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Never Sleeps Quotes By Adrienne Rich

When I try to speak
my throat is cut
and, it seems, by his hand
The sounds I make are prehuman, radical
the telephone is always
and he sleeps on
Yet always the tissue
grows over, white as silk
hardly a blemish
maybe a hieroglyph for scream
Child, no wonder you never wholly
trusted your keepers — Adrienne Rich

Never Sleeps Quotes By Alan W. Watts

The British and the Western Europeans in general, as well as the North Americans, waste the space of their homes with these rooms for ludicrously vast sleeping-machines
some with four pillars and a roof, some with iron fences at each end, topped with brass balls, and some with mahogany headboards whose function I have never yet understood. I would rather follow the Turkish proverb that "he who sleeps on the floor will not fall out of bed." In sum, I despise all furniture as monstrous, heavy, space-greedy, expensive, and pretentious. — Alan W. Watts

Never Sleeps Quotes By Steve Martin

As she sits in a booth, it never occurs to her to observe herself, and thus she is spared the image of a girl sitting alone in a bar on Saturday night. A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps within her, waiting to be stirred ... She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her. What Mirabelle needs is some omniscient voice to illuminate and spotlight her, and to inform everyone that this one has value, this one over here, the one sitting in the bar by herself, and then to find her counterpart and bring him to her. — Steve Martin

Never Sleeps Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Getting up early and feeling awake was the one skill he had never truly perfected - he got up, of course, but it never felt natural. — Larry McMurtry

Never Sleeps Quotes By Glen Cook

Water sleeps, but Enemy never rests. — Glen Cook

Never Sleeps Quotes By Ken Kesey

Sweeping the dorm soon's it's empty, I'm after dust mice under his bed when I get a smell of something that makes me realize for the first time since I been in the hospital that the big dorm full of beds, sleeps forty grown men, has always been sticky with a thousand other smells - smells of germicide, zinc ointment, and foot powder, smell of piss and sour old-man manure, of Pablum and eyewash, of musty shorts and socks musty even when they're fresh back from the laundry, the stiff odor of starch in the linen, the acid stench of morning mouths, the banana smell of machine oil, and sometimes the smell of singed hair - but never before now, before he came in, the man smell of dust and dirt from the open fields, and sweat, and work. — Ken Kesey

Never Sleeps Quotes By Melody Malone

I am Melody Malone, with ice in my heart and a kiss on my lips. In the city that never sleeps and should never blink, mysteries are my business. — Melody Malone

Never Sleeps Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

No baby knows when the nipple is pulled from his mouth for the last time. No child knows when he last calls his mother "Mama." No small boy knows when the book has closed on the last bedtime story that will ever be read to him. No boy knows when the water drains from the last bath he will ever take with his brother. No young man knows, as he first feels his greatest pleasure, that he will never again not be sexual. No brinking woman knows, as she sleeps, that it will be four decades before she will again awake infertile. No mother knows she is hearing the word Mama for the last time. No father knows when the book has closed on the last bedtime story he will ever read: From that day on, and for many years to come, peace reigned on the island of Ithaca, and the gods looked favorably upon Odysseus, his wife, and his son. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Never Sleeps Quotes By Douglas Coupland

When I started researching this book, I thought that the Internet was a metaphor for life; now I think life is a metaphor for the Internet. I'm not trying to be cute. Just as it is impossible to point to a single spark within the human brain that proves life, so it is impossible to disprove that the Internet is a living thing. It is massive. It never sleeps. And more and more, it's talking about us behind our backs. — Douglas Coupland

Never Sleeps Quotes By Osho

What you call poetry and passion are nothing but lies - with beautiful facades. Out of your hundred poets, ninety-nine are not really poets but only people in a state of turmoil, emotion, passion, heat, lust, sexuality, sensuality. Only one out of your hundred poets is a real poet. And the real poet may never compose any poetry, because his whole being is poetry. The way he walks, the way he sits, the way he eats, the way he sleeps - it is all poetry. He exists as poetry. He may create poetry, he may not create poetry, that is irrelevant. But what you call poetry is nothing but the expression of your fever, of your heated state of consciousness. It is a state of insanity. Passion is insane, blind, unconscious - because it gives you the feeling as if it is love. Love — Osho

