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Top Nativity Quotes

Nativity Quotes By M T Anderson

I miss that time. The cities back then, just after the forests died, were full of wonders, and you'd stumble on them
these princes of the air on common rooftops
the rivers that burst through the city streets so they ran like canals
the rabbits in parking garages
the deer foaling, nestled in Dumpsters like a Nativity. — M T Anderson

Nativity Quotes By Alan Bennett

But most men regard their life as a poem that women threaten. They may not have two spondees to rub together but they still want to pen their saga untrammelled by life-threatening activities like trailing round Sainsbury's, emptying the dishwasher or going to the nativity play. — Alan Bennett

Nativity Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I could have done even better, miss, and I'd know a lot more, if it wasn't for my destiny ever since childhood. I'd have killed a man in a duel with a pistol for calling me low-born, because I came from Stinking Lizaveta without a father, and they were shoving that in my face in Moscow. It spread there thanks to Grigory Vasilievich. Grigory Vasilievich reproaches me for rebelling against my nativity: 'You opened her matrix,' he says. I don't know about her matrix, but I'd have let them kill me in the womb, so as not to come out into the world at all, miss. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Nativity Quotes By L. Brent Bozell Jr.

The Christmas season is also that time of year when the business world implores us to consider the material as more important than the spiritual, all in the spirit of 'the holidays.' So we celebrate the arrival on Christmas Day of iPods and DVDs ... Then again, maybe this is precisely the kind of seasonal silliness that causes the Christian faithful to shut out the noise and contemplate the real nativity scene and its eternal promise. — L. Brent Bozell Jr.

Nativity Quotes By Jessica Coupe

[Mary] says her memories
Will help those of us
Newly come to our Lord's mercy,
To live in His light. — Jessica Coupe

Nativity Quotes By Christopher Marlowe

You stars that reigned at my nativity, whose influence hath allotted death and hell. — Christopher Marlowe

Nativity Quotes By William Lloyd Garrison

Our country is the world, our countrymen are all mankind. We love the land of our nativity, only as we love all other lands. The interests, rights, and liberties of American citizens are no more dear to us than are those of the whole human race. Hence we can allow no appeal to patriotism, to revenge any national insult or injury.
(Declaration of Sentiments, Boston Peace Conference (28 September 1838)) — William Lloyd Garrison

Nativity Quotes By Scotty Smith

Jesus, it's the beloved day we call Christmas Eve, the date we've set aside to remember and reflect upon your nativity. Luke took so much care to fix your birthday in the context of real history and a real world, but whether or not you were born anywhere close to December 25 is not important at all. That you were born - that you actually came from eternity into time and space - that's what's important, Jesus. I sing to you today with all the passion and delight I can possibly muster, "Born that man (including me) no more may die, born to raise the sons of earth (including me), born to give them (including me) second birth." For the certainty of your birth, and therefore my rebirth, I give you great praise. — Scotty Smith

Nativity Quotes By Karl Barth

The nativity mystery "conceived from the Holy Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary", means, that God became human, truly human out of his own grace. The miracle of the existence of Jesus , his "climbing down of God" is: Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary! Here is a human being, the Virgin Mary, and as he comes from God, Jesus comes also from this human being. Born of the Virgin Mary means a human origin for God. Jesus Christ is not only truly God, he is human like every one of us. He is human without limitation. He is not only similar to us, he is like us. — Karl Barth

Nativity Quotes By Ephrem The Syrian

This Lord of natures today was transformed contrary to His nature;
it is not too difficult for us to also overthrow our evil will. Hymns of the Nativity, Hymn 1:97, pg. 74 in Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns (New York: Paulist Press, 1989). — Ephrem The Syrian

Nativity Quotes By Victoria Beckham

I've got great people who handle my schedule, and everything does revolve around the children. If there's a parents' night or an Easter bonnet parade or a Nativity play, whatever it might be, then I plan everything around that. — Victoria Beckham

