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Neolithic Revolution Quotes By Anonymous

It was the unprecedented surplus calories resulting from domestication that ushered in the so-called Neolithic revolution, which created the conditions for not only an agricultural economy but also urban life and, ultimately, the suite of innovations we think of as modern culture. The cradle of civilization is, not coincidentally, also the place where first dogs and then barley, wheat, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, and cats commenced a fatefully intimate association with humans. — Anonymous

Neolithic Revolution Quotes By Grace Lee Boggs

When you think of power, you think the state has power. When you look at it in terms of revolution, in terms of the state, you think of it in terms of Russia, the Soviet Union, and how those who struggled for power actually became victims of the state, prisoners of the state, and how that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. We have to think of revolution much more in terms of transitions from one epoch to another. Talk about Paleolithic and Neolithic. — Grace Lee Boggs

Neolithic Revolution Quotes By Daniel Quinn

[Y]our agricultural revolution is not an event like the Trojan War, isolated in the distant past and without relevance to your lives today. The work begun by those neolithic farmers in the Near East has been carried forward from one generation to the next without a single break, right into the present moment. It's the foundation of your vast civilization today in exactly the same way that it was the foundation of the very first farming village. — Daniel Quinn