Never Sleeps Quotes By Marguerite Duras

She opens her eyes, says: Stop lying. She says she hopes she'll never know anything, anything in the world, the way you do. She says: I don't want to know anything the way you do, with that death-derived certainty, that hopeless monotony, the same every day of your life, every night, and that deadly routine of lovelessness.
She says: It's day, everything is about to begin, except you, you never begin.
She goes back to sleep. You ask her why she sleeps, what weariness she has to rest from, what monumental weariness. — Marguerite Duras

Never Sleeps Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

You never felt jealousy, did you, Miss Eyre? Of course not: I need not ask you; because you never felt love. You have both sentiments yet to experience: your soul sleeps; the shock is yet to be given which shall waken it. — Charlotte Bronte

Never Sleeps Quotes By Daniel Silva


Never Sleeps Quotes By Abu-Sa'id Abul-Khayr

The perfect mystic is not an ecstatic devotee lost in contemplation of Oneness, nor a saintly recluse shunning all commerce with mankind, but "the true saint" goes in and out amongst the people and eats and sleeps with them and buys and sells in the market and marries and takes part in social intercourse, and never forgets God for a single moment. — Abu-Sa'id Abul-Khayr

Never Sleeps Quotes By Maria Dahvana Headley

The main problem of living in the city that never sleeps that neither did I. — Maria Dahvana Headley

Never Sleeps Quotes By George Matheson

There is an Eye that never sleeps, Beneath the wind of night. There is an ear that never shuts, When sinks the beams of light. There is an Arm that never tires, When human strength gives way. There is a Love that never fails, When earthly loves decay. — George Matheson

Never Sleeps Quotes By Margaret Ayer Barnes

The martial spirit is never dead. It sleeps through fortunate generations, but it wakes up very quickly to the toot of a fife. There's that roistering spirit in men which leads them to think a good fight is a lark - until they've been in one. And the impulse to fight for your own incarnation of an ideal. — Margaret Ayer Barnes

Never Sleeps Quotes By Robert G. Ingersoll

Call me infidel, call me atheist, call me what you will, I intend so to treat my children, that they can come to my grave and truthfully say: 'He who sleeps here never gave us a moment of pain. From his lips, now dust, never came to us an unkind word. — Robert G. Ingersoll

Never Sleeps Quotes By Sengcan

If the eye never sleeps,
all dreams will naturally cease.
If the mind makes no discriminations,
the ten thousand things are as they are,
of single essence.
To understand the mystery of this One essence
is to be released from all entanglements.
When all things are seen equally
the timeless Self-essence is reached.
No comparisons or analogies are possible
in this causeless, relationless state.
Consider movement stationary
and the stationary in motion,
both movement and rest disappear.
When such dualities cease to exist
Oneness itself cannot exist.
To this ultimate finality
no law or description applies. — Sengcan

Never Sleeps Quotes By Patrick Leigh Fermor

Mental discipline, prayer and remoteness from the world and its disturbing visions reduce temptation to a minimum, but they can never entirely abolish it. In medieval traditions, abbeys and convents were always considered to be expugnable centres of revolt against infernal dominion on earth. They became, accordingly, special targets. Satan, issuing orders at nightfall to his foul precurrers, was rumoured to dispatch to capital cities only one junior fiend. This solitary demon, the legend continues, sleeps at his post. There is no work for him; the battle was long ago won. But monasteries, those scattered danger points, become the chief objectives of nocturnal flight; the sky fills with the beat of sable wings as phalanx after phalanx streams to the attack, and the darkness crepitates with the splintering of a myriad lances against the masonry of asceticism. — Patrick Leigh Fermor

Never Sleeps Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

He never sleeps, the judge. He is dancing, dancing. He says that he will never die. — Cormac McCarthy

Never Sleeps Quotes By Charles Lee

The one who never repents shall be the one who never sleeps. — Charles Lee

Never Sleeps Quotes By Khalil Gibran

Each thing that exists remains forever, and that very existence of existence is proof of its eternity. But without that realization, which is the knowledge of perfect being, man would never know whether there was existence or non-existence. If eternal existence is altered, then it must become more beautiful; and if it disappears, it must return with more sublime image; and if it sleeps, it must dream of a better awakening, for it is ever greater upon its rebirth. — Khalil Gibran

