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Nature's Metropolis Quotes By Jane Jacobs

By its nature, the metropolis provides what otherwise could be given only by traveling; namely, the strange. — Jane Jacobs

Nature's Metropolis Quotes By Eduardo Paes

Rio is an energetic, vibrant place, full of beauty and nature. But we face the kinds of problems any developing metropolis does - with pollution, traffic congestion, poverty. Distribution of green areas, for example, is not uniform. Madureira, the heart of the suburb in Rio, is a concrete jungle. — Eduardo Paes

Nature's Metropolis Quotes By Ross Parmenter

In remaking the world in the likeness of a steam-heated, air-conditioned metropolis of apartment buildings we have violated one of our essential attributes-our kinship with nature. — Ross Parmenter

Nature's Metropolis Quotes By David Attenborough

Now, over half of us live in an urban environment. My home, too, is here in the city of London. Looking down on this great metropolis, the ingenuity with which we continue to reshape the surface of our planet is very striking. It's also very sobering, and reminds me of just how easy it is for us to lose our connection with the natural world.
Yet it's on this connection that the future of both humanity and the natural world will depend. And surely, it is our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth. — David Attenborough

Nature's Metropolis Quotes By Elena Ferrante

Naples was the great European metropolis where faith in technology, in science, in economic development, in the kindness of nature, in history that leads of necessity to improvement, in democracy, was revealed, most clearly and far in advance, to be completely without foundation. — Elena Ferrante