Nativity Quotes By Kendall Grey

So, you got shit-faced, spray-painted a barn with a lovely shade of Exorcist-green puke, fucked a donkey while you were there, and started a fist fight with a recovering, meth-addicted nun and her lovechild who were reenacting the nativity scene? — Kendall Grey

Nativity Quotes By Emily Berrington

My first role was an angel in the nursery nativity. I spotted my mum halfway through and shouted over someone else's lines to ask if she liked my costume. I've learnt not to do that now. — Emily Berrington

Nativity Quotes By Arthur W. Pink

Peace" was the subject of the angel's carol in the night of the Lord's nativity; so "Peace" is the first word He pronounced in the ears of His disciples now that He is risen from the dead. So will it be when we meet Him face to face - we, with all our miserable failures, both individual and corporate; we with all our sins of omission and commission; we, with all our bitter controversies, and deplorable divisions. Not "Shame! shame!" but "Peace! peace! — Arthur W. Pink

Nativity Quotes By Jonathan Cahn

Some would call it tolerance, I said. Yes he replied, the same tolerance that overtook ancient Israel..a tolerance for everything opposed to God, a growing tolerance for immorality and a growing intolerance for the pure-a tolerance that mocked, marginalized and condemned those who ramined faithful to the values now being discarded. Innocence was ridiculed and virtue was vilified. Children were taught of sexual immorality in public schools while the Word of God was banned. It was a tolerance that put the profane on public display and removed nativity scenes from public sight..contraband, as if somehow they had become a threat-a strangely intolerant tolerance. "But still, I countered, how does all that compare to what happened in ancient Israel? America does'nt offer its children on altars of sacrifice? "Does it not? he said. Ten years after removing prayer and Scripture from its public schools, the nation legalized the illing of its unborn. — Jonathan Cahn

Nativity Quotes By Bruce Jenvey

I always thought the Nativity Story needed a little comic releif ...
Ron Shawver from The Great Northern Coven — Bruce Jenvey

Nativity Quotes By William Shakespeare

Why should you think that I should woo in scorn?
Scorn and derision never come in tears:
Look, when I vow, I weep; and vows so born,
In their nativity all truth appears.
How can these things in me seem scorn to you,
Bearing the badge of faith, to prove them true? — William Shakespeare

Nativity Quotes By Vassilios Papavassiliou

It is not enough to celebrate Christmas. We need to be changed and shaped by what we are celebrating. If our spiritual life is no better in spite of all our praying, fasting, and church services, then we have not yet begun to fully respond to the significance of Advent and of the Nativity. — Vassilios Papavassiliou

Nativity Quotes By Jessica Coupe

May every voice proclaim thy praise.
And every knee bow in thy presence
The tangible promise of our faith.
May thy Charity, like a mantle,
Lift us to God on high. — Jessica Coupe

Nativity Quotes By Tatiana Maslany

I was in a Nativity play as a kid. Back then, I played the donkey. — Tatiana Maslany

Nativity Quotes By William Kamkwamba

In better times, we're celebrate Christmas Eve by attending the nativity play at the Catholic church down the road, watching Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus try to escape from Herod's soldiers and their wooden swords and AK-47s (it wasn't the most accurate version, but it was funny.) — William Kamkwamba

Nativity Quotes By Jim Balzotti

Not so long ago, I visited relatives in Italy.

I took a daytime stroll to the famous (infamous) Roman Coliseum, and marveled at the engineering feat to build such a magnificent structure.