Never Sleeps Quotes By Tia Mowry

The one advice that I would give just to moms who have a child or a newborn is definitely sleep while the baby sleeps. I've heard that so many times. I never realized how true it really is. If you don't, you'll be walking around like a zombie. — Tia Mowry

Never Sleeps Quotes By Hans Vestberg

No day is similar to another, but usually mail is part of my start of the day. Our company never sleeps: we have business in 180 countries, so there are no real mornings or nights. — Hans Vestberg

Never Sleeps Quotes By Frank Sinatra

I want to wake up in a city that never sleepsFrank Sinatra

Never Sleeps Quotes By Teresa Bloomingdale

A grandparent is old on the outside but young on the inside. If your baby is "beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time," you're the grandma. — Teresa Bloomingdale

Never Sleeps Quotes By Michelle Madow

The people who say New York never sleeps must have never visited Las Vegas. — Michelle Madow

Never Sleeps Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Six has never been a morning person, and from the looks of it, she's not an afternoon person, either. In all honesty, she's also not a night person. If I had to guess when her most pleasant time of day occurs, it's probably while she sleeps, which may be why she hates to wake up so much. — Colleen Hoover

Never Sleeps Quotes By Jimmy Fallon

L.A., it's nice, but I think of sunshine and people on rollerblades eating sushi. New York, I think of nighttime, I think of Times Square and Broadway and nightlife and the city that never sleeps. — Jimmy Fallon

Never Sleeps Quotes By Edgar Allan Poe

Ceux qui revent eveilles ont conscience de 1000 choses qui echapent a ceux qui ne revent qu'endormis.
The one who has day dream are aware of 1000 things that the one who dreams only when he sleeps will never understand.
(it sounds better in french, I do what I can with my translation ... ) — Edgar Allan Poe

Never Sleeps Quotes By Cindy Salaski

Justice Never Sleeps For Long — Cindy Salaski

Never Sleeps Quotes By Margot Robbie

New York is the coolest city. The place just never sleeps. It's amazing. — Margot Robbie

Never Sleeps Quotes By Stephen King

London never sleeps deeply, and its dreams are uneasy. — Stephen King

Never Sleeps Quotes By Tadahiko Nagao

Justice never sleeps. — Tadahiko Nagao

Never Sleeps Quotes By Harlan Ellison

It crouches near the center of creation. There is no night where it waits. Only the riddle of which terrible dream will set it loose. It beheaded mercy to take possession of that place. It feasts on darkness from the minds of men. No one has ever seen its eyeless face. When it sleeps we know a few moments of peace. But when it breathes again we go down in fire and mate with jackals. It knows our fear. It has our number. It waited for our coming and it will abide long after we have become congealed smoke. It has never heard music, and shows its fangs when we panic. It is the beast of our savage past, hungering today, and waiting patiently for the mortal meal of all our golden tomorrows. It lies waiting. — Harlan Ellison

Never Sleeps Quotes By Mark Twain

If science exterminates a disease which has been working for God, it is God that gets the credit and all the pulpits break into grateful advertising-raptures and call attention to how good he is. Yes, he has done it. Perhaps he waited a thousand years before doing it. They forget to say that he is the slowest mover in the universe, that his Eye That Never Sleeps, might as well, since it takes a century to see what any other eye can see in a week. — Mark Twain

Never Sleeps Quotes By Hannah More

Pride never sleeps. The principle at least is always awake. An intemperate man is sometimes sober, but a proud man is never humble. — Hannah More

Never Sleeps Quotes By Mark W. Boyer

The mind of an artist never sleeps, because dreaming is when they do their best work. — Mark W. Boyer

Never Sleeps Quotes By Jay Leno

More and more facts coming out about Osama bin Laden. You know, he never sleeps in the same place two nights in a row, just like Clinton. — Jay Leno

Never Sleeps Quotes By John Meade Falkner

Westray sat down near the door, and was so engrossed in the study of the building and in the strange play of the shafts of sunlight across the massive stonework, that half an hour passed before he rose to walk up the church.

A solid stone screen separates the choir from the nave, making, as it were, two churches out of one; but as Westray opened the doors between them, he heard four voices calling to him, and, looking up, saw above his head the four tower arches. "The arch never sleeps," cried one. "They have bound on us a burden too heavy to be borne," answered another. "We never sleep," said the third; and the fourth returned to the old refrain, "The arch never sleeps, never sleeps."

