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Top My Aunties Quotes

My Aunties Quotes By Nipsey Hussle

My mom is American, so I was raised in her household in my formative years. But as I got older, my pops tried to keep me involved with the culture by telling me the stories of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, how he came to America, and about our family back home, because all that side of my family, my aunties, grandparents, is in Africa. — Nipsey Hussle

My Aunties Quotes By Jodie Sweetin

My daughters all have aunties who help out. It takes a village. — Jodie Sweetin

My Aunties Quotes By John Lennon

I was bored on the 9th of Octover 1940 when, I believe, the Nasties were still booming us led by Madolf Heatlump (who only had one). Anyway they didn't get me. I attended to varicous schools in Liddypol. And still didn't pass
much to my Aunties supplies. As a member of the most publified Beatles my (P, G, and R's) records might seem funnier to some of you than this book, but as far as I'm conceived this correction of short writty is the most wonderfoul larf I've every ready.
God help and breed you all. — John Lennon

My Aunties Quotes By Tanya Huff

The aunties can make Game of Thrones look like Dora the Explorer, but that's not the point. — Tanya Huff

My Aunties Quotes By C.J. Milbrandt

Zane was pretty sure that worries and bossing were related, like a pair of old aunties. — C.J. Milbrandt

My Aunties Quotes By Daisy Hernandez

My future is always plural. It is always about my mother and my father and my aunties and my sister. — Daisy Hernandez

My Aunties Quotes By Aminta Arrington

This communal parenting brought me out of the privacy of our foreign enclave and into the public life of the community. Here, parenting was everyone's responsibility; all adults were "aunties" and "uncles". — Aminta Arrington

My Aunties Quotes By Sergio Esposito

We always ate with gusto...It would have offended the cook if we had nibbled or picked...Our mothers and zie [aunties] didn't inquire as to the states of our bellies; they just put the food on our plates.

'You only ask sick people if they're hungry,' my mother said. 'Everyone else must eat, eat!'

But when Italians say 'Mangia! Mangia!' they're not just talking about food. They're trying to get you to stay with them, to sit by them at the table for as long as possible. The meals that my family ate together- the many courses, the time in between at the table or on the mountain by the sea, the hours spent talking loudly and passionately and unyieldingly and laughing hysterically the way Neapolitans do- were designed to prolong our time together; the food was, of course, meant to nourish us, but it was also meant to satisfy, in some deeper way, our endless hunger for one another. — Sergio Esposito

My Aunties Quotes By Alanis Morissette

I think it's irresponsible when celebrities imply they're doing it all themselves. My son has aunties and uncles around all the time, and my husband is my hero. He's really full-on. I couldn't do it any other way. — Alanis Morissette

My Aunties Quotes By Joyce Lankester Brisley

But she went and fetched some marigolds from her own little garden, and put them in a vase on the chest of drawers, for she knew there was lots of room for love, even if there was not much for great-aunties. — Joyce Lankester Brisley

My Aunties Quotes By Howard Jacobson

But aunties are equivocal figures of affection, wicked and unreliable, pretending love only so long as they are short of love themselves, and then off. — Howard Jacobson

My Aunties Quotes By Michael Thomas Ford

Sometimes seeing the changes in one another had the opposite effect and actually comforted them. Seeing that they weren't alone in growing older, they stopped caring, or at least caring so much. But often this seemed to be accompanied by a kind of neutering, a gradual disappearance of anything remotely resembling sexuality, until finally the men in question were more like kindly old aunties than men who liked to fuck other men. — Michael Thomas Ford

My Aunties Quotes By Donna Tartt

Well, I do have some maiden aunts that are not quite like the aunts in the book, but I definitely do have a couple of them, and a couple of old aunties. — Donna Tartt

My Aunties Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

I feel like there are women who are genuinely born to be mothers, and women who are born to be aunties, and women who really probably not should be allowed near children. The tragedy that happens is when any one of those women ends up in the wrong category. — Elizabeth Gilbert

