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Nagbabasakaling Quotes & Sayings

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Top Nagbabasakaling Quotes

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By B.C. Forbes

What would you call America's most priceless asset? Surely not its limitless natural resources, not its matchless national wealth, not its unequalled store of gold, not its giant factories, not its surpassing railroads, not its unprecedented volume of cheap power. Is not its most priceless asset the character of its people, their indomitable self-confidence, their transcendent vision, their sleepless initiative and, perhaps above all, their inherent, irrepressible optimism? — B.C. Forbes

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Anandamayi Ma

Reality is beyond speech and thought. Only that which can be expressed in words is being said. But what cannot be put into language is indeed That which IS. — Anandamayi Ma

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Alexander Pushkin

Thus people
so it seems to me
Become good friends from sheer ennui. — Alexander Pushkin

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

Alone: for the first time I understood the terrible significance of that word. Alone without a witness, without anyone to speak to, without refuge. The breath in my body, the blood in my veins, all this hurly-burly in my head existed for nobody. — Simone De Beauvoir

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Fela Durotoye

In all, Nigeria belongs to us all and we have a personal responsibility to see that it succeeds — Fela Durotoye

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Emily P. Freeman

There is no activity that is somehow more Christian than another. God looks at the heart, and that is the good part that Mary knew. he simply asks us to come as we are and to be willing, open to receive whatever he might have for us this day. That is what it means to live a graceful life. — Emily P. Freeman

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

The statement I do not hate you is a poem of passionate love. — Gregory David Roberts

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Carl Bernstein

The reality is that the media are probably the most powerful of all our institutions today and they, or rather we, too often are squandering our power and ignoring our obligations. The consequence of our abdication of responsibility is the ugly spectacle of idiot culture! — Carl Bernstein

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Richard Hooker

Words must be taken according to the matter whereof they are uttered. — Richard Hooker

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Euripides

Those who have not, and live in want, are a menace, Ridden with envy and fooled by demagogues. — Euripides

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Ronnie Whelan

He's put on weight and I've lost it, and vice versa. — Ronnie Whelan

Nagbabasakaling Quotes By Lenny Bruce

When homosexuals were repressed, you got Tennessee Williams. Today's tolerance got you Hilton Perez. — Lenny Bruce