As he considered them in the daylight, he wondered still more at their breadth and slenderness, and was still more surprised that his Chief had made so light of the settlement and of the ominous crack in the south wall. — John Meade Falkner

Never Sleeps Quotes By Patricia A. McKillip

Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored. — Patricia A. McKillip

Never Sleeps Quotes By Rick Yancey

His body is pressed against my back, his arm is wrapped protectively around my waist, his breath a delicious tickle against my neck. The room is very cold; it would be nice to climb under the covers, but I don't want to move. I don't want him to move. I run my fingers along his bare forearm, remembering the warmth of his lips, the silkiness of his hair between my fingers. The boy who never sleeps, sleeping. Coming to rest upon the Cassiopeian shore, an island in the middle of a sea of blood. You have your promise, and I have you.
I can't trust him. I have to trust him.
I can't stay with him. I can't leave him behind. — Rick Yancey

Never Sleeps Quotes By Charles Lee

I am. That has not changed. I am the villain. I am the one you should curse, not praise. I am no hero. Heroes look to fix what lies before them and head home after the leak is patched. A villain will remain poking and prodding his achievement long after they've won. Evil never sleeps. It's always looking for more ways to expand on its conquest. — Charles Lee

Never Sleeps Quotes By Nicole Christie

He never sleeps."
Johnny takes the photo album from my lap, and opens it up. "Three or four hours a night, tops. I don't know - I never sat there and timed him. He's out almost every night, doing who the hell knows what."
"Hm." I give a little laugh before I climb to my feet. "Maybe he's Batman."
"I can totally see that. — Nicole Christie

Never Sleeps Quotes By Nalini Singh

I have never been to a court s gracious as the one Neha keeps. Dmitri played a knife through his fingers, one of the three he'd brought back from Neha's territory. "She truly believes in giving honor to a visitor." He threw to knife at Jason.
"He threw it back as Venom added, "Thought she might have that guest neatly executed as the court sleeps. — Nalini Singh

Never Sleeps Quotes By Ann Voskamp

The cynics, they can only speak of the dark, of the obvious, and this is not hard. For all it's supposed sophistication, it's cynicism that's simplistic. In a fallen world, how profound is to see the cracks?
The sages and prophets, the disciples and revolutionaries, they are the ones up on the ramparts, up on the wall pointing to the dawn of the new Kingdom coming, pointing to the light that breaks through all things broken, pointing to redemption always rising and to the Blazing God who never sleeps. — Ann Voskamp

Never Sleeps Quotes By Michael Cera

I turned down the lead role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, because that idiot Oliver Stone didn't think the character should play the alto sax. — Michael Cera

Never Sleeps Quotes By Robert Green Ingersoll

Abraham Lincoln was, in my judgment, in many respects, the grandest man ever President of the United States. Upon his monument these words should be written: "Here sleeps the only man in the history of the world who, having been clothed with almost absolute power, never abused it, except upon the side of mercy." — Robert Green Ingersoll

Never Sleeps Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Such is always the pursuit of knowledge. The celestial fruits, the golden apples of the Hesperides, are ever guarded by a hundred-headed dragon which never sleeps, so that it is an Herculean labor to pluck them. — Henry David Thoreau

Never Sleeps Quotes By William Shakespeare

There's little of the melancholy element in her, my lord: she is never sad but when she sleeps; and not ever sad then; for I have heard my daughter say, she hath often dreamt of unhappiness, and waked herself with laughing. — William Shakespeare

Never Sleeps Quotes By Robert Pinsky

All questions of process require an answer that begins with a very important sentence, and the sentence is: 'Everybody is different.' Whatever way of working you name - methodical, haphazard, gets up early in the morning, sleeps all day, works at night, revises immensely, never revises at all - someone has made great work with that way. — Robert Pinsky

Never Sleeps Quotes By Karen Kijewski

[On Las Vegas:] ... The City That Never Sleeps. The City That Sins and Smiles and Lives On the Edge. The city where vices become virtues, become what everyone is here to do. — Karen Kijewski

Never Sleeps Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Tact, if it be genuine, never sleeps. — Charlotte Bronte

