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Top My Instagram Public Quotes

My Instagram Public Quotes By Kevin Systrom

Brands, musicians, and public figures were among the first to embrace video on 'Instagram', and we've been impressed with how brands have extended their reach with video ads. — Kevin Systrom

My Instagram Public Quotes By Jeremy Irvine

I've been very reluctant on the Twitter front. But I do Instagram now, so I'm slowly coming around. I'm quite a private person, so much of what I do for my job means that I have to be quite public so I'm just nervous about everything being public. I might turn around. Three years ago, I was against all social media but I actually really enjoy Instagram now. Who knows? I never say never! — Jeremy Irvine

My Instagram Public Quotes By Zendaya

That's what is really cool about this whole new wave of makeup artistry and people on Instagram and YouTube: It's about doing it for yourself and experimenting. People don't wear makeup to impress people or because they'll be seen in public. It's more of a hobby now, just because it's fun. — Zendaya

My Instagram Public Quotes By Bing Gordon

The Internet Treasure companies tend to go public rather than get acquired, although there are clear exceptions, like Instagram, YouTube, Skype and PayPal. — Bing Gordon

My Instagram Public Quotes By Kevin Systrom

Photos were seen as the most private type of content, and 'Instagram' really flipped that on its head and said photos can be really public. — Kevin Systrom

My Instagram Public Quotes By Leigh Steinberg

For a generation that gets most of its information off a computer screen (be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or what have you), an athlete has to be very careful about the public/private aspect of that. Be careful not to be overly critical, be careful with use of language, and understand the whole world is watching. — Leigh Steinberg

My Instagram Public Quotes By Astra Taylor

I feel like we're stuck in the former mode of reacting because that's what gains traction in Washington. But I really believe we need a robust public good argument. Net neutrality is not just about creating the next Instagram or Farmville or whatever. — Astra Taylor

My Instagram Public Quotes By Frances Stark

Putting Instagram into a different context is about rescuing it from the tyranny of now, taking it back from the muddy river that everyone is pouring things into. As a poet, as a thinker, as an artist, I believe there's another way to experience the world, and another way to experience time.It can't all just be public relations and branding; it's about making meaning with signs around you. — Frances Stark

My Instagram Public Quotes By Frances Stark

My Instagram has personal things, like pictures of my home, but generally it's my voice, and that's a public thing. Using my Instagram posts in my art is not about taking my personal Instagram and making it public; it's about understanding and challenging the notion of these free platforms that encourage self-promotion and understanding what they are technically and culturally. — Frances Stark

My Instagram Public Quotes By Eric Bana

The notion of people commenting on you, the notion of people saying things about you, people liking or disliking you and getting into your business, has become more of a reality for the general public over the last years, as people have dipped further into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media. — Eric Bana