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Top National Park System Quotes

National Park System Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

The rest of the world quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realised she was home. — Sarah J. Maas

National Park System Quotes By Sidney Webb

An individualist town councillor will walk along the municipal pavement, lit by municipal gas and cleansed by municipal brooms with municipal water and - seeing by the municipal clock in the municipal market, that he is too early to meet his children coming from the municipal school, hard by the country lunatic asylum and the municipal hospital, will use the national telegraph system to tell them not to walk through the municipal park, but to come by the municipal tramway to meet him in the municipal reading-room, by the municipal museum, art-gallery, and library, where he intends ... to prepare his next speech in the municipal town hall in favor of the nationalization of canals and in increase of Government control of the railway system. "Socialism, Sir," he will say, "don't waste the time of a practical man by your fantastic absurdities. Self-help, Sir, individual self-help, that's what has made our city what it is. — Sidney Webb

National Park System Quotes By Roland Barthes

There is no sadness and no cruelty in that gaze; it is a gaze without adjectives, it is only, completely, a gaze which neither judges you nor appeals to you; it posits you, implicates you; makes you exist. But this creative gesture is endless; you keep on being born, you are sustained, carried to the end of a movement which is one of infinite origin, source, and which appears in an eternal state of suspension. — Roland Barthes

National Park System Quotes By Brian Houston

The purpose of God's blessing is to enable you to be a great channel of blessing to others. If you have nothing, there is nothing you can do for anyone else; if you have a little, you can only help a little; but if you have plenty, there is a whole lot you can do. When you are blessed, you have a mighty foundation from which to impact others. You are blessed to be a blessing. — Brian Houston

National Park System Quotes By Loren Eiseley

Perhaps a creature of so much ingenuity and deep memory is almost bound to grow alienated from his world, his fellows, and the objects around him. He suffers from a nostalgia for which there is no remedy upon earth except as it is to be found in the enlightenment of the spirit
some ability to have a perceptive rather than an exploitive relationship with his fellow creatures. — Loren Eiseley

National Park System Quotes By George B. Hartzog Jr.

The national park idea has been nurtured by each succeeding generation of Americans. Today, across our land, the National Park System represents America at its best. Each park contributes to a deeper understanding of the history of the United States and our way of life; of the natural processes which have given form to our land, and to the enrichment of the environment in which we live. — George B. Hartzog Jr.

National Park System Quotes By David Ogilvy

I'd like to be remembered, as a copywriter who had some big ideas. That's what the advertising business is all about. Big ideas — David Ogilvy

National Park System Quotes By Sheila Kohler

It has occured to Charlotte that men are full of petulant nonsense,and that their supposed strength is rather less than a girl's. — Sheila Kohler

National Park System Quotes By Clara Barton

It is wise statesmanship which suggests that in time of peace we must prepare for war, and it is no less a wise benevolence that makes preparation in the hour of peace for assuaging the ills that are sure to accompany war. — Clara Barton

National Park System Quotes By Liam Hemsworth

I feel like it's the most boring thing, sitting on the treadmill or on a bike. It just explodes my mind! — Liam Hemsworth

National Park System Quotes By Stewart Udall

Wilderness, like the national park system, was an American idea. — Stewart Udall

National Park System Quotes By Janet Taylor Spence

Forgive yourself first. Let go of past hurts and direct your spirit to goodness and hope by having gratitude. — Janet Taylor Spence

National Park System Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

The alienation, the downright visceral frustration, of the new American ideologues, the bone in their craw, is the unacknowledged fact that America has never been an especially capitalist country. The postal system, the land grant provision for public education, the national park system, the Homestead Act, the graduated income tax, the Social Security system, the G.I. Bill
all of these were and are massive distributions or redistributions of wealth meant to benefit the population at large. — Marilynne Robinson

National Park System Quotes By Thomas Merton

He's not a safe safe or a tame God, securely lodged behind the bars of a distant Heaven; He has the most annoying manner of showing up when we least want Him; of confronting us in the strangest ways. — Thomas Merton

National Park System Quotes By Amanda Carlson

What did you think was going to happen? That Hell would be all unicorns and rainbows? — Amanda Carlson

National Park System Quotes By Peter Gay

I have always had a strong interest in history and finding out about the past can be remarkably helpful with working out the future, too. — Peter Gay

National Park System Quotes By Jerome K. Jerome

What's he want to howl like that for when I'm playing?" George would exclaim indignantly, while taking aim at him with a boot. "What do you want to play like that for when he is howling?" Harris would retort, catching the boot. "You let him alone. He can't help howling. He's got a musical ear, and your playing makes him howl. — Jerome K. Jerome

National Park System Quotes By George W. Bush

It's good to see so many friends here in the Rose Garden. This is our first event in this beautiful spot, and it's appropriate we talk about policy that will affect people's lives in a positive way in such a beautiful, beautiful part of our national - really, our national park system, my guess is you would want to call it. — George W. Bush

National Park System Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The administration is out lying through its teeth about all these people signing up and how great Obamacare is now. Meanwhile, Obama continues to break the law each and every day with executive actions - not even executive orders, executive actions - and proclamations. — Rush Limbaugh