Never Sleeps Quotes By George Thorogood

Rock and roll never sleeps. It just passes out. — George Thorogood

Never Sleeps Quotes By Bao Shu

From her perch more than a kilometer aboveground, she surveys the city that never sleeps, glittering and coruscating in the rain like a metaphor for her glamorous life. — Bao Shu

Never Sleeps Quotes By Jenny Lawson

I stood at the end of the street, catching snow in my mouth, and laughed softly to myself as I realized that without my insomnia and anxiety and pain I'd never have been awake to see the city that never sleeps asleep and blanketed up for winter. I smiled and felt silly, but in the best possible way. — Jenny Lawson

Never Sleeps Quotes By Umar

He who sleeps without offering the night prayer, may he never enjoy a sound sleep. — Umar

Never Sleeps Quotes By J. Reuben Clark

Debt never sleeps nor sickens nor dies; it never goes to the hospital; it works on Sundays and holidays; it never takes a vacation ... it is never laid off work ... it buys no food; it wears no clothes; it is unhoused ... it has neither weddings nor births nor deaths; it has no love, no sympathy; it is as hard and soulless as a granite cliff. Once in debt, it is your companion every minute of the day and night; you cannot shun it or slip away from it; you cannot dismiss it ... and whenever you get in its way or cross its course or fail to meet its demands, it crushes you. — J. Reuben Clark

Never Sleeps Quotes By Rick Yancey

The boy who never sleeps, sleeping. Coming to rest upon the Cassiopeian shore, an island in the middle of a sea of blood. You have your promise, and I have you. — Rick Yancey

Never Sleeps Quotes By Sam Keen

The 'still, small voice' of God never calls on me to be like another man. It appeals to me to rise to my full stature and fulfill the promise that sleeps within my being. — Sam Keen

Never Sleeps Quotes By Liane Moriarty

missions. A moment later she heard the sound of the television start up. The clever little thing had worked out how to use the remote control. 'Not till August,' said Lauren. 'We've got lots to sort out. Visas and so on. We'll have to find an apartment, a nanny for Jacob.' A nanny for Jacob. 'Job for me.' Rob sounded a little nervous. 'Oh, yes, darling,' said Rachel. She did try to take her son seriously. She really did. 'A job for you. In real estate, do you think?' 'Not sure yet,' said Rob. 'We'll have to see. I might end up being a house husband.' 'So sorry I never taught him how to cook,' said Rachel to Lauren, not especially sorry. Rachel had never been much interested in cooking or that good at it; it was just another chore that had to be done, like the laundry. The way people went on these days about cooking. 'That's okay,' beamed Lauren. 'We'll probably eat out a lot in New York. The city that never sleeps, — Liane Moriarty

Never Sleeps Quotes By Donald O'Donovan

The enemy never sleeps! — Donald O'Donovan

Never Sleeps Quotes By Saladin

I warn you against shedding blood, indulging in it and making a habit of it, for blood never sleeps. — Saladin

Never Sleeps Quotes By William Thomas Stead

It is the great inspector, with a myriad eyes, who never sleeps, and whose daily reports are submitted, not to a functionary or department, but to the whole people. — William Thomas Stead

Never Sleeps Quotes By Martin Luther

He who believes in God is not careful for the morrow, but labors joyfully and with a great heart. "For He giveth His beloved, as in sleep." They must work and watch, yet never be careful or anxious, but commit all to Him, and live in serene tranquility; with a quiet heart, as one who sleeps safely and quietly. — Martin Luther

Never Sleeps Quotes By David Levithan

We wish we could show you the world as it sleeps. Then you'd never have any doubt about how similar, how trusting, how astounding and vulnerable we all are. — David Levithan

Never Sleeps Quotes By Mark Haddon

Angela had never really got on with modern poetry. Even stuff like Seamus Heaney, Death of a Naturalist and the other book. He seemed such a lovely man and she really did try, but it sounded like prose you had to read very slowly. Old stuff she understood. Rum-ti-tum. Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white ... Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack ... Something going all the way back. Memorable words, so you could hand it down the generations. But free verse made her think of free knitting or free juggling. This, for example. She extracted a book at random. Spiders by Stanimir Stoilov, translated by Luke Kennard. She flipped through the pages ... the hatcheries of the moon ... the earth in my father's mouth. — Mark Haddon

