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Top Needing A Break Quotes

Needing A Break Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

Summer turns and marches away, fed up with being handled like a child. Like she's a glass doll that might break at any minute. She hasn't been a child since the day she was whipped into muteness. Anxiety might strangle her sometimes, but she's not some baby needing to be coddled. — Laura Kreitzer

Needing A Break Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

After all the thousand times I've told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me? ... I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn't want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept - as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you! — Stephenie Meyer

Needing A Break Quotes By Jim Norton

Apologies; our cultural obsession with them isn't about actually being offended, or simply needing to hear, "I'm sorry." It's not really about right or wrong. It's about wanting to throw a rock in the dark and hear something break. — Jim Norton

Needing A Break Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Break the glass, please, and free us from all these damned rules, from needing to find an explanation for everything, from doing only what others approve of. — Paulo Coelho

Needing A Break Quotes By Elly Griffiths

You need a break, a complete rest, recharge your batteries.' Recharge your batteries. What the hell does that mean? Nelson prides himself on not needing batteries. He's an old-fashioned, wind-up model. — Elly Griffiths

Needing A Break Quotes By Ayn Rand

But there are people who'll try to hurt you through the good they see in you
knowing that it's the good, needing it and punishing you for it. Don't let it break you when you discover that. — Ayn Rand

Needing A Break Quotes By Carl R. Trueman

Luther's doctrine of justification depends upon two things: the constant preaching of the wrath of God in the face of sin; and the realization that every Christian is at once righteous and a sinner, thus needing the hammer of the law to terrify and break the sinful conscience. — Carl R. Trueman