some motor vehicles have speed limiters? — Ian Pearson

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Christopher Lee

I am never going to stop playing the villain. I would be foolish to do so because the audiences apparently enjoy watching me, and who am I to say no? — Christopher Lee

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Green-eyed monsters," said Magnus, and grinned. He deposited Chairman Meow on the ground, and the cat moved over to Alec, and rubbed against his leg. "The Chairman likes you."
"Is that good?"
"I never date anyone my cat doesn't like," Magnus said easily, and stood up. "So let's say Friday night?"
A great wave of relief came over Alec. "Really? You want to go out with me?"
Magnus shook his head. "You have to stop playing hard to get, Alexander. It makes things difficult." He grinned. — Cassandra Clare

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Hidetoshi Nakata

I will never again stand on the pitch as a professional player. But I won't stop playing the game. — Hidetoshi Nakata

Never Stop Playing Quotes By Rob Sheffield

I have built my entire life around loving music, and I surround myself with it. I'm always racing to catch up on my next favorite song. But I never stop playing my mixes. Every fan makes them. The times you lived through, the people you shared those times with - nothing brings it all to life like an old mix tape. It does a better job of storing up memories than actual brain tissue can do. Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they add up to the story of a life. — Rob Sheffield