Never Sleeps Quotes By Patricia Marx

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Shanghai doesn't even sit down, and not just because there is no room. — Patricia Marx

Never Sleeps Quotes By Olivia Cunning

You want to go somewhere?' he asked.
'Like now? its late.'
'isn't las vegas the city that never sleeps?'
'i think that's new york.'
'right. this is sin city. — Olivia Cunning

Never Sleeps Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

There is darkness there that never sleeps. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Never Sleeps Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

Like the United Nations, there is something inspirational about New York as a great melting pot of different cultures and traditions. And if this is the city that never sleeps, the United Nations works tirelessly, around the clock around the world. — Ban Ki-moon

Never Sleeps Quotes By Alicen Grey

when we're done, I'll be where the night never stops
cradling a bruise that's shaped like you
wondering why sleep never came to me
wondering how I still dreamed — Alicen Grey

Never Sleeps Quotes By Edna Stewart

Hard work always pays off in the eyes of a God that never sleeps ... Who's always near and never far — Edna Stewart

Never Sleeps Quotes By P.C. Cast

That's exactly why I never liked King Arthur's Guinevere. She screws up (pardon the pun), sleeps with her husband's best friend, causes the fall of a kingdom, then she doesn't have the guts to make at least one man happy, so she joins a friggin nunnery and esacpes from all of her problems, leaving everyone around her in a slavering mess. How incredibly spineless. — P.C. Cast

Never Sleeps Quotes By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Find what is it that never sleeps and never wakes, and whose pale reflection is our sense of 'I' — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Never Sleeps Quotes By Will Self

Dan slept throughout - but a man who sleeps with his head lying on a phone table can never really sleep with a clean conscience — Will Self

Never Sleeps Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The instincts of the ant are very unimportant, considered as the ants; but the moment a ray of relation is seen to be a monitor, a little body with a mighty heart, then all its habits, even that said to be recently observed, that it never sleeps, become sublime. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never Sleeps Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Truth is a jealous, vicious mistress that never, ever sleeps. — Tahereh Mafi

Never Sleeps Quotes By Joseph Addison

The pride of woman, natural to her, never sleeps until modesty is gone. — Joseph Addison

Never Sleeps Quotes By Jalaluddin Rumi

Love is that that never sleeps, nor even rests,
nor stays for long with those that do.
Love is language that cannot be said,
or heard. — Jalaluddin Rumi

Never Sleeps Quotes By E.M. Delafield

She is never alone when she has Her Books. Books, to her, are Friends. Give her Shakespeare or Jane Austen, Meredith or Hardy, and she is Lost - lost in a world of her own. She sleeps so little that most of her nights are spent reading. — E.M. Delafield

Never Sleeps Quotes By L. Joseph Shosty

And you will spend the rest of your life wondering if I have disciples to avenge me. Hire your tasters, Burbesh. Until the Master of the Sleeps comes for you, you'll never know a taste of anything that has not touched another's lips first. You'll never sleep in a bed that has not been first tossed for vipers. You'll never sit in a chair that has not been tested for poisoned barbs in its cushions. You shall never see a bath drawn for you that you will not at first fear is acid. And you'll never have another dream where my face is not grinning at you from the shadows." -- From "Morality for Alchemists and Thieves — L. Joseph Shosty

Never Sleeps Quotes By Joseph Murphy

Your subconscious never sleeps. It is always on the job. It controls all your vital functions.
Forgive yourself and every one else before you go to sleep, and healing will take place much
more rapidly. — Joseph Murphy

Never Sleeps Quotes By Thomas Wolfe

All things belonging to the earth will never change-the leaf, the blade, the flower, the wind that cries and sleeps and wakes again, the trees whose stiff arms clash and tremble in the dark, and the dust of lovers long since buried in the earth-all things proceeding from the earth to seasons, all things that lapse and change and come again upon the earth-these things will always be the same, for they come up from the earth that never changes, they go back into the earth that lasts forever. Only the earth endures, but it endures forever. — Thomas Wolfe

Never Sleeps Quotes By Michael Douglas

Money never sleeps, pal — Michael Douglas

Never Sleeps Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The mind never sleeps. Though the body can be idle, there shall always be something for the mind to do! Do something with your mind then! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Never Sleeps Quotes By St. Catherine Of Siena