Being a Christian, I was suddenly thunderstruck at the thought of how many Christians perished in some of the most cruel way possible, some torn limb to limb by starved lions, simply because they refused to denounce Jesus Christ as their savior.
Yet here in America, a land blessed by God ( a ragtime army of patriots defeat one of the most powerful standing armies in the world) and founded on religious freedom, we allow them to remove prayer from the schools, remove nativity scenes from our cities and towns and abort millions of children.
Where's the outrage?
What has happened to us?
Jim Balzotti — Jim Balzotti

Nativity Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

All men of genius, and all those who have gained rank in the republic of letters, are brothers, whatever may be the land of their nativity. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Nativity Quotes By William Shakespeare

My father compounded with my mother under the Dragon's tail, and my nativity was under Ursa Major, so that it follows, I am roughand lecherous. Tut, I should have been that I am, had the maidenliest star in the firmament twinkled on my bastardizing. — William Shakespeare

Nativity Quotes By Margaret Fuller

We doubt not the destiny of our country that she is to accomplish great things for human nature, and be the mother of a nobler race than the world has yet known. But she has been so false to the scheme made out at her nativity, that it is now hard to say which way that destiny points. — Margaret Fuller

Nativity Quotes By Jack Whitehall

I acted at school but got very bad parts - things that they'd made up in Shakespeare plays like 'Guard 17' - so I wrote plays and gave myself parts, then I wrote sketches, then I did stand-up. Even in the school nativity I was the emu in the manger. — Jack Whitehall

Nativity Quotes By Jonathan Swift

I replied that England (the dear place of my nativity) was computed to produce three times the quantity of food, more than its inhabitants are able to consume, ... But, in order to feed the luxury and intemperance of the males, and the vanity of the females, we sent away the greatest part of our necessary things to other countries, from whence in return we brought the materials of diseases, folly, and vice, to spend among ourselves. Hence it follows of necessity that vast numbers of our people are compelled to seek their livelihood by begging, robbing, stealing, cheating, pimping, forswearing, flattering, suborning, forging, gaming, lying, fawning, hectoring, voting, scribbling, freethinking, — Jonathan Swift

Nativity Quotes By William Wordsworth

Hope smiled when your nativity was cast,
Children of Summer! — William Wordsworth

Nativity Quotes By John Tesh

Really, at a time when they're debating when and where a nativity scene can be used, this is the kind of stuff we need to have out there - outside of the church. — John Tesh

Nativity Quotes By Luka Magnotta

The church in the book (and movie) plays a pivotal scene. We looked everywhere .. I mean everywhere! We had to have enough of a front yard area to house a Nativity scenes. And we finally found it .. two miles from our office. And we had been all over Tulsa looking. We were looking in places in Texas, everywhere! And I was in the car with the director and we drove by the church. — Luka Magnotta

Nativity Quotes By Samuel Johnson

APHETA (APHE'TA) n.s.[with astrologers.] The name of the plant, which is imagined to be the giver or disposer of life in a nativity.Dict. — Samuel Johnson

Nativity Quotes By Deborah Smith

At the center, on the lawn of the courthouse, sat a log manger with a life-size nativity scene cut out of plywood. If an civil libertarian had complained about the nativity being on public property, he would have been hunted down like Santa's reindeer during bow season. — Deborah Smith

Nativity Quotes By Jacob Latimore

It feels great seeing posters everywhere, and bus stops promoting 'Black Nativity,' and billboards in Los Angeles. It's overwhelming. I can't wait for everybody to see what I got. — Jacob Latimore

Nativity Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

Christmas is built upon a beautiful and intentional paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home. — G.K. Chesterton

Nativity Quotes By Salmon P. Chase

True Democracy makes no enquiry about the color of the skin, or the place of nativity. Wherever it sees a man, it recognizes a being endowed by his Creator with original inalienable rights — Salmon P. Chase

Nativity Quotes By Paul Harris

One's nativity is not of his own choosing, but whatever it may be, it is entitled to respect; and all nations have honorable place in the world's family. — Paul Harris

Nativity Quotes By Chris Oyakhilome

Describing yourself by your earthly nativity is carnality. Being born again, your nativity is of divinity. — Chris Oyakhilome

Nativity Quotes By Daniel Cawdrey

This world is the hometown of our nativity; we live here among our friends, among our enemies, who are many time, (too often, only God knows) the snares of justice. Therefore, our God thinks it fit to remove us from our native soul, before he employs us in that state-business of judgment. — Daniel Cawdrey

