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Top Nativity Play Quotes

Nativity Play Quotes By Alan Bennett

But most men regard their life as a poem that women threaten. They may not have two spondees to rub together but they still want to pen their saga untrammelled by life-threatening activities like trailing round Sainsbury's, emptying the dishwasher or going to the nativity play. — Alan Bennett

Nativity Play Quotes By Victoria Beckham

I've got great people who handle my schedule, and everything does revolve around the children. If there's a parents' night or an Easter bonnet parade or a Nativity play, whatever it might be, then I plan everything around that. — Victoria Beckham

Nativity Play Quotes By Jim Crace

Almost everyone who's been to primary school in Britain has had towels put on their heads to play the shepherds in the nativity play. — Jim Crace

Nativity Play Quotes By Hannah Murray

Was I in a nativity play? I think I was an angel; I was a very blonde child, so I tended to get typecast. I have a vague memory of wearing wings. — Hannah Murray

Nativity Play Quotes By Nicole Kidman

I auditioned for the role of an angel in the Nativity play at school. I didn't get it. I auditioned for Mary; didn't get it. So I made up the character of the sheep who sat next to Baby Jesus. — Nicole Kidman

Nativity Play Quotes By Geri Halliwell

In school nativity plays I was always the bloody little donkey, I was never Mary. — Geri Halliwell

Nativity Play Quotes By William Kamkwamba

In better times, we're celebrate Christmas Eve by attending the nativity play at the Catholic church down the road, watching Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus try to escape from Herod's soldiers and their wooden swords and AK-47s (it wasn't the most accurate version, but it was funny.) — William Kamkwamba

Nativity Play Quotes By Tatiana Maslany

I was in a Nativity play as a kid. Back then, I played the donkey. — Tatiana Maslany