The devil never sleeps ... — St. Catherine Of Siena

Never Sleeps Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

It's okay," he whispers. "You'll be okay."
Truth is a jealous, vicious mistress that never ever sleeps, is what I don't tell him. I'll never by okay. — Tahereh Mafi

Never Sleeps Quotes By Paul Beatty

If New York is the City That Never Sleeps, then Los Angeles is the City That's Always Passed Out on the Couch. — Paul Beatty

Never Sleeps Quotes By E. Nesbit

With gloomy face he picked it up And took it to his Mother, Though even he could not suppose That she could make another; For those who perished on the line He did not seem to care, His engine being more to him Than all the people there. And now you see the reason why Our Peter has been ill: He soothes his soul with pigeon-pie His gnawing grief to kill. He wraps himself in blankets warm And sleeps in bed till late, Determined thus to overcome His miserable fate. And if his eyes are rather red, His cold must just excuse it: Offer him pie; you may be sure He never will refuse it. — E. Nesbit

Never Sleeps Quotes By James Taylor

Though the body sleeps, the heart will never rest. — James Taylor

Never Sleeps Quotes By Kathleen O'Neal Gear

The dead did not call to me from the underworlds, but spoke to me from the rustling pine needles. They did not gaze down upon me from the skyworlds, but smiled up at me from a bead of dew trembling precariously upon a blade of grass. They told me I have never been alone. Not for one instant. Every soul is a thread in the fabric of the world. All I must do to see my relatives is gaze into the shining water that sleeps, — Kathleen O'Neal Gear

Never Sleeps Quotes By Malcolm Lowry

The howling pariah dogs, the cocks that herald dawn all night, the drumming, the moaning that will be found later white plumage huddled on telegraph wires in back gardens or fowl roosting in apple trees, the eternal sorrow that never sleeps of great Mexico. — Malcolm Lowry

Never Sleeps Quotes By Mary Woronov

All of this is not just a battle plan, it's a vacation too. For instance: you don't like the life you are living? Escape into another world by taking a lover. Men can't do this. When they take on a woman she becomes part of their life, but a woman gets to change lives with every man she sleeps with. In fact men are like magic flying carpets; you can visit different lands, become rich or poor without working, become religious by marrying a priest, become a cowboy by having an affair in Texas, join the political game by blowing the President, and tomorrow get high with a pop star. Society is a wonderful thing if you're a woman, you really can go anywhere so long as a man's first priority is to get laid, and that will never change. — Mary Woronov

Never Sleeps Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Whether he sleeps or wakes, whether he runs or walks, whether he uses a microscope or a telescope, or his naked eye, a man never discovers anything, never overtakes anything or leaves anything behind, but himself. Whatever he says or does he merely reports himself. If he is in love, he loves; if he is in heaven, he enjoys, if he is in hell, he suffers. It is his condition that determines his locality. — Henry David Thoreau

Never Sleeps Quotes By Steve Martin

A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps in her, waiting to be stirred. — Steve Martin

Never Sleeps Quotes By Steven Erikson

The man patrolling his prejudices never sleeps. — Steven Erikson

Never Sleeps Quotes By Tijan

You're pathetic. You screwed your best friend's boyfriend. Congratulations. You got into a guy's pants. Wonderful achievement for you. Revel in it. It'll last a week. He's going to drop you." I glanced at him, saw he was already uncertain, and rolled my eyes. "She's already dropped you and you're now known as the friend who sleeps with her friend's boyfriends. Congratulations on your new reputation. The only people who will want to be your friend will be people like you. You'll never get the good friends, the ones who are actual friends." I never looked away. I never faltered. The longer I talked, the more she withered beneath me. I was finished. "I've kept quiet, but I'm done. Mess with Mandy again and you will be messing with me." I stepped closer. "That's not a threat. It's a fact. Ball's in your court if you decide to take me on and with that said, get out of my house. — Tijan

Never Sleeps Quotes By Stanislaw Lem

Mathematics never reveals man to the degree, never expresses him in the way, that any other field of human endeavour does: the extent of the negation of man's corporeal self that mathematics achieves cannot be compared with anything. Whoever is interested in this subject I refer to my articles. Here I will say only that the world injected its patterns into human language at the very inception of that language; mathematics sleeps in every utterance, and can only be discovered, never invented. — Stanislaw Lem