Nativity Quotes By Geri Halliwell

In school nativity plays I was always the bloody little donkey, I was never Mary. — Geri Halliwell

Nativity Quotes By William Shakespeare

This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers. Away; go. They say there is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death. — William Shakespeare

Nativity Quotes By Jim Crace

Almost everyone who's been to primary school in Britain has had towels put on their heads to play the shepherds in the nativity play. — Jim Crace

Nativity Quotes By Joseph Campbell

The night of December 25, to which date the Nativity of Christ was ultimately assigned, was exactly that of the birth of the Persian savior Mithra, who, as an incarnation of eternal light, was born the night of the winter solstice (then dated December 25) at midnight, the instant of the turn of the year from increasing darkness to light. — Joseph Campbell

Nativity Quotes By Michael Tsarion

In Celtic Ireland the name Leo was Lugh, another solar hero and mystic. In Wales he was Llew, to the Romans Lugus, to the Sumerians Lughal. Its not the same dude on walkabout, it's the Astrological sign of Leo. In the Christian iconography we have one of the Evangelists represented by a Lion. In the Nativity scenes we see 4 animals around the cradle of the Son/Sun king. One of these is also a Lion. Christians probably believe that there was one in the area and just happened to wander into the inn to take a peek at sleeping Jesus. Good thing it wasn't very hungry. — Michael Tsarion

Nativity Quotes By James Martin

As I was deciding on what to select, George motioned me over to a shelf of merchandise. He held up an unusual Nativity scene. Placed between the Holy Family and the Wise Men was a barrier, a thin block of wood. The owner explained, "That is the wall that blocks off the Palestinian territories. Jesus was a Palestinian, just like us. — James Martin

Nativity Quotes By Jay Leno

The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn't for any religious reasons. They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin. — Jay Leno

Nativity Quotes By Karl Pilkington

This is the problem with over-crowded inner-city schools there aren't enough parts for everyone in the nativity story. — Karl Pilkington

Nativity Quotes By Hannah Murray

Was I in a nativity play? I think I was an angel; I was a very blonde child, so I tended to get typecast. I have a vague memory of wearing wings. — Hannah Murray

Nativity Quotes By James Runcie

The "wonder" felt by the shepherds at the Nativity, or the disciples at Pentecost; that sense of amazement when we experience something that is so far beyond our comprehension and yet it is still revealed to us in all its glory as a gift from the infinite. I think we've lost our awareness of what "wonder" really means: the more we content ourselves with the narrow confines of our existence, the less we wonder. — James Runcie

Nativity Quotes By Neil MacGregor

The focus in the Western pictorial tradition is on the body of Christ, the bit you can paint, the Nativity and the infancy, but above all the Passion, where you can find images for every stage and every moment. — Neil MacGregor

Nativity Quotes By James Lankford

As we see thousands of public and private Christmas trees and nativity displays around the country, they remind us again of the powerful American value built into our Constitution: our freedom of religion. — James Lankford

Nativity Quotes By Laura Kelly

In one corner of the square is a manger scene with two live sheep, a bed of hay, a couple of cows. The baby Jesus is a brown-faced doll lying in his crib, but Mary and Joseph are real and dressed in period garb. Joseph hoists a staff, Mary sports her virginal blue robes. As I walked by the other day, Joseph balanced on the crib, light bulb in hand, reaching toward an electrical socket. Mary, I guess, was taking a break. She sat on the edge of the crib. Her blue robes were hiked high enough to reveal Doc Marten boots beneath. She sipped a can of Coke and smoked. — Laura Kelly

Nativity Quotes By Nathalia Crane

The sun shall shine in ages yet to be, The musing moon illumine pastures dim, And afterwards a new nativity For all who slept the dreamless interim. — Nathalia Crane

Nativity Quotes By Nicole Kidman

I auditioned for the role of an angel in the Nativity play at school. I didn't get it. I auditioned for Mary; didn't get it. So I made up the character of the sheep who sat next to Baby Jesus. — Nicole Kidman