My Aunties Quotes By Liane Moriarty

I didn't have enough other people in my life to cover the loss of this many people at once. I didn't have spare aunties or cousins or grandparents. I didn't have backup. I didn't have insurance to cover a loss like this. — Liane Moriarty

My Aunties Quotes By E. Lockhart

For the old people in my family - Mummy, the aunties, Granddad - the accumulation of beautiful objects is a life goal. Whoever dies with the most stuff wins. Wins what? is what I'd like to know. I used to be a person who liked pretty things. Like Mummy does, like all the Sinclairs do. But that's not me anymore. — E. Lockhart

My Aunties Quotes By James McAvoy

I was talking to one of my aunties at Christmas and she said she didn't think it was ever in my nature to go against the grain, that I was always a good boy. I think she was right - I did always want to be good. — James McAvoy

My Aunties Quotes By Dean Lilleyman

Drink a bottle of cheap champagne. Mix with orange juice. A large Glenmorangie. Milk and blackish toast. Half a bottle of Blue Nun. Budweiser. Budweiser. Go to church. Say I do etc. Budweiser. Murphy's. Jameson. Budweiser. Stella. Stella. Cake. Stella. Jameson. Stella. Vodka and orange. Vodka and black. Speech, speech. Vodka. Vodka. Double Jameson. Double vodka. Double vodka. Get carry-outs of barley wine. Say goodbye to aunties. Uncles. Mothers etc. Stop car on M18. Vomit. Sleep. Dream of dim-lit hallways and a black door. Wake up between Scarborough and Robin Hood's Bay. Her not saying much. Driving. — Dean Lilleyman

My Aunties Quotes By Aasif Mandvi

'Halal in the Family' will expose a broad audience to some of the realities of being Muslim in America. By using satire, we will encourage people to reconsider their assumptions about Muslims, while providing a balm to those experiencing anti-Muslim bias. I also hope those Uncles and Aunties out there will crack a smile! — Aasif Mandvi

My Aunties Quotes By Kristen Ashley

I whispered, "Can we kick the aunties out right now?"
I saw the flash of his smug smile before he buried his face in my neck and muttered, "You're adorable."
I wasn't trying to be adorable. I was trying to get laid.
"No, seriously. — Kristen Ashley

My Aunties Quotes By Zayn Malik

I've got three sisters, five aunties, and my mom. It must have had an influence on me growing up. — Zayn Malik

My Aunties Quotes By Mark E. Smith

There was a lot of pretense floating around; not just with aunties and all that but with emotions and how people saw you. They had a point. There's a lot to learn from that generation
the stoic approach. I think it's disgusting how they've been forgotten about in this way. It's the American hippies' fault, they saw an in there, a way of making money out of bad moods. That's all it is most of the time. You can't expect to feel cock-a-hoop every minute of every day. My mam and dad's generation understood this. They were just thankful the bombs had stopped threatening their lives. They just wanted to get on with living. — Mark E. Smith

My Aunties Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

There are lot of things to be thankful for; the gift of life, the gift of a wife, the gift of a husband, the gift of parent, the gift of grandma, the gift of grandpa, the gift of family, the gift of children, the gift of relations, the gift of nature, the gift of friends, the gift of relatives, the gift of siblings, the gift cousins, the gift of aunties, the gift of niece, the gift of nephews, the gift of in-laws and many more. — Lailah Gifty Akita

My Aunties Quotes By Michael Leunig

Sweetheart,' 'darling,' 'luv.' I like these words; they fit me like a comfortable old pullover. I remember them from childhood; that's what innocent little boys were called by cheerful aunties back then, to make them feel welcome and secure in the world. — Michael Leunig

My Aunties Quotes By Ricki-Lee Coulter

I saw my aunties and my mum give up a part of themselves and their dreams to have kids. There were things they wanted to achieve in life, but they had kids instead. — Ricki-Lee Coulter