Nativity Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

The place that the shepherds found was not an academy or an abstract republic, it was not a place of myths allegorised or dissected or explained or explained away. It was a place of dreams come true. — G.K. Chesterton

Nativity Quotes By Charles Lamb

No one ever regarded the First of January with indifference. It is that from which all date their time, and count upon what is left. It is the nativity of our common Adam. — Charles Lamb

Nativity Quotes By John Arbuthnot

When I became thoroughly acquainted with the Greek and Roman authors, I thought it incumbent upon me to do something towards the honor of the place of my nativity, and to vindicate the rhetoric of this ancient forum of our Metropolis from the aspersions of the illiterate by composing A Treatise of the Alercation of the Ancients; wherein I have demonstrated that the purity, sincerity, and simplicity of their diction is nowhere so well preserved as amongst my neighbourhood. — John Arbuthnot

Nativity Quotes By Jose Andres

The Christmas market at the Barcelona Cathedral sells all kinds of things for your Nativity scene. It will also give you a good idea of Catalan culture. — Jose Andres

Nativity Quotes By John Dryden

The midwife laid her hand on his thick skull,
With this prophetic blessing - Be thou dull; 60
Drink, swear, and roar, forbear no lewd delight
Fit for thy bulk, do anything but write.
Thou art of lasting make, like thoughtless men,
A strong nativity - but for the pen;
Eat opium, mingle arsenic in thy drink, 65
Still thou mayest live, avoiding pen and ink.
I see, I see, 'tis counsel given in vain,
For treason, botched in rhyme, will be thy bane;
Rhyme is the rock on which thou art to wreck,
'Tis fatal to thy fame and to thy neck. — John Dryden

Nativity Quotes By Matthew D. Heines

Wisdom of the Ages: "The Nativity" The Son of God was born in a manger-not surprising, have you seen the prices of hotel rooms in Bethlehem? Oy Vay! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah Peace! — Matthew D. Heines

Nativity Quotes By Giannina Braschi

Nativity is the enemy of prophecy. — Giannina Braschi

Nativity Quotes By Chris Tomlin

I remember being in church. We would do the live nativity in my little town and I remember pulling the sheep. I was the shepherd, so I was pulling the sheep around town, down Main Street. I thought that was the most awesome, coolest thing ever. — Chris Tomlin

Nativity Quotes By John Irving

Anyone can be sentimental about the nativity; any fool can feel like a Christian at Christmas. But Easter is the main event; if you don't believe in the resurrection, you're not a believer."
"If you don't believe in Easter," Owen Meany said. "Don't kid yourself - Don't call yourself a Christian. — John Irving

Nativity Quotes By Dennis Miller

The ACLU spent this entire holiday season protesting public displays of the nativity scene. Yeah, that's the problem with America right now: Public displays of Christ's birth, that's the problem. It's unbelievable to me. The ACLU will no longer fight for your right to put up a nativity scene, but they'll fight for the right of the local freak who wants to stumble onto the scene and have sex with one of the sheep. — Dennis Miller

Nativity Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

It howled execration upon the dim camarine world of its nativity wail on wail while he lay there gibbering with palsied jawhasps, his hands putting back the night like some witless Paraclete beleaguered with all limbo's clamor. — Cormac McCarthy

Nativity Quotes By Jeremy Collier

By reading a man does, as it were, antedate his life, and make himself contemporary with the ages past; and this way of running up beyond one's nativity is better than Plato's pre-existence. — Jeremy Collier

Nativity Quotes By John Milton

On the Morning of Christ's Nativity Perhaps their loves, or else their sheep, was all that did their silly thoughts so busy keep. — John Milton

Nativity Quotes By John Of Damascus

The day of the Nativity of the Mother of God is a day of universal joy, because through the Mother of God, the entire human race was renewed, and the sorrow of the first mother, Eve, was transformed into joy. — John Of Damascus